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Saturday, January 17, 2015

SW Landscape - Watermedia Workshop. Day 17

Southwest Landscape
24x20 watermedia on paper 
not for sale

Artist Note.
Today was the first day with the fabulous
Susan Hanssen.
It was very interesting because her
goal is to make us think in a different
viewpoint from our regular work.
We start by making a collage from
colored magazine papers assembled to fit 
an abstract view of a specific image.
Here is mine.

I really liked this method because it provided 
color and shape inspiration. 
I soon found out what did NOT work
regarding color or shape. Saves a lot of time
 messing it up later...with paint!

It was not easy, but I noticed everyone 
in the class turned out really good work.
People, pets, a fabulous
beetle and truck...
and abstract landscapes.
I think it is the planning that takes 
place for that first step which helped us all.

Changes took place automatically 
as the work progressed but the basic
design stayed in place.

1. Collage
2. Transparent washes
3. Gouache
4. Watercolor crayons

I don't want to give the impression it was
easy because I worked all day on this image
and there are still some areas 
which I am thinking changes may take place.
I will wait and think about it.


  1. Julie, I love it!
    Collage is so helpful!

  2. Thanks for sharing the process you are exploring... looks like fun! It would be a challenge for someone who is a realist painter, but I'm intrigued.

  3. Very beautiful and interesting art work !!!
    Happy Sunday and new week !!!

  4. These techniques are fascinating. I have several books around ... many downloads are available on these topics by various artists on North Light Shop . Seemingly "simple" , they very complex ways of seeing and apply all that a complete artist should know already, to a vision unconventional ... very interesting artists who have presented these days, really fabulous.
    A visual experience to observe their work and thank you as always ... you know, and you are doing know other worlds between them, dear Julie.

  5. I am completely with you on this one. People think that all abstract art is just spontaneous or doesn't come from anywhere that they can understand. Making the collage first is the ticket I think, just like you said.

    The results are great. Can't wait to see what follows.

  6. Collage is great fun and challenging. Finding just the right shape and value for the construction is time consuming--as is getting the edges right--all that's required in painting. You are having a ball!

  7. I love this! Hope you can translate it to oils and teach us all!

  8. Wow Julie. This is great. Wish I could see it in person. Looks like incredible texture.

  9. Hi Julie, I think the lighting is wonderful and atmospheric. I love to see what you are doing. I am trying out some of these methods now myself. I was reading about Picasso & George Braque. They both delved into collage along with their work in Cubism. They used scraps of paper or wallpaper.

  10. Julie,
    The process you used is interesting and the outcome is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  11. This really does help to open your mind to more ideas. I took an abstract workshop this past summer and lord it. I enjoy the color palette you've chosen for this one Julie.

  12. This is a little different for you....I really love the different techniques you use! Wonderful colors... I also love your latest piece! You always amaze me with your talent!

  13. Oh my Julie - this is truly wonderful. Collage is something I have dallied with but never been able to manage well. Your landscape is super! So glad you are enjoying this workshop.


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