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Friday, January 16, 2015

Feather - Water-Media Workshop. Day 16

Feather and Nest
17"x13" water- media on paper

Artist Note
Another creative day.
I had a blast.
So many amazing artists are in the group 
 I can't help but be inspired 
by what they do, but the ooh and ahh moments
happened when
Nancy Frost Begin
worked on a painting to demo the
way we would be working.
I could have sat and watched her paint
all day long.
No such luck...She was very aware of
wanting her students to have time to paint.

This was another method where we painted 
on top of an old painting. No coating of acrylic
matt medium this time.
(I goofed and called it varnish yesterday.)
With this one
 white tempera paint was applied 
over the painting in different ways
and left to dry. Next, black (permanent) ink
was put on rather intuitively. 
Special instructions were given
 on the next step
of hosing the tempera off.
We did that yesterday.
See below
The resulting imagery
"spoke to me" and I saw 
the direction I wanted to go.
The underlying marks
provide some wonderful natural effects
one cannot create any other way.
I really like this painting.

What a creative and stimulating
two days they have been.
Thank you, Brilliant Nancy!

The next two days are with
Susan Hanssen.
She is fabulous painter.
I am looking forward to another
completely different approach.
See her work HERE


  1. it all sounds like a lot of fun! Love your feather art---as always!

  2. your feathers are always great and this is so evocative of some type of story telling. very cool! and the day sounds great too.

  3. Lucky, lucky you. Wonderful teachers teaching a wonderful teacher! Great results. That feather is outstanding.

  4. This looks like fun:) Glad you are having a good time. Looking forward to Susan's approach. Her work is beautiful too.

  5. What a NICE POST, and painting!
    I love to hear and see the "process."

  6. I LOVE THE IDEA of painting over a previous painting! What interesting images must appear.' Reads like you are having a ball. Enjoy and keep us informed. New approaches are a feather in our cap, a ray of sunshine.

  7. OH> MY> GOSH>>>> this is so cool! and your explanation of the process is great, too. How exciting these layers become when they are intertwined with what I recognize as YOU----(the "you" always comes through)!! Thanks for posting this! I know I can always "learn a thing or two" when I see your posts!!! Love looking at this work!

  8. Nice post, lovely 'fevver'. Like the look of Susan Hanssen's work. Thanks for taking the time when you are so busy

  9. looks like you're having lots of fun. Beautiful painting.

  10. Dear Julie - this feather is beautiful. No matter what technique or medium you use your style is always there - lovely in every way. Of course I always love your feathers and your nests. Your wonder for these fine subjects comes through in each work. Hope you have a wonderful day.


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