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Monday, January 5, 2015

Blurry Pears - Watercolor. Day 5

Blurry Pears
6x6 watercolor on paper 

Artist Note
First, I want to thank you for all the
good wishes for my hubby. 
He was a little too smug about all the 
attention, but as he still isn't back to normal
I cut him some slack and let him bask in it.
I caught him checking my blog comments
all day long!!
You are a very kind bunch of bloggers.
I do appreciate you all - very much.

This is an experiment and at the first stage.
It was a study for the pair of pears I did on day 2.
The blurring is intentional.
 I am going to bring it back into
focus very slowly. 
Will show it you then. 


  1. Enjoying your 30 day challenge with lovely bright colors. Glad Jim is doing better.

  2. So Glad your hubby is on the mend!
    I like the blurry pears!

  3. The colors you've chosen are very calming, I will enjoy the final project for sure.

  4. Dear Julie's husband, we are all relieved that you are feeling better, so bask away as much as you can.

    Love these blurred pears. Not sure you can improve on them, but know you will and look forward to developments. I haven't tried watercolours yet ... but they look very wet ... and I'm making enough mess with acrylics.

    Try to find some time to relax ... cup of rosie-lea with your feet up.

  5. Beautiful color already.


  6. Julie, so happy all is well with your husband. My husband is on all kinds of heart medications as well, good to know what to do in the event of that happening to him. Thanks for sharing.
    Love the paintings you are doing, I have started my own challenge for the next 30 days, I was too late in joining. But it will be good practice.
    All the best to you and your hubby,

  7. I like these just as they are, but am looking forward to see what you do with them. Glad your hubby is doing better. I shared the info you sent with my hubby.

  8. Dear Julie, I am very glad to know that your husband is better and this will make happier your life as a couple and as a family.
    This first stage of pears is very nice and makes me think how everyone with the same materials makes things so much different, because it is always a special person who paints primarily with his own mind, with its heart and with its own hand .
    All that you paint, no matter with which medium, but always gorgeous and happily ,YOUR, dear Juile!

  9. Hi Jim! Glad you are doing better! You are married to a fantastic artist! Lots of admiration for her!

    Like the pears...would have not guessed this to be a study!

  10. So happy to hear your husband is doing better!! I just love seeing your no fear spontaneous approach to watercolor! Can't wait to see where this one goes.

  11. Happy to hear jim is home and in your hair. That's a sure sign of wellness! I sort of like the blurry pears. Why not just do another more solid rendition? Some stages in the painting process are worth saving as is--food for thought.

  12. Glad to hear your husband is doing better...such a scare! Love the blurry look to this...could be a series that way too.

  13. Love the blurry I'm curious to see where it's the colors.!!
    and glad hubby is doing better.


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