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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rose Duo - Day 10 &11

Rose Duo
Watercolor on Strathmore paper

Artist Note.
Sorry - a lousy photo for accurate color, 
but seeing I did 
not post yesterday I went ahead
and posted it. 

Yesterday my hubby and I drove to 
Santa fe to visit a dear friend
who was critically ill in
the hospital. It is a four hour drive 
so it was an overnight trip.
Glad we went because she had just been 
taken out of the ICU after 5 days
and into CCU. A good sign.
She has a long way to go but the 
prognosis is good.

I painted on the way there
something from memory

I painted on the way back
experimenting on Yupo

Several more "starts" were fussed over.
Maybe to be worked on the next trip?

The weather difference was quite profound.
This is what 300 miles can do.
This morning we left this weather in Santa Fe
and sailed past this beautiful scene with just
one hour left to arrive back in Las Cruces.

I love the diversity of this beautiful
Land Of Enchantment.


  1. What a beautiful painting . Amazing you could paint that in the car. Love the colors and textures. And I agree with you, the southwest is stunning.

    1. I love knowing you also think the southwest is stunning. Maybe you live in the state as well?

  2. Lovely and old fashioned looking roses. Beautiful.

    And what a fantastic landscape you have there! Those mountains are really something.

    Good that you got to see your friend and that she will be better soon. Always a relief I expect:)

    1. thanks so much, Libby. I am totally involved with your new series of abstract landscape work. Quite remarkable. I admire the way you continually figure out areas in art you would enjoy developing. One day the differences will lead to a whole - a unique whole.

  3. Julie, love the still life, the roses are beautifully painted. I tried the Yupo paper and was totally frustrated with it as well. I know you wont have a problem, I actually do better when I used the acrylic varnish on my 140lb. hot pressed paper. It's erasable and manageable. Thank you again for the tip on the pocket paint box. Used mine yesterday. Have a great day.

    1. I saw your painting using the box - GREAT painting. Hope you enjoy it for many years.
      I am taking a watercolor workshop later this week and I will let you know if we use acrylic varnish. Sounds interesting to me.

  4. Julie, do you paint every possible's great!! And in a moving vehicle! I do so admire your painting and all you accomplish. The rose painting is lovely! And so was the landscape photos...such beautiful and colorful scenery. Prayers for your friend.

    1. Yes, Egretta - most likely I do paint most available times. The kids are gone - hubby retired so now it is finally MY time. It is what I LOVE. I mentor quite a lot of artists so my life is definitely art filled.
      Thanks for the prayers for my friend.

  5. Positive thoughts winging up for your friend! I always love seeing your photos "from the car"! You are so clever to do that, especially on such a long drive. Your roses are wonderful. :)

    1. Hi Celeste. Thanks for the thumbs up and good wishes for my friend.
      I think you are quite remarkable in all you do. Especially the blog for the art group. I always read and enjoy seeing the work.

  6. Love this post, glad to hear your friend is on the mend.

    1. Thanks, Blanche. You are painting up a storm with the Challenge. I love your lemons and the new one with the pink background gave me a lovely lift.

  7. Gorgeous painting, Julie! and the last photo!!!! Definitely the Land of Enchantment! Awesome colors!!

  8. Thanks Hilda. Your new painting is from a different type of wonderland. beautiful!

  9. From memory!!? - I am so impressed with your results. I have been wanting to tackle some roses... will have to give it a shot in the next few days. They are so beautiful that I often feel I just won't do them justice...
    Hope your friend gets well soon.


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