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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Spider Mum - Watercolor Workshop. Day 15

Spider Mum
mixed water-media on rag paper.

Different for me I know.
This is a workshop painting and is still 
not finished. I may have to do some tweaking 
after I have time to look at it.

Artist Note.

It was an exciting and very busy day.
The instructors are
two award winning sisters
who have a mission to free
artists from the constrains of 
the traditional, and introduce
new methods to achieve 
creative fulfillment.
Their motto is 

Today, the first of two days out of four,
were with
Nancy Frost Begin
(Click her link at bottom)
The painting above was worked on top 
of an old painting which we had varnished.
I went freely into it with
great inspiration after watching Nancy's 
amazing demo using gouache.
She applied it in a certain way and then
 moved some around with various tools
allowing random areas of the original
painting to show through. 
This created beautiful abstract areas. 

My flower would look dorky on a regular
background, but I feel this method
provided some oomph!

Tomorrow we try another exciting method
involving tempera paint and permanent black ink.

Check out Nancy's amazing work 


  1. And how much fun are you having. So neat to keep learning, isn't it. Love it all!

  2. Just checked out Nancy Frost Begin's work. How unique. Looking forward to seeing what gets incorporated into your work. Thank you for sharing and love, your Spider Mum.

  3. This is so stunning! I loved studying it!

  4. Hi Jullie! This is just my cup of tea! How exciting, your couldn't paint a dorky flower if you tried :)

  5. I know things sometimes look different in person, but I think this is very successful!

  6. I love the colors, a wonderful workshop!

  7. I love how you try new things and do it successfully.

  8. Interestingly different. I took a peek through the Nancy Frost link and was reminded of Gustav Klimpt

  9. What an incredible workshop piece, Julie! I did visit her website...fascinating work, thanks for sharing this! I can't wait to see more of what you do during the workshop...& see what you end up incorporating into your current work! Wowsa!

  10. Stunning, I love it! Is Nancy's sister Susan there too? Tell her I said hello. I did her workshop at Crealde last October, and your name came in up our conversation and I couldn't believe she new you, and was going to teach a workshop in your neck of the woods! Small world.

  11. This is stunning. Sounds like you're having fun and so brave to take on a major workdshop and the 30 in 30 at the same time.

  12. I love the look of this, sounds like a great workshop, I checked out Nancy's work via your link and thought it so different.

  13. Whatever you did to get the background on this piece, it looks great! Love the flower with it.


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