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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Precious Flower Gift

Roses and Callas

12x10 watercolor on Yupo paper
not quite finished...

I had a birthday recently and my daughter
and her hubby sent flowers - 
gorgeous flowers. 
(She knows what I like to paint.)
Thanks a bunch, Rainy and Eric.
I had a wonderful time looking, and painting.

Artist Note
I thought this was finished, but,
sigh... I just noticed something 
 I have to fix. 
Put it up on the screen,
 and something not right, jumps right out.
Frustrating, but very helpful.
Does this happen to anyone else?


  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Permettez-moi de vous souhaiter tout d'abord un joyeux anniversaire avec un peu de retard sans doute !

    Vous avez immortalisé un magnifique bouquet. J'aime la manière que vos fleurs se produisent dans ce joli vase. Elles donnent l'impression d'une grande légèreté malgré le poids de leurs têtes.
    Les couleurs sont très harmonieuses. Le choix de votre fond est très judicieux.
    Un travail extraordinaire ! bravo !

    Je comprends ce que vous écrivez... Je n'ai pas noté la faute, mais je peux comprendre car une chose similaire m'est arrivée en regardant la photo que je venais de prendre. C'est incroyable, cela nous saute aux yeux alors que rien ne dérangeait en scrutant la toile !... Le regard est trop familiarisé à la toile qu'on vient de travailler mais il est plus objectif sur un autre support !
    Avec plein de bisous ♡

  2. Another beautiful watercolor on that rather difficult and stubborn substrate. It does give such a lovely result though. Your daughter did good on the flowers.

    I do see problems all the time after I look at paintings on the computer. I am not sure why that is. I sure don't see any problem with your painting though. That's our Julie, the perfectionist. :)

  3. This is stunning!!
    Don't change it too much!
    And yes that does happen. Drove me a little bonkers between portrait class sessions. A great tool in some ways.

  4. In my mind, the computer is a big help. All to often I look at the screen and say...why did I not see that. It is just a fresh perspective. Your daughter gave you beautiful flowers painted the same way. Now tell us what you must fix!

  5. Belated birthday wishes to you Julie!
    This is a marvelous piece and you made their wishes and gift eternal!

  6. Very beautiful flower painting the best gift !!!
    Happy Birthday Julie !!!

  7. Happy Birthday Julie, I love this,gorgeous work!!
    The computer sometimes alters our images. I can't find anything you need to fix, always fun to hear about it later because I learn from you...but yes it happens to me a lot.

  8. Gorgeous colors! And it somehow has a graphic feel to it that really appeals to me.

    I just got done reading Lisa Graham's post about changing things. I do it a lot throughout the process and even when a piece is done when that one thing bugs me too much. And sometimes I let it go. And like I told Lisa, sometimes I simply don't have the skills yet to fix it and have to wait until the skills develop.

    Happy BDay! Hope it was a good one.

  9. It is gorgeous, but yes, it does happen to me. Much the same as looking at it upside down or in a mirror, the computer monitor makes those errors pop out!

  10. Yes, it does happen more often than I like, Julie. One works so hard on something and thinks she has reached the finish line only to look at it later and see something that should be changed. But, that is a good thing especially if you can identify what it is that needs fixing!!

    Your Yupo pieces always remind me of Tiffany. Yupo results with the wonderful pooling and brilliance of the colors is so reminiscent of the beautiful stained glass pieces Tiffany made with bold color and design!

  11. Absolutely it happens to me. I tweak a lot as I go back over work that hasn't sold to find out what is stopping it. A constant learning process. I've learned that the final steps of photographing and letting it sit where I can see it for a couple of days really help. If there are any visitors I also ask them if there is something they would change (brave). Another thing I find most useful is progress photos, which can be a pain in the patootie sp? but show up any issues before I get too far in and become part of the presentation package when I do a commission. PS I bet it's the clone Callas left and right, but sometimes these aberrations are what gives the painting it's quirkiness and prevent the chocolate box effect. That's where artistic license comes in.

  12. I agree with Carol Flatt- that your Yupo pieces do look quite like Tiffany glass....complexly layered...and wonderful!! And yes, funny how just putting an image up on screen makes you see what you didn't see before. (yet I'm not seeing anything that I would change here???curious as to what you're seeing).

  13. beautiful....I sure can't see what it is that you don't like (but that same thing happens to me often!) Happy Birthday!

  14. If I edited everything I got wrong, I would spend all my days editing.

    I know what you mean though, but only you know what it is that isn't the way you meant it to be.

    The rest of us love it though!

  15. It is the purity and crispness of color that I love so much in Yupo pieces. This has it all and I find it stunning, Julie!


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