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Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Mexico Sunrise

New Mexico Sunrise
6x6 oil on canvas panel $110. SOLD

A gorgeous spot in northern New Mexico.
It really is
The Land Of Enchantment.

Artist Note.
I have been having major
computer problems and
had to acquire a new one...
oh boy, now I have to
get used to
Windows 10.

 PLUS... unfortunately,
my usual way
of answering Blogger comments
is not working.
I type away with
a complete comment
when I click PUBLISH
I am asked to
please choose a profile. 

It happens on every artists 
blog I try to comment on 
including my own.
I can answer from my phone just fine,
but then I cannot see the whole blog.

I have tried every single one
of those  listed to no avail.
Everything I have typed
goes into never-never-land
Can anyone help me please?


  1. As far as computers, I hate change so much and often wonder why they have to do takes me awhile to learn the changes then they change it again!!! Grrrrrrr!!
    Your sunrise is absolutely beautiful Julie!! Makes me want to go back to New Mexico!!!! Beautiful colors....

  2. Julie, I have windows 7 and of course it's fine, but Mike has windows 10 so I'll go see what happens when I try to comment here again from there. I'll let you know if I can figure anything out for you.

  3. Julie, I used my Google profile to send the last comment and like you said it disappeared. I will use Anonymous this time then go to my windows 7 computer to see if any of my comments are on your blog.

  4. Technology and the glitches. I was recently asked to sign into my gmail again to get it on my phone. Sometimes I think they update and you need to sign into you accounts again. Try updating blogger and gmail and google plus and see if that helps. Also if you're on an old program like MS 7. You'll start to loose comparability so updating your computer software might help too. That's all I've got for you Julie bcs I'm no Techhy. Now back to painting! Gorgeous sky BTW!

  5. Julie,

    I haven't a clue about the computer issue. Probably something to do with your settings somehow? Seems like the computer is not recognizing something. Have you tried signing in and out of GMail and then trying to post a comment?

    Anyway, beautiful painting. New Mexico has just got to be gorgeous!


  6. PS-I use Google Chrome as my browser and comment as a GMail user. Maybe try aligning those things?

  7. lovely piece! a magnificent sun! and good luck with the computer gnomes, too!

  8. This is another lovely landscape, Julie. Wish I could help with your computer glitch, but I'm still hanging in with Windows 7. That said, I think my tablet is Windows 10 and it's been working for me to comment, so I'm at a loss as to why you're having issues. Someone will give you a solution, I hope.

  9. Love your enchanting big sky! Really beautiful, Julie!

    I, too, am clueless regarding your computer issues. I officially hate computers.

  10. check to see if you browser is up to date, that you have your sign in details saved on the computer, hmmm will have to have a think of anything else

    not a fan of cortana on windows 10, so that had to go but everything else seems to work fine

    gorgeous colours in the sky :)

  11. Lovely painting, colors are perfect and by the way, a Mac is the way to go. I've always used one and my husband has Windows.Way too techie for me.

  12. Julie I use Windows 10 and love it at work and at home. Did not have to do anything special when I moved from 7 to 10. Wish I could help more than tell you it is doable!

  13. I think I could get up in time to see a beautiful sight like this ! AS to your computer problems, I can't help you unfortunately , but I am having problems with my computer too ( 9 years old ), and dread the moment when I HAVE to buy a new one.

  14. You're absolutely right, Julie! Enchanting it is! Skies like no other.

    Your experience with your computer happened to me a couple of times. When I finished the message I was going to send, it asked me to choose a profile. I did. I chose Google. Then the message disappeared! After that happened twice, I either checked to see if my profile was chosen at the onset, OR, copied my message just in case. It only happened those two times. Don't know what triggered it, but it's been fine since then. Hope yours will be, too!

  15. Can't help with the technical problem, just empathize. The painting is striking, beautiful.

  16. Love the glow on the land from the sunset...just beautiful! Sorry I can't help you with the blogging problem. It is so infuriating when things like that happen. Hope you can resolve it!

  17. I was hoping to see a landscape from you soon and you didnt disappoint me, this looks amazing Julie!

  18. Very wonderful painting and chosen colours. Thanks for sharing and always stay inspired !!!

  19. Gorgeous painting Julie! Love the pretty scene!


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