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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Pouncer ll - Fracturing Demo

Pouncer ll. Bird Watching
8x8in oil on Senso

Fracturing Technique - Step by Step.

Artist Note.

This is a re-post.
Some of you may not have seen it.
Swamped at the moment but hope
to paint tomorrow.

I have had so many requests for information on the fracturing technique
that I thought I would show some of the steps and tools I use.
I am using the natural linen SENSO. I buy it in pads which I tape
to foam core board. When it is dry I use YES paste
to glue it to a Masonite panel
Ampersand makes  boards in 6x8 in size.

 I drew this out with a mixture of
Ultramarine and Permanent Alizarin
using a script brush.
 Next, I placed quick brush marks
of bright, local color.
I made sure to go over the neighboring
edges in some places but not all.
Next, I used my handy tool to swish
 through some edges.
This part is where you allow your
own personal taste to guide you.

I hold the shaper at an angle and
VERY LIGHTLY  skim it over paint
to remove and randomly
break up areas .
Then I go back and reinstate.
Sometimes I fracture one layer
and others several times.
It all depends on how broken up
I want the image to be.

    This is a short handled, ANGLE brush.
    It is a marvelous brush for these
    small paintings.
    Using the edge, a straight line is easily
    made and I use the side to make
    multiple, different type marks.

 I make what I call "opposing strokes."
Shown here.
Make a stroke and then brush in the
opposite direction... and then again.
If you get into the habit of doing
this it will
prevent over blending and
keep your paint surface active.

If you click on the above it will
take you to DPW tutorial page where
I have a FREEBIE one for the tools I use
I also have a little video showing
 how I paint using the
fracturing technique.
(be sure to scroll down)
In the last two years, Catalyst has
come out with a whole line of shapers
so there is no need to make one.

I used a #2 round brush to do
the small areas to finishing up.
I check my center of interest
- the cats head- to make sure it
has not been fractured as much
as the other areas.

I hope that by showing my methods
and tools it will inspire some
of you to try some new method just for fun.
Let me know how it goes.

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  1. This is beautiful Julie, I had missed it when you posted it for the first time. Your explanation seems to be as simple as 1 plus 1 equals 2, but for me it seems beyond my skills! I would love to give it a try though, after watching the video on this technique. Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge Julie, you are always generous!

    1. Good to get such a positive comment. Thank you, Pagmaja. The joy of painting is in the doing isn't it? Even if you try just one, small, experimental stroke the mind becomes involved in a different way - and if it is a successful stroke then it is even more pleasurable. We are blessed to have something so engrossing in our lives.
      I have loved watching your paintings over the years, Padmaja, seeing you embracing the different colors and textures of each place you have lived. Inspiring!

  2. That scraping tool gives me an idea for removing paint when I paint my papers. An idea on a way to create texture. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Libby. Remember the shorter the rubber exposed, the cleaner and more complete the removal. It can clean paint off my whole canvas.
      I enjoyed your post.
      Great idea to utilize turning your work to see it with different feelings.

  3. Thank you for the tutorial, Julie. Your technique produces such a beautiful result! BTW, I really enjoyed your DPW tutorial as well!

    1. Thanks, Chris, you are so nice.
      Love the rabbit but also the Bison. I fell in love with their shape at Yellowstone but did not know the could be dangerous.
      Hope the house hunting improves when the perfect place with a studio being found.

  4. Thanks for this gem, Julie. I bought your video from DPW 100 years ago... I really will give it a try.

    Very generous of you, many thanks

    1. 100years... lol ...seems that long ago, eh?
      Obviously the screaming success of your latest portrait has dimmed the old faculties.
      I can understand is simply brilliant!

  5. I love paintings with cats! They are so graceful. Enjoyed the refreshed on your process too!

    1. Such great news about your fabulous painting winning a prize in the Sedona contest. I looked at the other winners and you are in good company. I like your the best. It's the blue - it is stunning!

  6. Very nice tutorial, Julie. Quite interesting!

    1. Hello, Carol. I enjoyed seeing the sunset - the colors are quite wonderful.

  7. Your generosity with the knowledge you've gained is appreciated more than you'll ever know.

    1. It's always a pleasure to get a comment from you Lauren. Hope you are doing well and getting time to paint.

  8. Enjoyed seeing this post again. I do, review my fracturing video for inspiration but my method is still timid. Thanks for this repost Julie.

    1. You're welcome, dear Blanche. Happy you enjoyed it. I do not see your paintings being timid, in fact your paint application is lush and colors beautiful.

  9. Thank you, Julie, for another wonderful demo/description of a process that has worked so brilliantly in your artwork! A very clear and detailed lesson with extremely helpful photos. (I'm such a visual learner.) You make me want to leap in there and try this.

    1. Hello Carol, I think we both share a love of continual or life long learning, Carol. We will never be bored.
      By now I imagine you are starting to return to a more active state. What a relief for you both. Are you starting to dabble in your painting again?
      Sending a warm hug.

  10. I remember this painting Julie... Loved it it now! I always enjoy seeing the progression of a painting... I love the vivid colors in the blanket...beautiful work!

    1. So happy you like it, Hilda. You are always so supportive. Bless you.
      You know I feel the same way about your wonderful work.

  11. I recall admiring this when I first viewed your DPW gallery page. As always, the description of your process is so enlightening, but I think what most strikes me is how confidently you use color. This is such a lively dance. It reminds me of a rich tapestry!

    1. I always love your words. Thanks, Helene.
      Also want to thank you for sharing your evaluations and solutions as you worked through your lovely ginger jar painting. In fact it helped me see a problem on one of my own which had been niggling at me. I just had not seen it. Fresh eyes worked!

  12. I remember this beautiful and colorful painting , a pleasure to see it again. And thanks for the tutorial, really helpful.

    1. Hi Jane - always a pleasure to hear from you and I love visiting you blog to see you latest work. I really admire the way you capture a face with all the emotions clearly shown. Amazing.

  13. Awesome Julie! Thanks for the tutorial. This sure is a wonderful subject.

    1. That's my grandcat and I am sure pleased I painted Pouncer because he is no longer with us.
      Lovely seeing your birds - the new feeder is very stylish.

  14. Dear Julie this was a great post. Love Pouncer and it was super seeing your fracturing technique. So generous of you to share. Not sure this would work with watercolor. Perhaps acrylics used like oils ?? Hope you find some Julie time soon. Hugs!

    1. Hi Debbie, I fracture with watercolors but on Yupo. Smooth surface. I loved your viola painting. It showed a special sensitivity and only love can produce that. Have a wonderful week, my friend.

  15. Always good information Julie. And yes, the variety of tools and shapers grows daily. Fun tools for playing and exploring.

    1. Thank you, Helen. The shapers would be fun in your abstract work.
      I really really loved the circles you added to your new piece. Makes me want to add them into a painting I have going.

  16. thank you for reposting this, missed it and its handy to see for possible paintings :)

    1. Hi Jennifer. You have a great technique going with the Yupo and eraser. It looked very effective the way you had done it. I am going to try it.
      Have a great week.

    2. looking forward to seeing what you do :)

  17. Thank you so much for re-posting this Julie. I'm in the middle of moving into my new studio but I'm definitely going to give this a whirl sometime soon. Love the painting.

    1. Wow. You are a busy woman. Everything you do impresses the heck out of me. It must be exciting to have a new studio. No I am looking forward to seeing what it is like. Take good care of yourself though.

  18. What a great post - its thoroughly enjoyable to be able to see the magic of your process in creating your wonderful works of art. Many, many thanks, Julie. You are very kind and generous to share this with us!

    1. Thank you for those lovely word, Susan.
      It is wonderful to know you are back home and your husband is doing well. The shots of your drive back
      are spectacular.
      Neat painting - beautifully painted.

  19. Very wonderful art work, bravo Julie and thank you for interesting explanations !!!

  20. I love this. We no longer have any cats but they were so much fun. This brings back memories. The mix of colors and patterns here are super!


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