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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bosque at Dawn

Bosque del Apache, NM - Dawn

Progression oil sketches. Each 6x8in   NFS

It was before dawn when we arrived and I had my plein
air kit set up ready to go as the sky started to get light.
I painted in the basic shapes and I was amazed how light
it became before the sun actually broke over the horizon
The closest reeds were really dark and the far trees bluish
and mauve colors. No green
I added the few details of the cattails at the end.
The sun started to illuminate the top of the reeds.
The trees started to get a green cast.

I turned the easel to the right and by this time the sky
was getting blue and the bright green of the new reeds
growing through the old ones was almost a shock.
All this change during the course of less than an hour.

Artist Note.

These sketches were basically color studies for a
painting in my upcoming May show. I found what I
was after thanks to the help of a ranger, and got some
other sketches completed. Great painting time and
a great hubby for going with me! It was a two hour drive
and we arrived before can figure out
why I think he is great.

Please understand if I cannot reply to all the comments
at this time, but know I read and truly value each one.

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  1. This is so interesting. I am reading Richard Schmid's book Alla Prima and he talks a lot about painting outside and catching light and so on. I wish so bad I could see your show in May. It would be awesome to meet you (and your great hubby) and see more of your work in person and all together in a show.

  2. Interesting, Julie. I'm watching everything and taking notes!

    Just posted my first ever attempt at painting!

  3. Julie, the dark path you created in the bottom painting just captures me and takes me right in......
    And the lovely, lovely neutrals.......
    And of course we understand.

  4. I do miss your comments, but I understand. This looks great, will be interesting to see how much you change your approach on a big version, have done several compositions on multiple sizes.

    Go, go, go.. and happy painting.

  5. i will echo roger's words: go, go, go... and happy painting...

    (the bottom painting, julie. oh my...)


  6. Absolutely beautiful, Julie!! An amazing color study...

  7. Hi Julie, Looking good, dear lady! It is very interesting to see the progression of the light and how you interpreted it. Each is so wonderful. The light is one of the magical things everyone talks about here in New Mexico, though I found the light in the NW to be very fabulous, too. The central piece where the light is just overwhelming the trees is my personal favorite, perhaps because of the glorious pearlescent color you used. Loving it. They are all beautiful pieces, each in their own way.

  8. I enjoyed the progression and seeing what an interesting painting it turned out to be. Obviously your hubby is a keeper;)

  9. These are lovely studies Julie. I particularly like the third study...the colours zing!

  10. A beautiful forest at dawn and it is always nice idea
      to capture the change of lights within a short time.
      It takes great skill, as you have, and is very beautiful now admire these works and read the nice words that accompany them!
    It seem to see you leave together early in the morning for this wonderful adventure that is painting and living life (and painting), as husband and wife.

  11. I agree...beautiful studies..more than studies..frame them

  12. I think my favorite is the middle one-the in-between of the morning is so lovely.

    Great studies and I hope that you are able to get ready for your show without too much stress:)

  13. What great studies, Julie - and to capture the changing light so quickly and astutely - and to travel before dawn! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! You are an inspiration. Much luck with your up coming show!

  14. Happy Easter,dear Julie,to you and your family.

  15. Julie,
    I just watched your wonderful video on fracturing. I'd love to know how you created your mini "squeegie" tool. I went to the hardware store, looking for a piece of rubber that would fit inside the scraper, but they said they had nothing that would work. Where did you purchase the rubber piece, and how much retro-fitting was involved?
    Thanks so much!

  16. what a good reminder for me to see small excellent studies like these. they are invaluable for planning larger-thanks!

  17. Thank you Julie! I tried another one today and didn't do quite as well. It was easier painting your painting after watching you do it but I am going to keep on because I love the effect it gives. Thank you for sharing your wonderful technique and I hope you will do another Artbyte--"Fracturing--Part 2!!
    Love these three studies. They are beautiful.

  18. Julie - how beautiful. New Mexico is certainly a place I would love to visit. Your art makes me so want to see it. Have a great week - and give that hubby a big hug - he is certainly a good sport.

  19. Thank you so much, Julie! You are so sweet to comment and it is encouraging to me! I will keep trying it because it's FUN!!!

  20. They're all so beautiful yet each one has such a different feel or mood. Your husband must be an amazing man! Mine would never do that. Lucky you! I didn't have a chance to do the challenge this week. It rained here every day and I'm not ready for that kind of outdoor painting experience.
    Take care Julie!

  21. What a wonderful eyeful, the kind of post that makes me want to get outside and paint right away. Good luck with your upcoming show, I know you'll do great Julia!!

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