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Monday, April 8, 2013

Fractured Flowers

Red and White

6x8in oil on linen SOLD

I have had so many emails asking if everything was okay that I thought I would pull up something I did almost a year ago and visit for a while.
I love the colors in this one.

Artist Note.

I have found I can no longer multi-task in my painting subject matter and output.
My whole focus is on the theme of my show and painting anything else
seems unnatural to me. Do any of you have the same problem?
I had to do a demo for the Artist Guild last week and found it very difficult.
It has been five years since I had a one-woman show - preferring instead to exhibit in invitationals.  I only needed about 10 extra (but larger) paintings as I have been working on a series close to my heart for almost three years, just for the pure pleasure of it. I have found there is the world of difference
of painting something in a relaxed and inquisitive way and painting for a deadline.
I am sure some of you are nodding your head in agreement.

I want to thank you all for your wonderful comments on my last post.
Because of the time it would take, I dare not get on the computer to start visiting 
everyone's blogs and I have gone through genuine withdrawals because of it. 
I really miss the fellowship and stimulation.
I am BUSY! I come home from teaching and start painting. I do have three day weekends when a lot gets accomplished, but for every good painting I have to toss some others. I am working on a large
48"x36" piece which may not make it in the show unless it all comes together. Struggled today.
But only one more weekend to go until everything is delivered to the framers,
then life should return to normal and I will happily start visiting
your blogs to catch up and replying to all comments.
Thanks for being understanding and supportive.

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  1. You are the best. I miss you but can see your journey.....and we all have them. I am painting less as I am working on the marketing course when I have a free minute. Normal is looking good. I wonder what it is!

  2. Glad that you have such a good work ethic. I love this painting from your archives. Good luck in your show--I hope you'll share photos!

  3. i was so happy to see those fractured flowers in my sidebar... : )

    yes, i very much do not want to veer off onto something else when my focus in firmly in place.

    happy painting, julie...


  4. Nice to see you online again. I can understand the pressure you are going through. Painting with a deadline can't be easy. I can also imagine the pressure you're putting on yourself. I am sure I will be amazed over the work you have been doing and I also love the one you posted, as you said, lovely colors.

    Take care and good luck with the exhibition.

  5. Julie, there is always a beautiful painting to see on your blog, no matter what. I'm glad to know all is well and sometimes one has to do what one has to do! Just glad to know you aren't ill and I hope all your preparations for the show bear great fruit!

  6. No problem on the visiting-just keep going and you will make it to the finish line! And yes, staying on task means staying on task. Sometimes art seems like an assignment and any deviation from that feels like you are going in the wrong direction.

  7. I am sure that your pieces for your show will be exceptional. especially if the field studies are any indication. Your work is wonderful. Your posts are helpful, even when you are stressed. Thank you and best for the rest of the week .

  8. No worries about not visiting..I quite understand. With a deadline looming it's a case of nose to the grindstone!
    Good luck with the show and put your feet up when it's all over!I look forward to reading about it in your blog posts.

  9. I knew you were very busy working toward your show and can't wait for a preview- or postview. I have no doubt it is a wonderful body of work and wish you much continued success at the opening.

    I was wondering how it was possible for you to keep up with both, it's actually a relief to know you're still human with super powers of course! Miss you!

  10. I've been waiting patiently for the show to be hung so I can get my mentor back. Been going through JFO withdrawal symptoms. Go Julie!

  11. I do have to stay focused on the painting at hand. Looking forward to seeing more of your work when your show is completed. Best wishes with the show!

  12. I miss getting your posts!
    I hate deadlines. BUT. That is when I do some of my best work. Sometimes you just have to load the brush and go, you know?
    I'm working on large florals for a show and I love painting them, but life seem as to get in the way a lot.
    And when I have the time to truly paint what I want, I seem to always want to go take a nap!

  13. I totally understand that feeling/and struggle of being pulled in several different directions! But glad to know all is well with you and that at some point again we'll hear (hopefully) about your show as well! Best wishes on meeting the deadlines & a successful show! We're cheering you on!!

  14. You are so right about the difference between painting for the daily blog and getting ready for a show -- it's almost like they are two different kinds of art. I think you have been really dedicated to post a daily painting. I find it hard to do a daily painting to post and to also be working on larger paintings.
    Good luck with the show.

  15. Dear Julie, I imagine how much work you're doing!
    A pleasure to receive this lovely bouquet that speaks of warm weather!
    I hope you are well and when you have completed your work will be nice to read more often and more often admire your art works!
    I wish you ALL the best for the show!!!!

  16. I'm so glad you posted today, Julie...I was worried and didn't think to e-mail...glad you're okay. It's always a treat to see your work ...even the older ones...This painting is beautiful!!!
    and of course, the best of luck to you with the show!!!

  17. My oh my can I ever relate Julie. My show opens the 26th of April and thank goodness, I'm doing this one with another artist. I'm in the finishing stages and looking forward to the opening. Then, deep sigh and on to fun stuff. Good luck my friend.

  18. Dear Julie - don't you give it a thought. I can imagine how busy you are. Hope your large painting comes together in fine time for your exhibit. Wish I could see it. Take care friend and have a wonderful week.

  19. We'll still be here, Julie. Try to get some time to relax if you can. I'm sure it will go really well for you. Stay focused!

  20. No worries Julie, you just paint away and show us your magic whenever you can. Love your older piece here. Gorgeous.


  21. Hello Julie!
    Love your art! Love the colors and textures! Bold and exciting!

  22. I have so 'been there' and it is a different animal for sure. now you must paint and use your inspiration and talents in a different direction for awhile... immerse yourself!

  23. Your style really comes thru in this one...It's REALLY lovely!!!
    Please check my art blog at:

  24. Oh how I wish I could see your show, Julie. It would be so great to see your work in person as photos never capture the true beauty. Good luck, I know it will be a great success!

  25. Dear Julie. Wish you a great success ( which I am sure you will have ) with your show , we will wait for your return :-) xx

  26. Hi Julie, I have so missed your blog and comments. You are such an inspiration to me. I am relieved however to discover you are not super human after all! I love your work and can not wait to see the results for your show. It's worth waiting for! I wish you much continued success. I will be taking a workshop with Ovanes Berberian(you know what that's like:)at the end of the month in France and hope I will be able to keep in touch and continue to post online, but we will be in the country and it depends on WiFi. If not, I will be anxious to see all the beginning of June. Anxiously awaiting your have been missed by so many!

  27. I really feel for you, it is hard for people who don't paint to realise how stressful making art can be but you have all these dear followers who are rooting for you! I also know your work will be wonderful, it always is. All the very best for your one woman exhibition


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