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Friday, March 1, 2013

Pansy Revisit

Pansy Revisit

5x7in oil on canvas panel $100.

This is a pansy study I did a while ago.
I liked the bright colors and abstract background
so I did another layer to freshen it up.

Artist Note.

Kathy Squires, a personal friend and fellow member
of the Artist Guild, posted a lovely flowering cactus
painting on which she had used the fracturing technique.
Take a look HERE

Lisa Graham did a fabulous job of fracturing
a couple of pieces. The bird in the tree is awesome
and my favorite. Take a look HERE
I really enjoy seeing what others artists do and hope
you do too.

I am very excited as we leave tomorrow to visit
our daughter for the weekend.
It will be a six hour drive so I will
be doing my usual painting in the van. I hope to
do some work for my May show.
Enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Love these flowers...makes me think of spring!

  2. Nice little painting and cool technique Julie. I like the pear painting top right of your blog, nice colors.


  3. Have a nice weekend Julie ! The painting is warm and beautiful !

  4. Yes, that those are some bright and lovely colors. I love the abstract feeling of this painting. Have a great weekend.

  5. I find painting in a moving car not the easiest to do (those danged road bumps) and yet I've done it myself. I know you'll come out of it with something gorgeous! Pansies are not one of my favorite flowers but your style certainly makes them way prettier to my eyes.

  6. Beautiful bright flowers, Julie. There is no end to your talent.

    YOU PAINT IN THE VAN??? How do you manage that?

    Thank you for your comments on my blog, I always love hearing from you.

  7. What Carol said! YOU PAINT IN THE VAN???

    I've been away from the computer a lot, and just caught up on your post about painting with a credit cart. I'm going to get your ArtByte! Your painting is beautiful!

  8. Julie, absolutely one of my all-time favorites. Beautiful!!

  9. That is a great idea to do "another layer layer to freshen it up"...I often forget that sometimes the "fix" is just more paint....this pansy painting is really lovely

  10. A gorgeous floral, Julie! I've always loved pansies for their colors and hardiness...Believe it or not I have pansies outside and there's still a few flowers from last year! of course, they might be petrified...but they look wonderful LOL...Enjoy your time with your family!!!

  11. julie, have a safe and happy trip! xoxo

  12. Such a happy painting. It is bright and spring-like. And that is a good thing. Enjoy your family and travel safe.

  13. Beautiful painting. Thank you for the link and have a wonderful weekend with your family Julie. xo

  14. Hi Julie - I've been away, ill, but am fine now and will try to get my show back on the road ASAP!

    I thought your fracturing video was great and inspires me to have a go.

  15. Wonderful color and expression in this piece, Julie!

  16. Your sense of color is just great,with no 'fighting' amongst all the lovely hues! Hope your weekend visit is perfect!

  17. The abstract feel and the passionate colors make this piece adorable Julie!

  18. I adore pansies but think I might adore your painting even more!


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