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Monday, November 14, 2016

Edgar & Poe plus Nevermore!

 Edgar & Poe
10x8in acrylic on paper sold

10x8in acrylic on paper sold

11x14 acrylic/watercolor on paper sold

Artist Note
I really enjoyed doing these 
three pieces and am disappointed 
that the images do not show the 
mellow feeling of cohesiveness
I see/feel in them.

 These paintings were 
started as random 
mono-gesso prints
for a link to the process
if interested. 
The only difference
 is, I used paper 
instead of board

The emerging images I saw
in my magination
 came out of the three values,
(black to white)
and were already 
very much 
 like birds.

I used lighter colors to develop
the negative background 
with the ravens 
and darker tones
to bring out the white of
the doves.
  Creating the 
birds out of a messy
was fun.

I made a stamp from 
corrugated board for the 
bottom areas of the 
two different raven pieces. 
I took some picture of ravens 
a picket fence once and 
that has stayed with me.

I developed the Lovebird nest
in  my usual way. Love the leaf
near the front!
The acrylic paint dries 
slower than the inks so some 
interesting mark making 
 and layering can go on.

Working on pieces 
which are not planned, but 
learning to respond to 
what I saw in my imagination,
added to the feelings of 
discovery and excitement
which are important to me...
especially when working 
on a large series. 
Prevents the sameness
- the security!


  1. I admire the way you push your own creative boundaries, Julie. You never seem to stand still -- literally or artistically. It's wonderful of you to so openly share your process as well; very educational and inspirational!
    That said, I also always love your bird paintings, and these are no exception. Crows and Ravens are favorites of mine, too. Thank you for always leaving such lovely comments on my posts. I'm pleased you liked Mr Cool.

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment, Helene. You have given my ego quite a boost.
      Yes - I do like your painting, Mr Cool - the way you painted the white fur in the shade really adds power to his name.

  2. Dear Julie I adore your birds. Especially am entranced with the lovebirds. The front one to the right with its head bent ever so gently tugs at my heart. You captured such a sweetness. I checked out your mono-gesso process. Then followed the link to your pomegranate. Thank you for sharing. This is something I will try. Take care and have a super day. Hugs

    1. Happy you like that one, Debbie. The fantail doves are so amazing in life. They have a special purity.. Their faces are very sweet and their tails amazed me. I sketched and sat in awe.
      Thank you for such a lovely comment.Thank you also for the uplifting post this week

  3. Your love birds are amazing as well as your nest, and I agree , the leaf is that little extra that makes it even more interesting, a real wow piece.

    1. Thank you, Jane. Happy you like it.
      A wow piece is what I would call your flower painting. All your paintings actually have the wow factor!

  4. I love the Poe references in the titles of the raven paintings. You are so good at experimenting and using your imagination. These are all great although the lightness of the lovebirds does appeal to me more than the darker ones. The dark ones do have a lot of atmosphere. I'm off to follow your link to the process.

    1. Hi Joan. I am happy you shared your choice with me. Dark versus light. They all started the same way with the monoprint base.The dark ones are not as dark as they appear here but I wanted more of abstract shape theme.
      The lovebirds were out of an experience of actually observing and sketching them with complete wonder. Neat!
      We are both so lucky to be artists.
      I really got a kick out of your Starbucks painting. A wonderful recoding of our time.

  5. Lots of good results! Glad that it got you excited about working.

    Funny you mention the monoprints. I was given some paper recently that I thought would be perfect for monoprints, somehow incorporating them into my collage work. Maybe now is the the time to try it?


    1. Yes, Libby, I know we both agree that keeping the excitement of improvement and discovery in our work is what keeps us going and growing. Yes, I can see how making monoprints could add a different way of seeing into your collage work.

  6. I never do anything randomly - apart from living that way - I have to plan meticulously although I frequently deviate from the plan. Therefore I am fascinated by random work.

    Great painting as usual. Great naming although Hitchcock comes to mind.

    1. Wow - John, really? I think of you as a totally free spirit and adventurer. To find you are a "meticulous" planner was a bit of a shock. Well, I had guessed that you had some idea ahead of time but then I thought you went with the flow. I guess you have an engineers mind. Excellent!

    2. The reason I am a meticulous planner, is that I always draw up the plan AFTER I have stumbled through the project - that way I'm always on time and within budget.

      I always plan retrospectively and am always surprised when I arrive anywhere! :) ... think fruit cake and nutty as!

  7. wonderful results. it is great to see you playing!

    1. yes. play is so important. otherwise I think we loose our spark. I am so happy to watch you keeping yours alive. Your work is so beautiful and inspiring.

  8. Congratulations on pushing your boundaries and achieving such a beautiful and intriguing result. I have watched in wonder the evolution of your work, and am inspired by your creativity. Letting the art speak to you as you develop it is (I think) extremely difficult. So much easier to just copy what we see in front of us. But allowing art to organically evolve is the best way to achieve the amazing mood that you have here.

    You continue to be a huge inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing your process with us!

    1. What a generous and encouraging comment, Ann. Thank you so much. We could be saying the same things to each other because I see the way you experiment in a fearless manner and get inspired.
      Your fall scene with its stunning colors is an excellent example.
      It would be fun to take your workshop and compare notes.

  9. great textures to them all :) partial to the ravens because of the tiny splash of red :D

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. I liked the bit of red too.
      I also like the Wordless Wednesday picture you chose...
      make a great painting.

    2. thank, thought that too but can't find the time to paint or sleep actually with all the work going on right now lol

  10. OH these are wonderful. I especially love the dark and moody ravens! No color necessary!

    1. I am happy you like the tonal ravens - thanks. A bit surprised because your work is colorful, but then I is a lot of mine! We have eclectic taste.
      I enjoyed seeing the different artists work on your latest post.

  11. As always your posts are so interesting Julie! I LOVE the first two paintings! Reminds me how the Great Masters painted.

    1. Hi Hilda - happy you like them. Yes...painted like back in the old times. Are you going anywhere special for Thanksgiving?

  12. What I love about these three paintings is the fact that they invite so much interpretation from the viewer making viewing them a very personal experience. I love your work, Julie - you amaze and inspire me.

    1. I am going to cut out these words and put them where I can see them. Thanks for the wonderful praise. From someone like you they warm my heart.
      Thanks for taking the time to post such an interesting post with pics from Russia. Always fascinating to see through someones else's eyes.
      AND having the same last name as a royal family is icing on the cake.

  13. deeply effective and have magnetic attraction .
    loved the crows .they sound wrapped in a strange mystery .
    love birds are enchanting pleasure to soul .really want to thank you for sharing your precious art dear

  14. Your results and process are really inspiring!!I am in love with the berries in the raven paintings and the ravens themselves are so elegant."Love Nest", is a gorgeous addition to your nests series.

  15. You are always pushing that creative envelope which is one of the reasons I am always so thrilled to open your emails to see the gift inside!

  16. The process definitely is for free spirits and I want to be one, I am operating from a box right now:-) Lovely results!


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