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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mr Beaver at Home

Mr Beaver at Home
6x8in oil on canvas NFS

I was invited to join a small group of artists who
participate together in a monthly challenge.

The DB Challenge
They are:
Diana Moses Botkin
Suzanne Berry    
Vicki Ross         
All are fabulous artists and I felt honored to be asked.

The guidelines  - It should be FUN!
But Diana also wrote, it should be a chance to play, explore and learn something
without the thought of marketability of the painting pleasing anyone but
ourselves. That drew me in.

I admit I laughed when I read the challenge for my first month.
So will you... it is  "Rodents."
Anyone who has been following my blog knows I have
just completed a series of bird nests so is it any wonder
my rodent of choice has a huge nest. Tree branches and
trunks replace twigs and grasses.
This was from a photo I took in Colorado near Lake Dillon.

Below are the other member's paintings.
Some really skillful and creative imagery going on here.
I am hoping being in their company will
challenge me to come up with some creative results myself.
I encourage you to look at their excellent blogs.

“Of Mice and Lego Men"
Oil on hardboard, 5"x7"
©2013 Diana Moses Botkin

"Pink Squirrel"
16" x 12" pastel

12"x16" Oil on linen
©2013 Suzanne Berry  


  1. Your subject of choice for that challenge is off course, wait for it, nests. =)
    I think it is a great way for you to connect what you did and where you are going. In a way the subject isn't that important for you, the fracturing is, the way you express yourself. It looks lovely by the way.
    I have a few more in me, but it is time to start looking for new adventures and challenges. I have finished 17 nest paintings and it has been a fun journey, all thanks to you.

  2. Really makes me think I should start doing something new and not obvious, great inspiration and great works !

  3. I didn't know beavers were rodents! Learn something new everyday. Love your piece and those of the other challenge participants!

  4. Wonderful painting, Julie! A fun challenge which you did the beaver!

  5. Mr. Beaver is so busy building that nest! What interesting creatures. You've captured their energy well in this piece, Julie. Thank you for joining in the fun for our monthly Challenge!

  6. How much fun for you. They are truly varied and talented artists. You created a painting that is a special moment in time. Very nice.

  7. We have no beavers ... a landscape that enchants, water and trees, and the beaver reigning on its habitat.
    A very original art work, like those of Bloggers
      that you present today. Thanks, dear Julie!

  8. Way to go Julie! Toad 'ya it'd be OK! We're a wild 'n crazee group. Can't wait to finish the book contract I've been doing so I can explore your fractal technique!

  9. you know....I did not know a beaver is a rodent. Good for you! I learned something new --and I love your painting. Beavers are absolutely cool!

  10. I just started following Diane, so this will be fun to see how you all approach the challenges. It is off to a good start, lol

  11. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all

  12. An excellent group and this beaver dam is woven together so much like your nests- perfect! I like the blur in the water too- just the lovely extra touch one expects of your work.

  13. forgive my lateness Julie! i so love your answer to the challenge, beautifully done. so looking forward to seeing your work there.


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