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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Workshop Demo and Artist's Work.

Radish, Garlic and Scallions
6x8in oil on canvas SOLD

I always get pumped up when I do a workshop.
I keep it to six artists so I can really get around
to helping each one develop the fracturing technique
to suit what I see as the most natural way for them.
This one had 6 fabulous artists creating  
several new paintings each day.
But first they had to start off by watching my
different mark making using the full blown
Fracturing Tool technique.

this was the demo.
KNOW NO FEAR is the the motto!

We start off with basic exercises to learn the Fracturing.
I show some of those on my FREE Art-Byte tutorial called
Tools Needed for Fracturing
see HERE
(Have a look at all the other great tutorials
they have on Daily Paintworks.)

Here are some of the artists work
(Click to enlarge.)

 Everyone was encouraged to go about learning 
the Fracturing in a really free, "know no fear" manner.

Kathy arrived from Hawaii so water was a natural theme
to begin with. 

Here are the exercises by Phyllis above...
and Mary's apple below

Margaret went wild with beautiful colors
and then outlined as an experiment.
We all liked it!  

Below is Lindy's still life.
Not finished as it was a timed exercise. 
(I am looking forward to seeing it finished)

There were a few more I did not get a good 
photo of - an apology to the artists

Next we went into landscapes using a pink base.
Below is one by Denise. 
This is the view from her window

And the one from Kathy - glorious color!
That is Hawaii again!

Lindy produced the one below.
A more gentle use of color than the one above but
both artists see their local color very well

 Enjoy this one by Phyllis... a colorist by nature
(she worked on a much larger version of this later)

Next we went into more "refined" fracturing 
where each artist explored the degree of 
the technique they felt a comfort level with

Lindy did this little treasure

Kathy created a glowing fruit painting

Mary found she enjoyed 
just a little fracturing at the start
- helping her to loosen up.

 Mary also found the fan brush 
is fun - especially for fur

Lindy started painting larger as the days went by.

Margaret  found that "gentle fracturing" worked 
best for her

Kathy resisted the urge to "tidy up" too much and 
worked on warm/cool vibrations using beautiful color.

It was a wonderful group of talented, fun and generous 
artists who allowed me to work them hard and 
push each of them out of their comfort zones. 

I am incredibly grateful and humbled that 
they were willing to travel the miles and place 
their trust in me to help them in 
their personal quest to keep growing as an artist.


  1. Your two demos are fantastic, Julie!
    I like how you encouraged the other artists to incorporate fracturing into their work while maintaining their individual look.

    1. Hi Dean - thanks for such a great comment. You know that the artists were already good before they came to me. .. but willing to go out of their comfort zones for a few days. Not easy to do.

  2. Dear Julie really I appreciate the way how you teach your students!
    You are a teacher who guides the students without superimposing your personality to them and this puts them in wonderful condition, to learn and to express themselves at the same time. If they were not so many miles that separate us ... it would be nice to work with you! Congratulations to you as a great teacher, congratulations to your students painters so talented and skilled!

    1. Thanks so much, Rita. Yes - they were all talented and I hope they read your wonderful comment about their work.

  3. The work your students produced is quite impressive. I was amazed at the quality of the paintings. This speaks to the thought you've given to the fracturing process and your ability to convey this process to others. Perhaps one day I'll be able to take one of your workshops.

    1. There were lots more paintings but I didn't get round to them all or had glare on them. Talented group with wonderful energy. I was the lucky one!

  4. A fantastic post Julie! I so loved seeing the variety in everyone's beautiful work. You have a lot of wisdom to impart to your students and I'm sure they all found your workshop very enriching.

    1. I enjoy the variety too. I know it would be much easier to have a paint-a-long
      class but I seem to attract the ones who really do want to find their own art voice.

  5. So good to be catching up with your work and teaching. The garlic and scallions are excellent....... lucky students!

  6. The painting works of your students are very wonderful, thank you for sharing with us !!!
    Have a nice and creative new week !!!

  7. From yours to your students', there isn't a single piece of work here that I don't love. What a great class indeed, Julie!!

  8. Amazing artist and artwork Julie! It is no surprise people travel far and wide to learn from you!

  9. what a good bunch of paintings your students created and each person's personality and own individuality shined through.

  10. Love your painting and those of the students. What an experience for all. Thank you for sharing their work. Another inspiration from you.

  11. These are amazing demo's Julie and I'm so jealous that I'm not one of your students...they are all doing beautifully!!! and its amazing how they are all different making it their own style....

  12. Dear Julie - your talent not only shows in your paintings but in being able to share your knowledge as well. I know if I had the opportunity I would travel to take a workshop from you. Your students were so fortunate to have you as their guide and I am sure they knew it. Have a beautiful week.

  13. What fun you all had. Great work!

  14. Julie, Thank you for a wonderful week! I learned so much and am already starting to paint with more confidence. You truly are a great teacher of art. Thanks again for your time, energy and hospitality.

    1. Thank you so much.
      You are a very good artist, Kathy. Lucky me having you in the class. You have lots of talent and a great personality. Never a complaint passed your lips.
      I will be looking forward to watching your future work.

  15. Very interesting post Julie. Your students did very well with your new technique.

  16. Looks like your workshops must be a LOT of fun! I love your demo of the radishes.

  17. I was one of the workshop attendees. I must say that Julie was a kind instructor who gave each of us lots of attention and helped us each to develop our own style. Thank you, Julie, for your help, fine eye, and concern. I feel like a new person after your workshop, and I shall Know No Fear!

    1. How sweet of you, Mary. Thank you. I loved having you in class. Always fun and encouraging to all.
      Hope you will remember - Know No Fear - its value is beyond compare.
      Happy painting!

  18. What a great post Julie and it looks like your students learned volumes. Every piece is unique and beautiful. Thank you for sharing all these with us!!!


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