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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Blue Shutters And Colors Used

Blue Shutters - France
8x6in oil on canvas SOLD

What a green thumb the owner
of this house in France must have.
Handsome ivy-covered walls,
clay pots filled with flowers 
and herbs...
plus a comfortable chair to 
sit on.

Artist Note
This is another pick-up post.
This one from 
May, two years ago.
I have expanded the post
by adding the colors used 
because I had a request
for the information.

I painted a transparent
Indian Yellow (WN)
over my canvas mixing 
Transparent Brown Oxide
in the bottom half.
This set up a nice glow
to work my opaque 
colors into.
The warm Turquoise Blue
was made lighter with
 Naples Yellow first, 
and white added
for the edge of the shutter
on the right.
I used two different blues
for the shutters in the shade
(mixed with turquoise)
Ultramarine & Ocean.
The dark of the interior 
thru the top of the window, 
and other dark areas
are mixtures of 
Ultramarine and Oxide Brown,
both are transparent.

I often save my notes 
and it 
was interesting and fun
for me to 
go back and see 
how I approached it.
I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Just back from church, opened the blog and here is your painting. Beautiful painting and the start of a great Sunday I say!

    1. Thanks, Blanche. Sundays are a fav of mine too.
      Your new painting, Peace, is well named.
      Harmonious and peaceful - a beautiful spot.

  2. Keeping notes on your colors - what a great idea! I sometimes forget my colors when I clean off my palette and come back the next day. I have invited disaster several times by doing that! Thanks for the idea - and showing us such a vibrant painting!

    1. The idea came from when I was an illustrator. Some clients repeated certain themes so good notes were a must. Handy now too.
      What a fabulous job you did with the Linx and the Mr Fox. You have such a wonderfully expressive stroke, and know exactly where to put them and in what color/value too!

  3. A lovely one Julie. I always enjoy these scenes. Something about the architectural element, in this case a window that is softened by the flowers and many colors. And, so interesting to read how you approached this one too. Enjoy your day.

    1. Hello Carol. Thank you for such a nice comment. I have to thank you for also posting about your remarkably talented grandson. We need more good stories of Americas fine young men and women.

  4. Those blue shutters! I always love them! And a great composition too of course:)

    The tip on note taking during your process is a great one. I have done that too for color mixing but also to keep track of things that were hard during the process or of things that worked well. And like you wrote, going back to review things really helps us to remember (and maybe even can reinforce our learning.)

    Beautiful painting and an informative post. Thank you!

    1. Thank YOU, Libby.
      It doesnt surprise me we share similar working habits though I bet your notes are larger than mine because of your process. Come to think of should just print out your blog posts because they are so complete. The color harmony in your new piece is once again - perfect!

    2. Thanks Julie on all counts! I really am loving that color combo. It's we for me and a great surprise:)

  5. How I would love to sit in that chair and sip tea while smelling the flowers. This painting has such a lovely atmosphere and I enjoyed reading how you got your colors. I should take heed and keep better notes like you!


    1. Hi friend - it always makes my day when you visit and share your thoughts.
      Still full of anticipation for your new video story.

  6. I'm in love! This is stunning and thank you so much for including the colors used. You're the best.

    1. That is a fabulous post you have written, Sharon, including not only your lovely floral painting, but also the "inspirational" message. Thank you.

  7. What an inviting scene! Would love to have a glass of wine (or Pepsi or tea) at that table. A beautiful merge of different blues. It gives a weathered appearance to the shutters as well as defining form through values.

    1. I can still hear the birds sing - they hung canary cages outside in the fresh air. Such a great place.
      It was great seeing you had another painting posted. Wow - you are on a roll, Carol. Good for you. The pomegranates are great but so are the background colors and shadows.

  8. Julie what a lovely site. Just what I would picture a cozy spot in France to look like. I have no idea how to paint with oils but your sharing of colors is an inspiration to me to mix different shades of blues to get a better dance with the colors. Hope friend you are having a beautiful day. Hugs!

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post, Debbie. Yes - color is color, no matter what the media. Thanks for sharing your new friends, and introducing me to a super-woman in the arts.

  9. What a jewel of a painting! It evokes all the warmth of sunshine, the fragrance of flowers, and the visual joy of color. It's a veritable feast for the senses, and you added an art lesson into the bargain! You're a treasure, Julie.

    1. A lovely comment - thank you, Helene.
      I am beginning to realize that portraiture is a natural for you. Two remarkably good ones in a row. I especially am in awe of the way you painted the hair on this new one of the child. Seriously in awe!

  10. very nice, lovely lighting :D
    I use to make notes, but stop when I took up point really with etching unless I started to do acid etching and that just not safe ;p

    1. Your line drawings show your etching skill, Jennifer. I didn't like to do etching. I had a hard time with the inking. messy somehow.

    2. its very messy, usually end up going through a lot of gloves to try to keep the ink off of my hands but now I've excepted, ink will get everywhere no matter how hard you try to stay clean lol

  11. Oh Julie! Now I'm going to have to book a holiday, sigh! I want to step right into this painting - it's that gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it again and, yes, great idea saving your notes. Thank you for continuing to inspire us!

  12. I remember this post. Thank you for the great information about your paint colors.

  13. Beautiful and textural!!! I love the colors and want to be sitting at that table enjoying the ambiance there. I love it!

  14. Wonderful warm cozy feeling from your art. I can smell this fresh flower's air through your painting :)

  15. Who makes the Ocean blue color? Is it similar to cobalt turquoise?

  16. Very beautiful blue window painting with so nice colours on the wall around !!!


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