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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Watercolor Fun!

Pears And van Gogh's Irises
6"x8"watercolor on Yupo  $100. SOLD

Artist Note
This one was pure fun.
Anything on Yupo is fun.
Don't like something?
 Easy - off it goes 
with a quick
If you don't like the 
whole painting...
no problem
just hold it under the tap!

This is my third painting
using the tablecloth
which has
 Vincent van Gogh's Irises 
printed on it. 
I made it more abstract
and let the watercolor 
have the little runs
and unpredictable 
 patterns which make 
working on Yupo so
appealing to me.

Loving this tablecloth!


  1. You just know that I am going to tell you how much I love the unexpected little lines created by the drying watercolor! Very, very fun! The pears seem like they are sitting in some sort of "natural" botanical setting. Abstracting the tablecloth worked out really well!

    Continued fun with that Yupo!

    1. Thanks Libby. Glad you like it. Me - I like the colors and the watery marks.
      Hope your artist joy is back in full force.

  2. Replies
    1. thanks Carol. Love your chickens - especially the way you painted the black and white one

  3. Watercolor terrifies me. I play around journaling, but nothing like this. Love love love that table cloth and every painting you've created using it.

    1. I have a hard time believing you are terrified of anything.
      Get some Yupo and have fun. Fun is your middle name!

  4. How fun. Your lovely tablecloth not only provides decoration, but also inspiration! The dark cool colors of the cloth make a marvelous counterpoint to the warm yellows of the pears -- a relationship you've taken full advantage of here. Love it, Julie!

    1. Hi Helene. So happy to hear you like this. Do you work with watercolors on Yupo? it is a fun surface and unpredictable.
      that is what is fun. The loss of control...and the easy way to go back.

  5. Oh Julie, you never cease to amaze with these little jewels. This is lovely.

  6. Free loose and lovely!Love the patterns of the cloth and your integration of it into the painting.

    1. I value this comment because I had to really work at the integration. Good to know you think I was successful, Anne.
      Huge congratulations getting your painting into the show. It is stunning and I can see why it beat out 685 other paintings. Big pat on the back!

  7. Replies
    1. Gorgeous is a wonderful word, isn't it, Sheila? I will take such a nice complement with a smile on my face. Thank you.

  8. The word "delightful" is ALWAYS the first word that comes to mind when I see one of your watercolors on Yupo! There's just something about the wonderful and exciting results that happen when you work on that surface. Unexpected and spontaneous things! I think that is Yupo's greatest quality...the surprising and unpredictable quirks that occur during the painting process.

    1. You are so nice - thank YOU Carol.
      Refresh my memory, Carol...have you painted on Yupo? It sounds like you know it very well.
      I remember you were experimenting with several materials so this may have been one of them. I do enjoy using it because I can use the fracturing technique to some extent and keep at it until something "right" happens.
      Have a happy painting week.

  9. Beautiful!!! I love the effects you get with the yupo. I keep saying I'll have to use it again, but then never do. Every time I see one of yours I want to give it a go.

    Julie you asked a few questions on my digital posts. I much prefer sketching on paper. Yes, the colors are pretty close to what I'm using on my iPad. I haven't printed out any of the digital sketches. I just keep them in the "gallery" in the program and post them here and Facebook. Questions are good. I have a friend who used this program for a long time and I always asked her questions. I was curious enough to try it. Sometimes it is a good way to sketch something just a little differently.

    1. Thanks for answering my questions about your digital experience.
      I am curious because my own attempts ended up not looking like my work even though it was my finger and my judgements doing it all. I also found I missed the physical feel of holding a brush and feeling it agains the surface. I have seen some stunning digital work, but know the learning curve is most likely huge.
      I admire your experimental attitude and keeping up to date, Joan.
      Thanks so much.

    2. This painting is beautiful and vibrant! I also love the feeling of energy I imagine comes with using yupo. I really need to try it, I love the idea you can wipe it off.

    3. Julie, I admire artists who can make digital paintings look like "real" paintings, but it must take a lot of work. Sometimes I have to really concentrate when doing a digital...more than for a regular painting. Hopefully that is doing something for my brain. :) You really have to think about layers and transparency in such a different way. Hopefully some of it will affect my watercolors in a positive way.

  10. love the random shapes you get with this paper :) bought some the other day to try with my markers and ink, not expensive and worth a shot to mess around on. you inspired me to get some gain to try

    1. Hope you do try. Can't go wrong. just be prepared for it to be different. Thats the fun of it.
      Thanks for the visit. I was just admiring the digital work on your blog.

  11. Love this Julie!!!! You have mastered painting on yupo!!! This is amazing!

    1. I don't think Yupo can be mastered Hilda. It is so unpredictable. Layering is the hardest part because it lifts off so easily.
      I still like using it though because it makes it so fascinating.
      Thanks for the visit, Hilda.


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