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Monday, June 13, 2016

Watermelon Time.

Watermelon Time
8x6" oil on canvas panel SOLD

Artist Note.
This is a painting from my 
Farmers Market series I 
did back in
I still like it and as we 
are eating lots
of watermelons at 
the moment
I thought 
it was appropriate.

I finished the workshop 
last week. It was great
because all the artists
already had plenty of miles 
on their brushes 
and were eager to 
dive into a new technique.
Some stunning paintings 
were accomplished
- they took risks
and stepped out of 
their talented
comfort zones.

I thank them all for 
the trust and FUN!
I really enjoyed myself.


  1. This reminds me of the fond memories I have going to the local Farmer's Market in my youth. You really created something special here!
    'Congrats on the sale, too! Have a great week, Julie = )

    1. WE have a farmers market here in Las Cruces, NM which was named the top on in the country a couple of years ago.
      What a great boost to out local farmers.
      Your new painting not only has wonderful colors, but i swear it looks like it is moving.

  2. Bonjour chère Julie,

    La composition de cette peinture est absolument merveilleuse ainsi que l'harmonie des couleurs. J'aime beaucoup l'atmosphère des marchés et vous avez su restituer l'âme qui y règne.
    Je ne suis pas une fan de la pastèque en revanche j'adore le melon. Toutefois en peinture comment ne pas aimer les couleurs sublimes de la pastèque !

    Je suis heureuse que vous ayez passé du bon temps avec les élèves...
    Plein de bonnes choses à vous...

    Gros bisous 🌺

    1. translation;
      Hello dear Julie, The composition of this painting is absolutely wonderful and harmonious colors. I love the atmosphere of the markets and you knew restore the soul that prevails there. I'm not a fan of watermelon on the other hand I love the melon. However painting how not to love the sublime colors of watermelon! I'm glad you had a good time with students ... Lots of good things to you ... Kisses 🌺
      Thank you dear Martine. Your Toucan is in a beautiful setting and the colors are devine! I also enjoyed your photos of the beautiful flowers but ending the the strawberries was a great idea. I went right to the fridge and selected a couple large ones to eat.

  3. Yay, the Farmer's Market! I love this series :) There was one you painted with a beautiful scale with an enamel bowl? and I remember it still! :)

    1. Thanks for remembering that one. I was on a roll!
      At the moment I am cleaning my home studio. It is huge so junk collects easily. I am getting ready to paint a marathon binge - no classes until August! yea!
      You are being so creative Leesa. I marvel at the results.

  4. We love those watermelons! The patterns and the green and red all together.

    So glad the workshop was successful. I knew it would be. Sounds like everyone came away with something:)

    Hope all is well!

    1. Thanks, Libby. I love the way you are always so supportive.
      Yes - the workshop was actually very special. for me. The group gelled quickly and we got a lot accomplished. It was FUN!
      Just like your title made me grin when I saw it. Another neat and interesting collage and I like the sanding effect very much.

  5. Julie, it's always so amazing to me how much you can "fit" into a small canvas. A mini-me would love to sit on your shoulder while you paint.

    1. One of the hardest things for me when I started to paint small for the "daily painting" was to make myself do more than just one item.
      I decided to learn to improve my design ability with trying to use the space the same way as I would for a larger painting.
      I discovered many things I would have not of known so it has been a good learning experience. Thanks for noticing.
      Your new painting of pears done with the palette knife has a freshness and colors which made me feel good looking at it.
      You are obviously very comfortable and good with the knife.

  6. Hi Julie, what a fun one. I love the watermelon stripes and the guys's shirt too, it just carries the eye up and through the painting.

    1. Thanks Carol. Happy you like it.
      I enjoyed seeing all the coloring books...isn't it great so many people are enjoying them? My mother would have loved them. She used to tell people the only things she could draw were here social security and her breath!

  7. Hi Julie,
    Just got back a couple weeks ago from class with Carol Marine. it was wonderful. I think my next class will be with you in a couple years. Just love everything you do from your fracturing technique to the bird's nests. This watermelon scene is a wonderful example. It would be a great stretch for me.

    1. It is SO good to hear from you, Lavon. I loved my class with Carol. What a fabulous and talented lady.
      You would be a delight to have in class. Oh, and by the way...
      the watermelon was a stretch for me too! I do not just whip these things out. This took several hours.
      Take care. hugs,

  8. Fantastic painting of these watermelons Julie! No surprise that it has been sold! I agree with Audrey in that I would love to be sitting on your shoulders while you were painting this piece! You're amazing my friend!

    1. Hi sweet Hilda...thank you, my friend. Always a kind word.
      Love your hats and they could not have been easy with all those ellipses.

  9. Those are some dandy watermelon, Julie. When I was a kid I used to think they were all the size of large pumpkins, or so it seemed. Watermelon and summertime go together like sunshine and picnics! I love the one that's cut apart for tasting!

    1. I never had watermelon until I came to this country. We had melons but nothing like these. I am not as crazy about them as my hubby is but i do enjoy painting them.
      I wonder what you are working on. We are both going to be in some very hot weather. lets hope it passes quickly.

  10. My first impression mirrors Audrey's comment: you fit so much into a small canvas! This is such a slice of life moment -- pun intended. The watermelons are rendered perfectly, and I like the repetition of stripes in the vendor's shirt. All the paintings I've seen from your Farmers' Market series have been completley delightful; no wonder they've been so well-received.

    1. Clever pun - I enjoyed it! The stripes were a deliberate choice. My son posed in a white T shirt and that was all that stood out. Had to get rid of that then I saw a little kid in the stripes...
      happy you like it.
      oranges for you and watermelon for me.
      One of the ladies in the workshop was from Toronto area. She was a blast. I thought of you.

  11. Reminds me I haven't actually had a watermelon since I've been here, the just look so small compared to what I am use to and too round lol
    glad your workshop went well, I'm sure the people in the class had a good time exploring

    1. I remember how small they are there. In fact I never had a watermelon when I lived all those years in England.
      I was admiring your sketch of nail clippers. Would like some like that so am going looking.

    2. if you are use to using the guillotine ones, you could just stick with them, I just find them odd to use and prefer the other type, easier to control

  12. I remember this painting well, I really love it and the market series. Happy to see it again! I really love the stripes in the mans shirt and how it builds up from the pattern of the fruit, love their hats. It is a beautiful composition.We have been eating the first watermelons of the season, summer is here...hooray!

    1. Hi Celia - I think the juxtaposition of stripes on melons and shirt running in the same direction gives the painting a bit of umph!
      Thanks for thumbs up.
      Your new floral really sings with color and I felt I could pick them up off the page. Lovely.

  13. Dear Julie just such a lovely painting using two complimentary and green-purple and yellow. Have always enjoyed your Farmer's Market series. Bet those watermelons are tasting very delicious. We haven't had one is on my grocery list now. Thanks for making me hungry for one. Hugs!

    1. You certainly know your color harmonies, Debbie. I was taught to always have a dominate (more of) a pinky painting, greeny painting...etc, so I get scared when my instincts take off to do their own thing. He had a white shirt on and it took over the whole painting, but I saw a little kid wearing a tshirt with the jailhouse stripes and just decided to make them run in the same direction as the melons. I really liked it.
      always good to hear from you , my friend. Enjoy the weekend.

  14. Glad you enjoyed the workshop! This is great...I have a watermelon sitting on my counter waiting for me to cut it.

    1. thanks, Joan. Yes, I did and I could tell everyone else did. Some are returning for my December one. Always a good sign.
      I enjoyed seeing your hot dog vendor sketch. I am a bit slow...I was looking for a dog... sheesh!


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