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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Lilac Bouquet

Lilac Bouquet
8 x 6 in oil on canvas panel $150.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note.
When I was cleaning my studio 
I found this painting I had started, 
and never finished due to the
 lilacs wilting pretty fast.
I enjoyed finishing it using 
mostly the palette knife
and fracturing tool
I really like the colors.

Thanks for all the supportive 
and understanding replies
to my previous post.
Lots of great insights and sharing.
It is reassuring to find
that a messy studio
appears to be part of the 
job description for a lot 
of creative types.

Finally it is all clean 
and organized and
I am ready to start a marathon
painting binge 
to get paintings done for my
solo show in November. 
Classes resume in August 
so I have to really immerse
 into my own world
 for this month.

I am going to stay off all
blogging and social media 
after this post. 
I will be back 
visiting you all at the 
end of the month.
 I know 
I will go through withdrawals...
and miss visiting all your blogs.

Maybe I will not be able to 
stick to it,
but have to try.
Enjoy your July - be safe!


  1. Julie, this is gorgeous!!! I hope you enjoy your month off social media and paint up a storm. Can't wait to see what you get done! I will miss seeing your posts.

  2. This is so PERFECT, and it is one of my favorite flowers!!!
    Have a well deserved break, Julie.
    Please enjoy your summer, too = )

  3. Very wonderful painting and so amazing colours !!!
    Happy summer days !!!

  4. Hi Julie :) Lovely Lilacs! A Solo show sounds very exciting, I hope we get to see lots of photos :) Enjoy your quiet time...:)

  5. Beautiful lilacs Julie. Happy painting! Can't wait to see your line up for the show. See you on the flip side!

  6. that is so pretty and the colours are perfect for the lilac :)

    good luck with your social media hiatus, can be hard to do for a month, but at the end you might not want to go bak to using it :)

  7. Happy 4th, Julie! Your lilacs are luscious!
    Have a great time being immersed. I wish you masses of inspiration, enormously productive, and completely "happy-Julie" days in your studio. I will miss your posts, but look forward to future gems. T.T.F.N.

  8. IT's understandable, been there but your kind and inspiring words will be missed.

  9. Your painting is lovely, Julie, and needed to be finished. I am enthralled with the front, right-hand lilac as the transitioning from one color to other colors is marvelous!

    Good luck with your few weeks of painting immersion. I'm sure your creative juices will flow and you'll have a striking body of work for the November show. Will be thinking of you as you deftly wield the brush and knife!

  10. Hello Julie,
    I love lilac so much and your painting of it is more than that. It shows much more of the lilac than the beautiful blossoms - it's kind of the soul of it...
    I can't explain that
    Enjoy your blog pause and the July, dear Julie!
    And I wish you all the best for your solo show in November

  11. Stunning lilacs! Totally understand the need to retreat from social media. It can take all your time and energy. See you when I see you.

  12. What a beautiful piece! Love the touch of yellow with the lilac. Have a fun and productive painting month! :-)

  13. These lilacs are beautifully painted. I love the colors and gorgeous texture with the knife! We will talk again next month ... Social media is taking me away from my ufamily , my husband!!!! I wanted to do the same thing and just stay away for awhile..can I do it ? It's certainly worth the try. Enjoy your time away! ❤️

  14. Gorgeous! I love the colors and the flowers!! It is great to get off of social media, something we should all be doing. I will be looking forward to see your paintings!! Congratulations on your clean studio...happy painting!

  15. Dear Julie this is so beautiful. Just looking at them I can smell their lovely fragrance. Will miss you but so understand why you must be absent for a bit. Wishing you blessings on all your painting endeavors. Hugs!


  16. The picture looks amazing , a true masterpiece .

  17. Hi Julie it's Beautiful painting. Loved it.!! Best wishes

  18. This is one of the nicest lilac bouquet I have seen in a long time. Happy painting Julie! :)

  19. Good luck and happy painting. We all need to do what we need to do. Lovely lilacs.

  20. Did some catching up. You have been busy. I was reading about the droop problem with peonies and thought of those 'wide straws' florists use for Gerbera daisies. Perhaps they are wide enough for a peony stem? The lilacs are memorable, not a candidate for tarring.

  21. Beautiful, you are an inspiration. You make me want to organize my studio. Thank you for sharing your talent and your world.

  22. Oi! Enough's enough ... when are we going to see all these paintings for your show?
    I clean my studio once a year ... if it needs it or not :)


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