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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Blue Bow!

Blue Bow  
18"x24" oil on canvas SOLD

Artist Note
I am so busy dealing
with all the stuff
that goes along with 
selling a house,
 plus working,
that I have not been
 able to get around
to visit the blogs I love so much.
If you have not seen any comments then
please know, I will be back !!

My daughter is posting older
paintings of mine
 on Instagram and Facebook
 just to keep
the flow going.

This one was painted back when
I accepted commissions.
A friend's boyfriend surprised her
with this bouquet...
tucked inside the bow 
was an engagement ring!


  1. Hi Julie, this is so beautiful. I hope things are coming together for you with the move. Remember to take care of yourself too.
    Thinking of you,

  2. What a super painting, Julie. The freesias are beautifully rendered and the ribbon shines so realistically I can feel it. Wonderful textures throughout, How good you are! Hang on in there with the move. I don't envy you. Soon be done, though...

  3. The ribbon! Stunning work, as usual, Julie.

  4. What a grand idea to commission a painting of a super special bouquet.
    You did it great justice! Where do you get the energy to do all you do?

  5. Continued good luck with your move. This is a beautiful painting Julie.

  6. What a fantastic idea your client had. I'm sure it will be very special for her all her life. You painted it beautifully.

    Hang in there, Julie, with the house move. It DOES end eventually, and you'll be so pleased to be in your new home.

  7. What a gorgeous painting friend. I know you must be covered over with everything. Know that you are in my heart and keeping you in prayers. xo xo

  8. I'm surprised you have time to do anything but try to catch 5 minutes to breath, moving is pretty busy!

  9. Beautiful sweet painting! Don't know how you're keeping all the balls in the air! Keep breathing!

  10. Very beautiful bouquet and so nice oil painting !!!

  11. What a sweet memory!! I hope everything goes without a hitch!

  12. I love this painting Julie! The blue bow is amazing as well as the transparency of the paper!!!! A winner!!!!

  13. The painting is gorgeous , and love the idea of the engagement ring :-))

  14. Love seeing some of your beautiful work that I hadn't seen before. What a great story to go with the painting.

  15. You shared a lovely story and a beautiful painting Julie, the ribbons shine like satin!

  16. A truly different and beautiful painting!


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