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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Blessings Are Everywhere.

Blessings Are Everywhere

watercolor on Yupo

First, let me wish you all 
a grateful and peaceful
Every 7 years it falls on my birthday
and this year is THE one.
My daughter will be doing the cooking!

Artist Note
I painted this one in the car going
to and from the dentist. 
A trip of an hour each way.
It was almost finished 
by the time I got home
(as you can see in the car photo.)

I spent another hour tweaking it
in the studio. 
I really, really like it,
partially because it is 
totally from my imagination.
Pulling on my memory of shapes
and movement of the birds, etc

It is larger than 
my usual daily paintings 
and when matted and framed
I hope it will continue to please me.

to start...
I deliberately used a staining blue
and took it right across
the page and then lifted it off leaving 
a light blue foundation.
Next, using a big brush I 
placed puddles of 
yellow pale
transparent orange oxide 
and transparent brown oxide
then fractured into them.
I lifted off the shaped of the birds 
with a paper towel and water.
I then began the details...
the fun part, but also what takes
the longest and is the most absorbing
with all the decisions to be made.


  1. Of course this would be a special day two fold. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday to one of my very favorite artists. Love this painting.

    1. Thanks, Blanche for such a lovely comment....from a lovely friend.

  2. I can't believe you're 36 already!! Happy Birthday (& Thanksgiving)

    Love the painting, it takes me back to your exhibition pieces in the same theme

    1. Avian subject matter is close to my heart, John, and when I want to paint to please myself, that is my go-to place.
      I was totally delighted to read your latest post. it was like War and Peace- long and GOOD!

  3. Well, Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving Julie! I am thankful for your friendship. How wonderful that your daughter is doing the cooking, too. You are so fortunate to have a you can paint while traveling. Your birds are lovely and I really like how the fracturing makes it look like it's raining (to me anyway), I like the atmosphere and thought of the parents protecting the babies in the nest on a rainy day. I think it is rare the both parents are around the nest at the same time especially if the little ones are clamoring for food. Blessings!

  4. Happy birthday and Thanksgiving, Julie. I love the painting, and thanks so much for the technical notes. I haven't tried Yupo yet, but I really must as yours inspire me. I'm trying gesso on board with watercolour at the moment and that gives some interesting textures and effects too.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you. This is incredible. You dedicated souls who paint in the car are amazing.

  6. I forgot to say Happy Birthday. Happy Thanksgiving Birthday!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Julie!! And of course Happy Birthday!!! This is an amazing piece....maybe I should start painting in a moving car!!! Lol. Sending hugs !!!!!

  8. I love your work, and this painting especially. Happy birthday and happy Thanksgiving.

  9. lovely piece. LOL, would this be plein air even tho from your mind?! heheh

  10. You have an amazing imagination, this is gorgeous! I love seeing the picture of your work in progress in the car. Great use of your time! It will be an extra special celebration, may your blessings be multiplied!Happy Birthday and Thanksgiving!

  11. I love it too! Watercolor on Yupo has such an intense and luminous look in your talented hands. We share a birthday, but I never noticed it came round on Thanksgiving every 7 years, so thank you for that bit of info!

  12. You are amazing not only do you paint a fabulous painting you do it in the car! I would be sicker than a dog. My brain won't let me do other things in the car. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday & Happy Thanksgiving!!! I love seeing your painting setup for the car. I only get to paint when the car isn't moving since I do 99% of the driving. Your textures are so amazing!!! I have such a hard time getting paint to do anything I want on the yupo paper, but you manage beautiful colors, brush strokes, fracturing, and such wonderful detail. I will have to sit and study this painting for a while. Enjoy the big day tomorrow.

  14. You have an incredibly good memory, just stunning work ! And wishing you a Happy Birthday and Thanksgiving !

  15. Julie, you never fail to amaze! What a stunning painting, and the fact that you composed it in your head, and painted it in the car......I have no words! Well, I do have one word...BRAVO!!

  16. What an over-achiever! Painting while going to the dentist; I never!!

    It's a lovely painting. Happy Thanksgiving, and happiest birthday, lovely lady.

  17. happy birthday and happy thanksgiving :) have a great day!

    lots of great different textures in the painting :)

  18. HOpe your Thanksgiving was a lovely one Julie! This is such a fabulous painting!!! Thanks for describing the process you followed. It's been about 20 years since I tried anything on YUPO, ...but I think it's time I gave it another shot- that looks & sounds so fascinating!!!

  19. Happy Birthday. Lovely painting. Best to your driver!

  20. Happy birthday a little late. Hope it was great. Wow to think you painted this gorgeous work in the car just amazes me and with watercolor and Yupo paper. Just love it. Goes to show that the things we treasure can just be brought to life from our imagination. Beautiful! Have a super weekend. Hugs!

  21. Incredible, Julie! Your mastery of Yupo is just stunning. I just love all the textures. Very intricate and a beautiful weaving together of shapes!

  22. Happy Birthday! and Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with everyone spoiling you like crazy. Beautiful painting and I love the car set-up

  23. Happy birthday! This is an amazing piece. Maybe a reward for having to go to the dentist.

  24. This is so beautiful. I want to try yupo paper, and you have given me inspiration to do it.


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