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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Bosque Del Apache, NM. Sunrise

Bosque Sunrise 
8"x 8" oil on canvas panel $200.
Purchase HERE

Artist Note
I finally had time to paint this 
amazing sunrise view
from my visit to the Bosque in the Fall.
(If you look carefully at this
on the early morning of the 25th 
you will see the Santa's sleigh 
going across the light!!)

I held my annual December 
Fracturing Technique Workshop
and it was a pure delight for me
 due to a very compatible  
and also
 a talented group of artists 
who were willing to push themselves
into new territory.
Thank you all for honoring me 
with your painting trust.

Now it is MY time to paint 
before the new classes start in January.
 I have a Do Not Disturb sign on
my studio door.
 My friends are honoring it!

We have been blessed with 
not selling the house yet 
and so my kids & families 
are coming in for one last 
holiday blast in the home we all love.

Wishing every one of you who 
follow this blog, a wonderful
Christmastime of Love, Peace, and Hope.

May our fine military forces,
the first responders everywhere
and  especially the amazing firefighters 
in California
get to be home or at least be able to 
skype/facetime their loved ones
for the holidays.

I will be back before 
the New Year.


  1. Truly glorious, Julie! The intensity of this amazing sunrise takes my breath away. Those little areas of warmth in the foreground just link everything together.

    How nice you get to have one more Christmas with your family in what has been your home for a long time. A lovely, nostalgic endeavor. Merry Christmas to you all!

    1. We both share brilliant sunrises, dont we? both NM
      And AZ. It's our shared good luck.
      There were forest fires around so that made it even more dramatic.
      Thank you for the Christmas wishes. You obviously understand and nostalgic endeavor is perfectly put.
      Merry merry my friend. Thank you for the wonderful posts you did this year.

  2. Wow! What a spectacular painting! The actual sunrise was sure to have provided a wonderful experience for you, Julie.
    How great for you to be able to share one last Christmas in a home filled with so much love over the years. It is sure to include a trip down memory lane for all! Merry Christmas to you, Julie, and wishing you very blessed and safe holiday with your family and friends.
    Good to remember those who serve and those who will not be home for Christmas. I will keep them in my prayers.

    1. So good to hear you like it, Chris. A lot of folk do not realize we can get this brilliant a sky here. No moisture to mellow it out.
      Sending you and those you love, warmest wishes for the most beautiful and peaceful Christmases EVAH!
      Your Fabulous painting of the Zebra knocked my socks off!

  3. Your N.M. sunrise is dazzling, Julie!

    All the best to you and yours for Christmas and the year ahead. Here's to health, happiness, and lots of art adventures.

    Warmest wishes from your northern chum...hugs with mittens😊

    1. How nice to hear from you, Helene. My lovely and talented northern chum...with mittens! LOL
      You are lways fun.
      I return the Christmas wishes, twofold.
      Wish we could snjoy an eggnog together.
      Missed your posts. Hope you will be back up and running in thr new year.
      Hugs without mittens😘

  4. Bonjour chère Julie,

    Une peinture impressionnante et fascinante comme le sont ces cieux qui nous offrent parfois des spectacles incroyables ! Avec cette peinture vous m'avez apportée du rêve...
    Des couleurs énergisantes et tellement vibrantes.

    "Chaque jour est unique, chaque année est une promesse de joies et de découvertes.
    Que 2018 soit pour vous une année spéciale, que des milliers de petites joies viennent embellir votre vie. »

    Gros bisous et joyeuses fêtes ❄️❄️ ☃️☃️ ❄️❄️

    1. Sending warm gratitude for your lovely comment. I see we both enjoy color, Martine. I return the same wishes for 2018. Thank you for the year of wonderful posts on your blog. I look forward to the new one.

  5. Beautiful! You captured it!❤️ (Lindy)

  6. Magnificent painting sweet friend. You are such a blessing to all of us who visit here. Wishing the best Christmas ever and a blessed New Year. Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much, Debbie. What s beautiful comment.
      Christmas is such a blessing. A time for families and friends to be together to celebrate the meaning and joy of it.
      Thank you for a wonderful year of inspirational posts and i look forward to 2018.

  7. Merry Christmas - Happy New Year and Happy Painting Julie!

    1. Merry Christmas to you, too, Teri.
      I enjoyed seeing your post on the challenge.

  8. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year, Julie! Your sunrise painting is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, Carol. Wishing you a very special Christmas full of love and peace.
      I enjoyed seeing your sucess with the diet - thanks for sharing your hints and recipes. Helps me.

  9. have a good xmas! :) my sign for the studio would say Do Not Disturb, I have a lot of sharp pencils and am not afrid to use them :p

    1. Still laughing at "sharp pencils. " You are funny!
      It shows in your new work, Drunk Dragons. Love it!
      Wishing you a lovely Christmas and i look forward to enjoying your posts in 2018.

  10. Gorgeous sky! I love it. How great that your family will be able to spend another Christmas in the house. I know "sales wise" it isn't that great, but traditions make the holidays so much more special. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

    1. Hi Joan, thanks for the nice complement.
      It is great to enjoy one more Christmas. Every day is a gift. We have not got an opening where we are moving to so we are very happy the house has not sold yet. My classes are finished so i am enjoying painting.
      Merry Christmas to you, dear Joan, and thank you for s year of great posts. I happily look forward to another year.

  11. What a gorgeous sunrise Julie. Every time I travel out west I see beautiful captured it beautifully on canvas.... Merry Christmas dear friend. Until next year!!!

    1. It is nice you have seen them for yourself, Hilda.
      Happy you like it.
      May your Christmas be full of wonderful Blessings for you and your family. Look forward to continuing this art journey together.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous Julie! All my fav colors and subject! I’ll be watching closely for that sleigh! Have a wonderful Christmas! I promise not to knock on your studio door and disturb you, though I wish I could!

    1. LOL... i would open the door for you, Sharon.
      Yes, thank you. Christmas will be wonderful for both of us.
      Looking forward to 2018 and all the great posts you will continue doing.

  13. Oh my....this is so beautiful. I am so inspired by your art and vision as a painter! Merry Christmas!


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