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Tuesday, February 13, 2018



Artist Note

Happy Valentine's Day to YOU

...and my wonderful,
amazing New Mexico. It is not called
The Land Of Enchantment for nothing.
I love it and am grateful I found it...
or it found me!

Lots of sorting out and making floor plans.
I feel like an architect! 
We are being professionally moved.
Downsizing sounds easy
but we have to make sure 
everything fits
and accessories like 
lamps and paintings
have a home.
we will have to pay to move
what doesn't fit - out.

Enjoy your day.
If you don't have a Valentine
please remember
the most 
precious one of all is YOU!


  1. This is such a wonderful painting. Although I first saw the petals my interest was held by the leaves - such gorgeous shapes and colours. Similarly, the tassels on the table cloth are fascinating.

    Hope the move is still working out.

    PS I turned the boat, single-handed, with ease!

    1. Thanks John. The leaves held my interest. Mostly packed. Move Monday.
      Paint a couple of accent areas today.
      Was impressed - very impressed by your successful boat turn.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, dear Julie. Remember, as you downsize, minimalism can be very freeing.............. Much love!

    1. You are very encouraging and appreciated.
      I have downsized once before and loved it but i was thirty years younger!!
      Yes, Minimalism i love but
      I have meaningful things given to me by our children i find i do not want to part with... plus the books!! They are taking some back.
      Clothes are easy to part with for sure. I have made a floor plan and all is good.
      Big hugs back.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Bruce. I have painted this shawl many times. Much easier to do realistically than this way.

  4. Right there with you in the downsizing process so, Happy Valentines day to one of my favorite people/artists. Love this painting Julie.

  5. Gorgeous painting Julie! Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

    1. Hope you enjoyed yours. We certainly did.
      Life is exciting.
      Loved your new portrait.

  6. Happy Valentine's day :)

    professionally getting moved sounds like less stress until you realize you have a size limit :/

    1. Ha ha... you are so right. I have been
      lying here in bed - too early to get up and disturb hubby - with my mind going non stop
      Putting everything mentally in its place.
      Hope all is well with you. 👍

  7. I'm in the same boat as far as downsizing but we won't be moving for at least a year. Happy Valentines Day to you. Love the rose.

    1. It will be a bigger change for you than me because you have land too.
      Your Friday focus on Chagall is fabulous. Thank you for taking the time.
      I hope other artists will enjoy it as much as i did.

  8. This is so beautifully painted and a definite favorite!!! It's breathtaking!!!!

    1. Thanks dear Hikda. I thought the same with your new portrait. Breathtaking. Just up your alley with exotic head pieces and oh those great cheekbones!! You are fully recovered / i can tell.

  9. What a rich and poetic work Julie!

  10. Thank you i was aiming for the poetic side of love.
    Hope all is well in your world and look forward to seeing your next painting.

  11. It sounds very familiar! We have moved in and in spite of all we left behind, I think a little more giving away is in order. It has taken me two weeks of unpacking and organizing, but finally, yesterday, we felt we were truly in our home. I will know the move is complete, on the day I begin to paint again. Hope your move goes smoothly, Julie. Trust me, sleep will return!

  12. So pretty and glowing!!! Hope your Valentine's Day was great!

  13. Very pretty and I really like the sculptured effect. It has the look of being carved out of the dark.... just lovely! Hope you are also carving out the perfect space(s) in your new place.


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