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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Desert Pods

Desert Pods

20x20in   oil on canvas   $1200. ( in gallery)

Not a typical Julie piece but one Julie likes!

Celebrating my first large painting using
the fracturing technique.

This is a contemporary viewpoint of  Yucca Pods
from right outside my studio door.
The background suggests the summer rain
which can come down in sheets during our monsoon season.
The distant hills have some tiny areas of pure turquoise paint
on them to represent New Mexico's extensive use
of the stone and color.

Artist Note.

I have had several blogging requests to see this painting and I thank
them all for their interest.

One of the really nice things about the blogging world is the
friendships formed  and encouragement offered. I have grown
much more accepting and less critical of my own work because of this.

Yucca Pods is in an invitational show in Mesilla, NM.
The opening night was fabulous with over 20 artists participating,
many with several pieces in the show. It is a sign of the times
that there were very few sales (3) but it was packed with people and hard
to see the work. I know others like myself will be going back to view
in a less crowded environment.

Here is photo of the pods for
those who have no idea
what they look like.
In the spring when they
bloom they have beautiful,
soft white petals which
turn a light green.
It continues to
amaze me that they harden
into these pods.

I first did some sketches
trying different formats.
I knew I wanted to
do a close up because
I am fascinated by the
shapes and details.

I also knew I wanted a
more contemporary
design and decided
on this square format.
The dark background
on one side is to
suggest the rainstorms
we have at this time
of year.

I do not have any steps of the painting process to show
as I didn't plan to show it on my blog.
Thanks again to all of you who were interested in seeing
the painting.

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  1. I love this one. The small details with blue peaking through against all those warm earthy colors. I am glad you showed it.
    Did you use the same tools that you use on the small ones or did you have a larger one?

    1. Thanks Roger - glad you asked about the tools. No, I did not use the same. I used a larger brush - 1 inch, and a larger knife. It took longer too.

  2. A flower interpreted in an unusual way ... ... a poetic content ,a great graphic impact, a sweet palette with magic contrasts...
    The beautiful preparation work that you publish an invitation for me to set more carefully at my work ... Thanks, Julie for sharing this!
    Your first "great "work with the fracturing is really great in every sense!

    1. Thank you, my dear Rita. Your words are always so beautiful to read.

  3. Julie, one of these days, maybe after Christmas, I am going to have to buy one of your paintings. I absolutely adore your fracturing technique and think every one of your paintings is just truly gorgeous. I love the way you handled the pods and the thoughts that went into your composition and into your palette.

    1. What a lovely comment and I thank you Crimson. You have some very caring bloggers on your latest post.

  4. Love this Julie and have just had a good wander through your blog, you are so prolific and when I look at your work I'm always happy to see such exuberant and confident use of colour. But here is a slightly limited palette, a large painting but still exciting and I love it! Bravo

    1. I never think of myself as prolific but I guess I am. I paint or draw every day, even when I do not post.
      thanks for the neat cpomment and may I pass on how much I love your work. Such a high standard.

  5. Dear Julie, I'm glad you posted your Desert pods; they are magnificent! I wish you all the success at the show, which you greatly deserve.
    Warm regards.

    1. You are kind and I appreciate it. I am eagerly waiting for your next blog.

  6. Julie, this is absolutely beautiful!! I love the color, composition and fact everything about it!

    1. Thanks Karen and I could repeat your words regarding the lovely poppies you painted on silk.

  7. Julie, This piece is so's majestic. The colors and the vibrancy in those earth tones contrasted with the blues and aquas really pop. I am always very interested to see the original picture and your thought process to arrive at the final rendition. Thanks for sharing this piece with us. Good luck in your show. I know you will do well.

    1. Thank you so much for those wonderful comments, Maria.
      I enjoyed the splash of lovely colors with your flowers.

  8. SO beautiful, Julie!!! and the reference so close to home!!

    1. Thanks Hilda - very close to home -yes!
      I usually paint from life and the life cycle of the yucca has fascinated me since I moved here.

  9. Beautiful! Love the colors and size!

    1. Thank you, Pam. Loved the color study you posted.

  10. Thanks for sharing this one - hope to attend one of your demos some day.

    1. I would love to see you at one of my demos, Roseanne. Anytime!

  11. I like the format you came up with for this painting, which is brilliant. Really like this fracturing technique, it looks difficult.

    1. Oooh...the word brilliant is rather nice. I think I will treasure that except I know it has a different meaning in Britain to here. My nephews used it a lot when I last saw them.
      I struggled to make a go of the riddle on your blog. Can't wait to find out what it is.

  12. Replies
    1. Thanks Myra. Your work is ALWAYS fantastic.

  13. Julie, anything I could say would seem repetitious. My first thought on seeing the work in it's largest form on my computer was that, in my humble opinion, fracturing worked for you in the very best way in this larger size. It is so subtle and yet so powerful here. Subtle and powerful are not easy to do together. The little bits of stronger color just make the work sparkle. And a big thank you for the process pictures. We all need to draw more or prepare more and your process makes me resolve to do so.

    1. this is a wonderful comment and I do thank you, Helen. I hope you do try working out your design first.
      I would not dream of starting a larger piece without doing some small sketches. I even did a color study too.
      Goes back to my illustration days.

  14. The colors in this are beautiful!!!!! I love it Julie! Bet it's even better in person too! I love how you can try something so different and do such an incredible job with it! Your talent is so huge!

  15. There is really such a lot going on with those pods isn't there? And you wouldn't think so at first glance. Nature can be very intricate and simple all at once. Great composition and I love the colors that you sneaked into those pods:)


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