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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Farmers Market #9

Farmers Market #9
Hats next to the Celery!

6x8in oil on canvas panel   $125. SOLD

Only at a farmers market can you find hats and celery being
sold side by side.
The eternal appeal of hats obviously captured this young lady's
attention even though she is laden down with stuff.

Artist Note.
Lots going on?  Busy? Yes. I wanted it all. And why not, indeed.
It could be worse. I could have placed a hat on the young lady's head!
I really enjoyed the discovery in this one. It took about five engrossing
hours for this little piece of frustration to be completed.
Lots of, "off with its head" moments. Each one a lesson and I enjoyed it.
(At least it was not on video for everyone to see.)
Your eye should go to the light hat with red band and orange one first.
They are then linked to the young lady and her striped shirt.
If your eye goes to her first then the reverse in will happen. Either way
your eye will travel round the painting. (It was like
a repeat of my dilemma in FM #3 - scale or figure.) Her cast shadow
onto the hats in front completes an angle to  lead back in.
I balanced the bright colors of the hats on the right with her purse.

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  1. I have so enjoyed your this marketplace series of paintings. They are so full of life, color and energy. A nice balance to your beautiful still lifes.

  2. I didn't know that you can eat hats, one never stop learning(kidding).
    Lovely painting and reading your intention regarding the composition is very educational.
    I think the things you did helps the painting without being "in your face". There is a lot going on and the structure really lead the eyes around in a good way. Rules can sometimes make things to predictable, this isn't the case with this gem.

  3. Wow, this is a fun one. All the beautiful colors. And yes, we just keep traveling around the painting.Great subject and I will look again. Lots going on. thanks, Julie.

  4. Great visual excitement handled beautifully, Julie!!
    Plus, I value your thoughts on these paintings .....I can't stay away from instruction like this!

  5. Colorful? Yes. Busy? You bet! Could I leave this painting? Not by a long shot, I keep going from one delightful thing back to another. Love this scene Julie. Well done.

  6. Lots of color and basically a beautiful scene, Julie. I love the light hitting this lady and the hats. A wonderful painting...So much to see...!!

  7. Marvelous series Julie- I like all the angles that have my eye roving around the scene.

  8. Fabulously busy Julie. I think my eyes searched for celery from the very start so not really sure where my site landed right at first. But I do love that striped t-shirt and divine purse she carries. Beautiful summery painting.

  9. I love hats and I especially love her purse! I probably do not spend enough time thinking about what I am doing when I paint. LOL I just paint what I'm in the mood for at any given moment.

  10. Your farmers market paintings are simply the best.

  11. Julie, marvelous painting to set and look at for sometime. My eye was caught 1st by the orange hat, but then I moved right on to the magenta hats. The shapes caught me. The striped shirt is divine. The little figure peering around the corner in the background is wonderful humor as well. Also like the dash of teal center-top next to the sign. Just a wonderful piece. Well worth your 5 hours!

  12. Dear Julie - this is captivating - how can one resist such lovely hats. My eye follows your the way you did balance the color scheme with her purse. You teach so much when you share why you paint the shadows the way you do and where you want the eye to go. Beautiful - thank you always for being so generous in your art and thought process.

  13. A wonderful painting--- Five hours! GEEZ! You were definitely rewarded for staying with it. I love the whole scene

  14. Another great one Julie! My eye did travel from the white hat too. The market place is always busy, but I think this has a certain relaxed feeling about it with the girl browsing at the hats..I love it. I have a few 5 hour pieces here as well!!

  15. This is so fun and I love the insight you gave about the composition. This series has been so wonderful especially since we are farmer's marketers also. It feels perfect


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