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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Farmers Market #13

Farmers Market #12

5x7 watercolor on acid free paper   Not for sale

Artist Note.
Here is a more traditional approach to painting the garlic. traditional as I can get anymore. A bit of fracturing
slipped in.
In this piece I used three opaque watercolors
along with the transparent colors.
Cerulean Blue, Yellow Ochre and some Chinese White.
I love a touch of opaque paint to contrast next to the
glow of transparent color. An artist who used this to
great effect was J.M.W. Turner click to see his work.
I have been known to tear up in front of his paintings.
He belonged to the Romantic School and was a forerunner
of Impressionism. I marvel at his watercolors and he used the
Chinese White... so if it was good enough for Turner....

Holding on to this for a while to see what I think of it
after a week.

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  1. love it Julie, as always! You make me want to try oils - I think I've said this before that if I were to ever paint in oils I'd like to paint like you!

  2. The mystery of the background plays so well with the more realistic garlic. It's a lovely contrast......and very nice composition.

  3. I love your latest series! The last two watercolors are stunning. Your fracturing technique makes these paintings come alive.

  4. You make even garlic look romantic, Julie. Who knew? Off to check out Turner's work.

  5. That's a nice composition. I like the tips of the garlic especially; their movement and direction. Nice subtle marks on the background also.

    I have seen some work lately with watercolors where the artist used Chinese white to do the highlights. It's effective I think and as you said, if it is good enough for Turner...:)

  6. Always love seeing your oils and now the watercolors too! And funny that your fracturing keeps sneaking in there- I love it- fabulous interest to paintings! I am off the check out Turner too! Thanks for always sharing so generously:)

  7. A beautiful piece, Julie! I love all those lavenders, pinks and blues in the garlic!! It all shows up so well with the dark background...Wonderful work!
    Thank you for sharing Turner's AMAZING work with us. I enjoyed looking through each one...what a treat!

  8. I love that you took this beyond "traditional watercolor." The background is fantastic. Absolutely beautiful.

  9. It's gorgeous! Perfect blend of techniques. Mysterious and sophisticated.

  10. Julie, Love Turner! My fav style is impressionist and he really got the ball started with his romantic pieces. Your garlic series is amazing!
    luv, Lavon

  11. Oh my...watercolor too? Is there nothing you can't do!?? I love it--the white really gives it that extra snap

  12. This is beautiful and makes me either want to paint or cook. Not sure which.


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