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Friday, August 2, 2013

Farmers Market #14

Farmers Market #14

8x6in oil on canvas $125,

Oh does rain during the summer in California.
Life goes on, but the market was not as busy as the
previous sunny weekend..
Fully loaded, this lady was waiting for her ride, but
could not place her bags on the ground.
When I asked if I could sketch her she told me
her hubby was on his way and she would be gone
any moment. Wrong. She was still there when I had
moved on...tapping her foot.
I would hate to be in his shoes when he finally made it!

Artist note.

We had two days where it rained a soaking drizzle.
It reminded me of the constant Manchester rain.
The market colors became quite different in this
type of light. This was a back-lit view without the warm sun
to highlight everything.
When the rain first started it cast a really blue/gray light,
but by the time I was at the market it turned a warm grey.
It was then I realized the sun would be coming out in a little
while. I have never noticed the subtle
differences in rainy skies before so I got quite excited.
Shows how long I have been in the dessert.
Our rain is usually the monsoon type with dark, dark skies.

Thanks for all the supportive comments on my watercolor
adventures. Classes started at the Guild on the first so it
has been a hectic time.
I will get back in the routines in no time.

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  1. I love all of those different shapes and versions of red! This is a nice one too. And yes, it does rain in CA in the summer. It's odd but it happens especially if you are near the coast or in the Sierras. The light is very different as you noted and makes the entire landscape so much more saturated in color (seems to me). Wonder what happened to the husband???LOL!

  2. You really captured the wetness so well, Julie. I love the reflections. I also see impatience in the stance of the figure! Well done!

  3. I love the rainy scene, Julie! Umbrellas are always a favorite and this painting is filled with lovely colors....Nice reflections on the wet ground...Wonderful work!!!

  4. I really like this one. I think I rest in the light area and can then enjoy the other areas. Whatever the reason, this one is special for me!

  5. Really enjoying the market series. Love the yellow raincoat and pink umbrella. She even looks impatient!

  6. Michael told me that subdued skies are the best for photograph taking and are what make the colors pop. I've not a clue but I sure do love the gray skies. I wouldn't want to be in that guy's shoes either. But you did get a great piece of art out of his dalliance!

  7. Oh wow, the colors in this piece are wonderful. The light is perfect for the rainy day. Fracturing not only created a sense of abstraction, it also enhanced the rainy effect.

  8. I could really feel the rainy and muted atmosphere here Julie. I enjoy how you explore so many different topics.

  9. Her jacket under the umbrella looks very wet, and the watermelons under the canopy are covered with that magic, misty wet blanket...

  10. It is too hot right now to get anything done, but took time to check things out. Lovely painting as usual. I like how you are experimenting with watercolors and fracturing. It looks great. I love how you are creating negative and positive spaces in this one, and how the theme make a color blocking effect.

  11. You get so much information on these small canvases---but not too much, just right! It is a delight to see such variety of colors and shapes. Your paintings always tell a great story.

  12. I really like the composition of this one and the ratio of color to white. You've captured her body language—she does look impatient!

  13. Such a lovely colorful piece. I have been loving your market series. I always feel as if I'm right there in the middle of things with you, and they bring back such sweet memories of simple times. I'm also a huge rain-lover, have been from day 1 when I was born in New Orleans where it rained constantly. Nearly every day that it rains here, I call my English friend Jayne and we rejoice in the nasty weather! I can feel the wet weather come through in this piece, and it makes me happy!


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