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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Watercolor Weekend - Santa Fe Trip

Santa Fe House

6x8in watercolor on acid free paper  Not for sale

We enjoyed a lovely trip to see a friend from Portland, OR
who was visiting Santa Fe  for the Indian Market.
We stayed with a couple of dear friends who treated us
like royalty. Bliss. They have a new and stunning Standard Poodle.
Meet Master Dash. I had so much fun playing with him.
May he have a long and happy life.

Artist Note
Still continuing my exploration into my fracturing technique
with watercolor.
I was thrilled to find Strathmore has a mixed media pad which
I tried out over the weekend and
was pleased with the colors staying pretty true and it can
take some lifting and scrubbing. I have shown the pad with
some of the paintings I did using it, in the photo below.

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  1. these are sooo beautiful! i didn't know the first painting was a watercolor until you told me!

    1. Great to hear from you Myra. Moving is such a time thief to keep us from our painting. Enjoying seeing your posts again.

  2. Beautiful work as always, Julie - and your trip sounds fantastic, including the playtime with Mister Dash!

  3. As it is fascinating to see the watercolor transformed according to the fracturing in your hands! Your style remains unchanged and the medium follows you, gently. Wonderful!

  4. You got such depth with this one Julie. It is beautifully done. Makes me smile..........

  5. Love your watercolours. I think you've already got the hang of fracturing in that medium!

  6. I love this watercolor, lovely feeling about it!!

  7. Gorgeous paintings Julie. I see blue doors (my fave). I was so happy when I saw your new post was up...yay, Julie's back!

    I love poodles. My childhood dog was a black toy poodle named Muttley. Adored that dog. I have a golden retriever now and when he was going through his obedience training he always growled and lunged at a black poodle that was also in the looked like your friend's dog. The trainer made me laugh when she tried to explain that my dog probably thought the poodle's upright tail was "obnoxious". We later realized he reacted to ALL black dogs this way. Go figure.

    I have that same mixed media paper! I love to paint with oils on it! It holds up very nicely.

    Welcome back. Glad you had a nice time.

  8. Beautiful work Julie! I love the painting of the blue door too!

  9. That house looks lovely! And it is easy for me to confuse the Standard Poodle with the Irish Water Spaniel looking at this face. What a cutie!!

  10. The watercolor turned out beautifully. Love the poodle too:)

  11. So glad you had a good time and what a handsome doggie:)

    Thanks for the mention of the paper. I am always on the lookout for surfaces to paint on. I'll have to look and see if maybe they have it in a hot press surface.

    The above piece is lovely. I like very much that your style comes through regardless of media:)

  12. Julie, your paintings are beautiful, as always. I hope you enjoyed your Santa Fe trip!

  13. Julie - what a beautiful place and such a gorgeous painting...looks like you have made a new friend too. Take care and have a great day.

  14. Beautiful colors, Julie. So rich and lively.

  15. Beautiful painting....and I like that dog too!!

  16. Beautiful watercolor, Julie!! Wonderful colors.. and you deserve to be treated like Royalty! Glad you had a good time!!

  17. Love the photo of Mr. Dash and every painting here is a winner Julie. Love seeing you explore.


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