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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Crabapple Study

Crabapple Study

6x6in oil on canvas board  $100.

I have been told that crabapples make a wonderful jam.
I wonder why the name 'crab" apple. Anyone know?

Artist note.

After painting these in watercolor it felt weird to use oil paint.
A good weird though as it shakes me out of any comfort zone
I may be feeling..
I tried for similar colors as in the watercolor, but look how
different they appear. I guess I will be going back and forth
in my quest to achieve a cohesive style between the two mediums.
Almost completed another oil crabapple in a rectangular format.
I also finished another farmers market. Love doing those and still
have more to do, but these gorgeous branches came along...
A pat on Julie's back for productivity!

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  1. Pat, pat, pat. You did great! I love the riot of colors. It becomes a lively and fun painting.

  2. Hi Julie,
    Very wonderful painting with amazing colors, your technique is beautiful and I always love seeing your paintings !!!
    Have a nice day !!!

  3. I love seeing the same subject in both mediums, you make it look so simple!

  4. Pat pat from me too! I love the natural glow of oils used in the hands of a skilled artist. But watercolors are my love, I have to admit. Still, I love all good art and your art is superb.

  5. Agree with Helen!! Gorgeous rich the composition too!!

  6. I really like both of them. And a big pat on the back for you! Very productive:)

  7. Both mediums are fantastic, Julie!!...and you work so beautifully with both! I LOVE the vibrant colors in the oil paintings..

  8. Your blog is such a treat to visit! I have been short on blog visiting time. Crazy about your garlic paintings. Love your style in watercolor as well as oil. These crab apples are just beautiful. Do not think I could pick a favorite. Want all of them!

  9. These crabapple are very transparent and bright, with the same grace of a watercolor. When I change medium, for example,when I use acrylics, I can not see the painting in the same way.
    It 's like a different person took the brush in my place.
    This double personality of painting irritates me and I would like to overcome it ... but I'm still very far. I hope you will soon find cohesive style between the two mediums you want.
    It 'also very constructive follow your way of dealing with this experience!
    Thanks Julie.

  10. oooooooooooo this looks fabulous! what lovely color ...and a great design! wow!

  11. Julie - whether you are painting in oils or watercolor you handle the paint so beautifully. Wonder if you will be making a watercolor fracturing video - if you do - let me know...I would certainly be interested in trying your technique. I have never painted with oils (maybe someday). Speaking of crab apples (I am told they are only good for jelly - not for anything else). That is the only real knowledge I have on them - except that in the hand of an artist they can be painted so stunningly! Have a beautiful week-end..

  12. Juli--According to Webster's New World College Dictionary, the "crab" in crab apple is related to the Middle English word crabbe, which means wild apple. The link among the apple, the crustacean, and the moody person is probably that the apple is sour, the crustacean can seem irritable, and the moody person is often both. e, regarding the name for crab apple:


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