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Monday, August 5, 2013

Watercolor Fracturing - Crabapples #2

 Crabapples #2

5x8  watercolor on acid free paper      Not for sale.

Continuing with the Crabapples.

Artist Note.
I am continuing with learning to use the fracturing technique in watercolor.
Tomorrow - back to oils. (looking forward to painting these with oils.)
Yesterday I posted a vignette style
and today I experimented putting in abstractly
some of the colors I saw around the container.
The dark area cements the design . That was an accident,
but I liked it and let it stay
I enjoyed the excellent comments about different watercolor paper yesterday.
Time to venture out maybe? I have been making do with what I have.

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  1. The dark spot is interesting.....and so necessary that the stem continues it.When I squint the pretty light green is what carries me around the painting. Nice experiment.

  2. Love the splatter--but your watercolour fracturing is as effective as it is with oils. It is such a great way to achieve cohesiveness throughout the composition.

  3. I always enjoy the look of transparency. Very nicely done. I especially like the square-ish/rectangular marks with their overlays of color. Very lovely.

  4. Watercolors have something to keep the the painter in a constant feeling of playfulness ...
    When the colors are on the palette, is typical of the watercolourist venture on a final painting, improvising a latest version ... The brush falls into a color that is not wanted ... but the watercolourist welcomes the challenge and enter this novelty in his work. I love this sense of playfulness and I see that you got caught. After these beautiful crabapple 1 and 2, I'm waiting for enlightenment on fracturing in watercolor from you!

  5. Thank you Rita for sharing with us all these wonderful paintings. I am so excited to follow your interesting art blog !!!

  6. Have to agree with your thoughts on why I was reminded of old time adverts and postcards with yesterday's piece. Today not so much. The fracturing works so beautifully with watercolor too. Who knew? And as far as being brave enough to post the blahs, I've been told I'm brutally honest. Probably the moreso when it comes to myself. LOL

  7. This is so beautiful! I love the abstract quality that comes through!

  8. Just brilliant! I guess you can fracture everything! :)

  9. The colors in this are like a wonderful old quilt and the paint splatters just sort of tie it all together like the thread that runs through. If you didn't tell us you were experimenting, we would never know it.

  10. You did a beautiful job with fracturing with watercolors, Julie.
    Gorgeous colors..

  11. I love the abstract feeling of this one and the fact that you push your limitations and go forward. You really are an inspiration. Hug! =)

  12. This is really beautiful. I am looking forward to the oil versions. Fracture it MORE! Take it it the next level! yahoo...8)

  13. Julie - this is beautiful...I love what you are doing with the watercolors. Those crab apples would look good in some jelly too (LOL). Have a great day.

  14. I would say that your experiment with watercolor fracturing is definitely a great success! This is wonderful and I, too, like that dark area very much!


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