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Monday, August 12, 2013

Watercolor Weekends - Sunflowers

Sunflower Study

8x6in watercolor on acid free paper. Not for sale.

Artist Note.

I had fun with this one. It was the quality of the paper I think.
Much easier to do the fracturing technique.
I used Strathmore 4ply Smooth paper.
(left over from my illustration days)
I remember Strathmore was my favorite brand.
Always consistent in quality. I also remember the awful
smell Arches brand used to make when I wet it.
Is it still like that?

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  1. I think the onions from yesterday and the sunflowers of today really show the wow factor of fracturing in watercolor! Wonderful!!

    However, I'm especially partial to the thick, juicy, gem like look of your oil strokes.

  2. Beautiful watercolors! We recognize that your signature at the graphics.

  3. This is a pretty one Julie and it matches the yellow cauliflower in the previous post. It would be hard to make cauliflower look like cauliflower. At least when you attempted it, it looked like a vegetable. If I tried to paint cauliflower it would look like either the sun or perhaps a Volkswagen Bug.

    My brother attended that golf tournament this weekend I believe.

  4. By jove, I think you've got it! Smiles.

  5. Beautiful flowers. I know because I spent the weekend trying to paint beautiful flowers. The process, the process.........
    I think the vertical lines created by the fracturing really enhance the painting.

  6. Dear Julie, your sunflowers are stunning, as were the onions.So natural fracturing seems to be on this Sthrathmore,almost unobtainable here.
    The Arches paper does not have a smell that bothers me, rather he (sometimes) a velvety texture and a particular color that is not easy for life of the painter.
    I do not love watercolors hairy!!!
    I often use Fabriano more willingly than Arches, for this reason, even if Fabriano is less resistant to certain processes.
    Have nice summer days painting!

  7. These sunflowers are gorgeous, Julie! Beautiful colors..Love the splash of purples and blues...!!

  8. gorgeous flowers---so happy! My brother in law was President of Strathmore for over 35 years. Are you impressed? Yeah, me too. You'd think I'd have a couple pallets of the paper in the :(

  9. I love these beautiful sunflowers with the very amazing yellow colour !!!
    Have a nice day !!!

  10. I think your two last watercolor paintings are wonderful. I think that you are on the right path, but remember to not replicate what you do in oil, let the medium lead you to great things. =)

  11. Your signature style has made it a very unique piece, so fresh and cheerful they look!

  12. I am loving following your process for fracturing in watercolor also! Talented girl you are:) Fun to see you discover and play in the paint! This painting is lovely!!

  13. Thanks so much for coming over to visit my blog. I enjoy the excitement of finding a new artist to follow and I'm going to put you under my links. I like the watercolor fracturing. I'm not sure how that is done, but I'm going to google it to find out. Lovely work!!!

  14. These are lovely! I think you will have more success with the fracturing in watercolor with the illustration board or a hot press paper, maybe even Yupo? The paint sits on the surface more with these papers. Of course you probably already know this. :-) Yes, Arches still stinks! Not in the sense it isn't good paper, I love to paint on it. But it does smell, like wet dirty dog to me. What we go through to create our art! LOL

  15. Julie - You may be calling this a sunflower study but I call it a painting for certain. Love your complimentary gorgeous. Hope you had a great week-end. Take care.

  16. Love the vertical fracturing lines in this beautiful sunflower! I would say you are on the right path to achieving what you want:)

  17. And, to answer your question, it still stinks when you wet it.


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