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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Watercolor Weekends - Red Onions

Red Onions
5x7 watercolor on acid free paper  Not for sale

I am going to be having Watercolor Weekends for a while.
I will be making my hubby happy as I can sit and paint
next to him while he watches the golf.

Artist Note.

Still not comfortable with fracturing in watercolor.
Trying a different paper tomorrow.- with sunflowers.

Another member of the Artists Guild - Ann Spier, brought
in these truly gorgeous, deep red onions. The outer skin has
almost an iridescent glow to them. Ann also brought in a yellow
cauliflower - see below.

Does anyone know what this type is called?
It is truly an amazing deep, rich yellow. I tried to paint it but
it never looked like a cauliflower.
 More like a yellow broccoli!

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  1. I love your style in watercolour and these red onions are very beautiful !!!
    Have a nice new week !!!

  2. Your watercolors are a delight! I love the colors and the technique you use. To me it looks perfect!

  3. Hi Julie, I really like your blog and I love your paintings. I'd only wish I could afford to purchase one. Maybe some day... The yellow cauliflower is a cultivar which is grown for its intense color. There are other colors too, like brown and a very bright purple.

  4. Good afternoon Julie, the Red Onions are better than you think! The fracturing is working and the painting is beautiful.

  5. Gorgeous painting, Julia. I find the deep reds in red onions very hard to paint, but this is a wonderful success.

  6. Your red onions are definitely glowing with the beautiful iridescence! Wow - really terrific, Julie!

  7. This is fantastic, Julie! The colors are so rich and beautiful.
    LOVE these onions..a great watercolor!

  8. Great job........especially the green stalks.....they are so life-life. And the onion skin is just right. So glad you had fun and kept hubby happy. It's a good thing!

  9. Your watercolour fracturing is just as good as your oils, believe me! Really lovely

  10. Wonderful rich colors in this Julie! I'm sure you will get the fracturing how you like it eventually. It looks great to me!! I don't think there is another name for the yellow cauliflower, I have never had one but have had a bright lime green one!

  11. I do love the color on the purple onions and sometimes buy the purple ones just because of the color myself. I've seen purple cauliflower before (on tv), but not yellow. Interesting. And as always, your painting turned out beautifully!

  12. Whatever you are doing with these watercolors is working on my end! This one looks absolutely luminous.

  13. Beautiful work, Julie. I am enjoying your watercolors, even though I don't always comment. You have put me in the mood to try some w/c myself. I am amazed that you can try the fracturing technique on w/c/ Very excited to see what you come up with.

  14. Beautiful painting, Julie! I love the subject , the colors and the technique - so very striking!!!

  15. The most transparent and jewel-like violet-wow. I love this and the exploration of your fracturing- yes, luminous!

  16. Looks like your cauliflower is an orange hybrid called "Cheddar". Lovely color.

  17. Yep, Cheddar Cauli. Those onions are YUMMY - what a great painting - I'm totally smitten with it! ;)

  18. Absolutely gorgeous! Love this painting!

    I saw yellow cauliflower in our grocery store for the first time just last week. I wonder if it has more vitamins than the white?


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