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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spectacular Cloud Formation.

Photo. Moon Rising over the Organ Mountains, Las Cruces, NM.

The Organ Mountain Range is quite large, and for me to see how
this cloud formation hovered over it was pretty well spectacular.
If you click the image to enlarge you will see the different layers
are full of warm and cool colors  

Artist Note.
I had several emails reporting that my previous post did not show
the comment area. Here I am thinking hardly anyone liked it!
Oh boy - it really does pay to take some happy pills!

The link did work to Sharon's blog though and that was important.
She was thrilled and I thank you  for visiting my blog today
Yes, I really do appreciate it.



  1. Very wonderful picture with very amazing sky and clouds !!!
    Have a nice day !!!

  2. Awesome view! I do love the shifts of warm and cool colors.

  3. That is spectacular! I love the wide-open-"spaceness" of your landscape too:)

  4. I agree with Celeste!! Wow!! And I do so love how the sunlight breaks into the top of the cloud formation.

  5. Wow! What a great photo. My goodness earth is pretty. Isn't it?

  6. It's one of those sights that you couldn't paint because people would say it didn't look real. Did you find out what weather was creating it? That circular pattern almost looks like the start of a funnel.

  7. Gosh Julie, that cloud mass is so spectacular that I fear if you tried to paint it and capture the absolute magnitude of it, it wouldn't even look real. What an amazing photo. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  8. gorgeous! I copied it to my computer slide show. I hope you are feeling more up to par than you were. If you go to my FB page I posted some pics my hubby took on Sat of the fog in Placitas. Have you ever seen a fogbow?

  9. Wow! This is totally incredible! How lucky were you to capture this in a photo!? So much power and beauty in that sky!

  10. Amazing photo! Looks like the Mother Ship is coming in! Thank you for sharing.


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