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Friday, March 14, 2014

The White Roof

The White Roof

8x6in oil on canvas board 125.

A northern New Mexico landscape in the fall.

Artist Note.
Playing it safe with a format I have used before.
At the moment painting seems to be a struggle
so I thought I would go back to a safe area and
not set myself up for failure.

This month at the Artist Guild the focus has been
painting the landscape with a structure in it.
Most of us painted houses, gates or walls,
but we also had an artist who added a boat,
another did a dam, and I do believe I saw a
wonderful  bridge.

We had to use the following in our painting.


  1. Sometimes we need to just step back and do a reverse of our work. Abstract a little piece and then another. Change a few of your standard colors on your palette or enjoy a couple of days off. You've earned it. Your work is beautiful, sorta like the artist. I'm thinking spring fever, smiles. Pep talk #101.

  2. I really like the way you paint landscapes Julie, even though this is a quiet scene, it still feels 'lively'. Beautiful colours in the foreground especially :)

  3. This is really nice Julie! The colors are beautiful...I especially love the water ..the reflections from the sky is amazing! Wonderful work.

  4. I really really love the creamy building. All the colors are so wonderful...a bit of a fall feel to it which I love. I hope you were pleased with this one. I love it. xo

  5. I traveled with the blues right through the painting. And enjoyed the richness of the landscape. Well done. Right now, nothing seems easy. Maybe it's in the air! thinking of you often............

  6. We certainly don't see that struggle in your results. It's such an inviting scene. I'd like to go there!

  7. Very wonderful landscape painting in the Autumn. Thank you for notes and kind informations in every post !!!
    Have a nice weekend !!!

  8. Always happy on safe ground! And a great lesson too on using all three divisions of the picture plane.

  9. I have had nothing but two weeks of scrappers! Must be in the air! Anyway, you certainly redeemed yourself with this little jewel!

  10. Wow, Julie! This is stunning and I love the splash of color in the autumn leaves. I must say that I am really worrying about you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. No sign of your struggles in this beautiful little piece, Julie. I am proud of you for continuing to paint and paint and paint. I think that is the only solution to getting through the doldrums.

  12. This landscape is truly lovely. (although I know about the need to retreat every now and then.)

  13. Wise thinking and it produced a lovely piece! Your orange and blue notes are always spot on!!

  14. My friend - I am reading between the lines and praying for you. This is a lovely painting just like you my dear one. Take care and as always thank you for sharing your beautiful art. Hugs!

  15. another winner, dear lady! I sure hope you get past whatever is making you sad. I really treasure your blog.


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