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Sunday, July 20, 2014


8x6in oil on canvas SOLD

Still on vacation and using this time to repost some
older paintings.
Re-post from May 2012
Thank you for still paying me a visit and commenting.

The incredible painter Abby Ryan came up with the the
 Daily Paintworks Challenge this week. The Yellow Challenge

Abby asks the question - what does yellow mean to you?
Easy - sunshine, happiness and feeling good.

This time I thought I would see what it was like to explore fracturing
with painting the lemons in water.

My palette was:
Titanium white
cad yellow light
Naples yellow
Indian yellow
Light red
Transparent brown oxide.
I put some yellow in every color I mixed.


  1. This painting is so gentle, comforting. Love it..and then there is a bit of sparkle for me. yes indeed. I am so happy you are enjoying your vacation. I am trying to restart my engine. We will see...

  2. Hi Julie, Hope you are having a wonderful time on vacation! I love all of your lemon paintings!

  3. Nice painting Julie, and very refreshing drink for these very hot summer days !!!
    Yellow for me is an amazing colour like the strong light of the sun !!!
    Have a nice week and happy summer vacations !!!

  4. I love seeing your older work Julie and hope you are enjoying a relaxing vacation. This is a gorgeous painting! I love all the yellows and knowing the colors you used is helpful to understanding how you obtain such incredible results!

  5. I too hope you are having a fabulous time on vacation! Goodness! I just hope you are able to relax and refresh during this time. My thoughts are with you, my friend. And by the way, this sure is a drink of cool water painting!

  6. That piece certainly says summertime doesn't it? Very refreshing:)

    Glad the vacation is going well. Hope you are relaxing!

  7. Now Julie that looks good enough to drink - my favorite beverage in those hot days of summer. Hope you are really enjoying your vacation. Take care and have a great day. Hugs!!

  8. This is one of my favorite painting of yours.. Love it!

  9. You can't think anything except summer. Another beauty.

  10. This one displays your fracturing technique beautifully, Julie!
    I entered the Yellow Challenge also.
    Thanks for commenting on my lion.

  11. Art out of Lemons, may we all be as clever. Enjoy your vacation. We'll be here when you get back.

  12. The touches of turquoise are just brilliant. This is exceptional, Julie!

  13. So simple yet SO beautiful, Julie! A gorgeous painting!!! Enjoy your vacation!!!

  14. I looked and wondered why your painting felt like a cool drink of lemonade when it was filled with such warm color. And then I zeroed in on the cool blue of your glass pitcher and knew I had found the secret!

  15. Oh, wonderful, love it, and how inspiring it is to do a challenge. I will come back and visit your blog often. Brilliant!

  16. I can see why it's SOLD! All that colour and texture....beautiful!


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