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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wanna Be World Famous

Acrylic on paper 
(This is a re-post as I am still on vacation.)

I was invited to enter a show featuring paintings of women only. 
On my pondering of the place of women in art, I thought of the Mona Lisa, 
reportedly the most recognized portrait of a woman worldwide. 
Then think of all the famous artists' who have painted portraits 
of women in the hope to reach the same status. 
So far none have achieved Leonardo's stature. 
(I think Vermeer's Woman with a Pearl Earring is coming close)
The gallery informed me this piece was sold to a museum in Denmark.

Picasso-Portrait of Dora Maar Seated
Leonardo Da Vinci - Mona Lisa
Van Gogh-Madame Ginoux
Cezanne-Young Italian Girl
Egon Schiele-Seated Woman with Bent Knee

The hardest part of this painting was the research of paintings of women
which would conform to my vision of them sitting 
together around a table...a universal theme the world over.
I started laughing when I picked the first two and even more 
so at the end
I adored the way these women looked totally bored ...
They must have been muttering as they posed...will he EVER finish!
Only Mona looks content, and after this painting, I wonder why?
Any guesses?


  1. This is amazing, Julie! I love the idea, it should be in a museum.

  2. Hi Julie, I am very happy today to see your very wonderful and interesting art work about women, it is so nice inspiration from great artists !!!
    Have a nice and creative week !!!

  3. Good golly, Julie!! Your work hangs in a museum for goodness sake! I'd say you've made it big time with your art!! Congratulations on this sale and I love this piece; it is really phenomenal and made me smile to see these works all come together. Love the red head!

  4. Congratulations on the sale of your painting! I'd say, YOU are famous!!! A beautiful work of art!!!

  5. This is brilliant! I love the humor and you captured them all so well. Major kudos on the museum sale!!

  6. Love this! Hope you are having a wonderful vacation!

  7. AMAZING WORK, Julie!!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

  8. Julie - what a wonderful work - I echo the thought of Celia - it should be in a museum! Hope you are enjoying your vacation. Thanks for taking time to repost this one...I had never seen it!! Have a wonderful day my friend.

  9. Great idea! Enjoy your vacation, we await the refreshed Julie in future blogs.

  10. Oh, this appeals to me on so many levels - and its just wonderfully done! Kudos to you, Julie - and you are world famous! Its hanging in a Danish Museum - probably next to a Van Gogh or an Egon Schiele! Congratulations on a real tour d' force!

  11. such a clever clever painting! I love that they all look bored except for the Mona Lisa...that is wonderful. They are a jaded lot! lol!

  12. BLIMEY!!!! This old bag of bolts has actually managed to connect to your blog!! What a fantastic concept this painting is, I absolutely love it for it's humour as well as it's technique. Genius!!! I'm not going to delve too deeply into Mona's mind, I've never quite trusted that look on her face. Posting qiuck now before the crash!!

  13. I remember this one. So nice! Hope you're having a fab vacation!:)


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