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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Narcissus and Lilacs (painted in car)

Narcissus and Lilacs
5x7 on moleskin 

Artist Note

In my previous post I showed paintings done on the 
way TO our destination, and on the return I had freshly
picked lilacs and 
narcissus in the glove compartment.
The three hours flew by as I sketched in my moleskin.

Still making sure I do not aim for perfection!
I used a water soluble graphite pencil
to draw the basic shapes in. 
No pressure 
only fun!


  1. Ah, Julie is on her way back! Love the last few post.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Kim - I would use the same word for your dog commission. Fabulous!

  3. Superbe Julie !
    Your colors are so fresh!
    I like this little installation you use to work in your car... It is so inspiring...

  4. Really enjoy these! They have an ease about them that comes through.

  5. These are stunning, I can't get over how you can do this in the car! I am your typical backseat driver! I have to keep an eye on my husbands driving! He he! X

  6. Super! Love the free and easy style.

  7. These are amazing Julie! And in your car!! Talented!!

  8. Hey, I think you're having TOO much fun - just kidding! These last few posts have put a smile on my face. What lovely, lovely paintings!!!

  9. Wow, Julie, these are fabulous!! Amazing how you could manage so well in the car. You are such an inspiration!

  10. my goodness, julie! you sure make moleskines look good!! if this is the moleskine sketchbook with cardstock-like paper, i say you're a magician!!

    maybe i need to get a moleskine. ; )


  11. Gorgeous again, Julie! That bottom photo with the drawing lines and purple lilies just takes my breath away.

  12. Always amazed that you do such lovely things in the car! Hope the trip was successful on all fronts:)

  13. Beautiful and fresh sketches Julie! I love the idea!

  14. I wish I could paint like this even out of the car ! It is actually quite funny to imagine you in the car painting while your husband is driving, a scene that ought to be painted :-)))

  15. This made me laugh...the best I can do is put some lipstick on in the car. I must give it a try...only trouble is that I am always the driver. LOL

  16. I greatly admire your ability to paint in the car!
    I have said it before but I repeat myself because it seems really extraordinary.
    In a car I can not even read the road map, without feeling bad !!!
    It is not because I was ill and I had hard therapy, I was already with car sickness since child!
    Indeed getting older, it got better from this point of view!
    Nice to see how you painted beautiful flowers, with fluency and decision.
    No pressure, as you say, it's being into a flow of creative freshness.

  17. Narcissus and Lilacs ... represent to me ... what an artist can do ... when they embrace the talent they have been blessed with. Of course... only such an artist knows how much hard work when into reaching these moments... of visualizing, sketching and putting brush to paper... in what seems like the twinkling of an eye. Kudos.

  18. This is absolutely worth the trip , it's so pretty! Love it, Hugs

  19. Julie - to paint in your car is so amazing and to turn out such beautiful work just boggles my mind. wow! You managed to paint some gorgeous favorites of mine too. Hope you have a delightful week-end.

  20. what an inspiration....painting in the car! watch out for those speed bumps....haha! These paintings are exceptional!

  21. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une peinture aussi fraîche et délicate que ce magnifique bouquet printanier.
    Vous êtes extraordinaire, vous réussissez à peindre sur le vif, dans la voiture ! Vous êtes meilleure que le clic d'un appareil photo !
    J'aime la beauté, le charme que vous avez capturé. Bravo l'artiste !

    ❀ ✺ Gros bisous ✺ ❀

  22. I didn't know those flowers were narcissus...if I were as pretty as they are I would be narcissus too. ;)

    Gorgeous painting Julie and I love that you paint in your car. I have happy memories of actually getting to witness you do that live. Lucky me.

    I loved your decorative rooster in the last post. (My mother in-law would go gaga over it and beg to have it for her kitchen). I was especially happy to read you were feeling a little better about your painting. It's vital for you and wow did you get some great comments on that one. I read every one of them and have tucked some thoughts away for my own down times.

    Happy happy everything. xoxo

  23. o Julie, to chime in with other's comments here...You are an inspiration! painting in the car is such a good way to multitask if you gotta do the journey....and these little watercolours are free and gorgeous and dynamic!! a real spring fling!

  24. Oh my yes, that is a good approach, especially the bit about avoiding perfection. These have such an effortless, elegant and fresh appeal--really lovely!

  25. I seemed to have missed this post. I love your narcissus. They are so fresh and lively. Very beautiful... I admire you for making best use of your time and accomplishing so much on a drive :).

  26. Julie, I love all your paintings but I must say I am absolutely fascinated that you can paint (and beautifully) in your car! What a fun and joyful blog post!

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  28. Hi Julie, Painting lake scene here in Texas today. Looking for some iris when I ran across your narcissus.Oh my goodness, your color sense is so right on. LOVE LOVE LOVE.Keep up the Much Blessed Work.Terry


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