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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I LOVE Wichita, Kansas

Whoever knew there was this gem of a city
right in the heartland of our beautiful country?
I certainly didn't.
It enjoys a diverse architecture mix of
 beautiful old and stunning new buildings, 
wide streets, no litter,
no graffiti,  and the cultural senses
are  obviously supported
with sculpture and 
functional artworks everywhere.

The Arkansas river is THE SPOT to be!
We ended every day walking along
its beautiful pathways

I picked these images up from the 
Wichita city site.

Flint Hills
A memorable place...
reminded me of parts of Great Britain

The workshop went great,
 and as they were
all professional artists, we could
get to the meat of fracturing immediately.
They did some really great paintings...
My camera went bonkers so I have no 
images to share.
But, if you are interested...
 you can click on the link below
and see Lisa's take on the workshop.

I do want to thank 
Teressa Sliger who organized the 
She is an intelligent, talented and fun person
who truly takes an interest in the artists
she represents.

Lisa is a gem of a friend and a 
wonderful hostess.
It was a very happy visit for me
and I already want to go back.

I am off to do two more so I
will not be posting for the rest of this month.
Thank you for visiting and 
I will be back visiting your blogs
 in a couple of weeks
Back in July!


  1. I was thinking at first you captured the first shot from the plane then I realized not the case. I feel bad about you not having photos.

    Wishing you the best time at your next workshops, Julie. You are missed here in Wichita!


    1. I really appreciate all the work you put into your post about the workshop, Lisa.It is still hard to believe I lost the photos on my iphone. I have taken it to be looked at. Fingers crossed.
      I loved where you live and everyone I met. It was a great experience.

  2. Great to hear from you, Julie, and that you've had such a wonderful time. Enjoy the next phase of your journey and I look forward to your July posts.

    1. Thanks Sharon. I am still full of the pleasure of my trip.
      Thanks for the good wishes.
      I really enjoyed seeing your sketchbook work.

  3. You sound very impressed, Julie, and your photos support Wichita's modernity and beauty. So glad you had such a wonderful visit there. Good to have great memories of a place.

    1. Hi Carol - yes, I was impressed. It is funny but I never had anyone tell me how great a city Wichita is. The people I met were talented and very friendly so the workshop was a neat experience for me.
      I was happy to see your wonderful new pastel and the creative technique you used.

  4. What an awesome post by Lisa Graham! Lucky students!!

    1. Hi Chris - I thought it was a great post too. Lisa is the BEST!
      All the artists were great so it was a lot of fun.
      Your painting of Puppy Love is really wonderful.

  5. Marvelous. Enjoy the rest of your road trip.

    1. Hi and thanks, Jean.
      Congratulations on your show in the prestigious Palette and Chisel. Looks fab.

  6. It sounds like a wonderful workshop Julie but I'm sorry about your camera not working. Enjoy your next workshop and I look forward to July.

    1. It was and yes...I am sorry too. I never realized how much I depend on the images I take.
      I am all pumped up and looking forward to the next one.
      Fancy you doing a portrait in oil...amazing job too. Good for you, Hilda.

  7. Honestly had no idea about Wichita! It looks great! And the workshop looks like a blast!

    1. Nope - neither did I. It is better in life than the pics.
      I was fortunate with the artists in the class because they all had great attitudes for loosening up. We got a lot done.
      I saw Canadian geese by the river in Wichita so I really felt a jolt of pleasure looking at your new painting.

  8. Very nice pictures, Wichita looks a very beautiful place !!!
    Have a good time Julie and enjoy the rest of your journey !!!

    1. Thanks Stelios. I enjoyed reading the history on your new painting.

  9. Ah are so blessed and I am so happy to hear that both you and Lisa had a grand time. I love America's heartland, often overlooked by the touristy crowds. Simple pleasures, really.

    1. So happy you agree on its beauty. The vastness of the long view amazed me.
      Simple pleasures - you are so right, Sherry.
      Thanks for the visit. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Nice to be able to appreciate these moments through two blogs of friends, almost like being present with you in real life.
    Great feeling of harmony and cooperation that comes to my heart.
    In a world often conflicting, I am happy to see and enjoy the beauty of the meetings. Painting and loving art practice is a language that can overcome any distance., Today I felt happy and joyful with all you!

    1. Art is the great unifier - I agree with you, dear Rita.
      Lisa is extra special though and it is a privilege to be her friend.
      Moments to be treasured through the common bond of painting.

  11. Two pics of an awesome architecture and the landscape you show really could be somewhere in England...or in Denmark :-) I am SO envious of your 'students' ...wish you were a bit nearer and I would sign up immediately !

    1. You are so correct that it could be places in Europe. Thanks for the complement.
      I know any class you would be in would be more joyful for having your presence in it.

  12. I enjoyed Lisa's post. A rewarding experience for everyone and her work says it all! Kansas looks like a vibrant and modern city, how fun to travel around the countryside too. I hope your next workshops goes without a hitch. The long days must be exhausting but sound like so much fun!

    1. She does write a good post. I enjoyed seeing it through her eyes.
      I am only exhausted when I get home...I usually am pumped up when I teach.
      You did a lovely job with your series of small sketches. I was very impressed.

  13. Julie, I was so much looking forward to your workshop photos, great to hear that you had a fabulous time! Will check Lisa's post.

    1. Hello Padmaja - nice of you to comment. I know you will like her post.
      Looking forward to your next painting.

  14. What a really special place!
    So nice to hear everything = )
    Have a good weekend, JULIE!!!!!

    1. Hi Sue - thanks and you have a great weekend too.
      Intriqued to see how your new painting will turn out.

  15. I've always heard great things about Kansas. So glad you had a wonderful time--and I'm not surprised ....with such a great hostess! I will go check out the photos on Lisa's blog :)

  16. Julie- what beautiful photos. Seen through the eyes of your camera makes me want to visit. Hubby's friend lived in this lovely city for a time. Take care friend and the best wishes for your workshops. Hugs

  17. Hello, very interesting and informative post with lovely photos.

    Best wishes


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