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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Off to do a Fracturing Workshop.

After Fracturing

The one below is obviously BEFORE

Taste is subjective, and I know
some people would
 like the realism above 
while others prefer the fractured
BUT I know I prefer the eye interest
and energy of the fractured one
and it has turned out to 
have a much wider appeal.
Sometimes I go a little more
detailed and others I do not.
That is the beauty of 
this technique. You can use a 
little of it or a lot.

One thing I am sure of - 
fracturing totally holds my interest
and I am hoping that the artists
taking the workshop 
will enjoy it like I do.
So...where am I going?
I have never been there so I am very excited.
Hosting the workshop is
Teressa Singer at her beautiful gallery
see here  GALLERY

For the last several years I have stayed 
 in Las Cruces to do my 
summer workshops, but the 
chance of visiting my 
dear friend, the one and only
drum roll...
was too good an opportunity to miss.
Lisa came out to visit here last year 
link below if interested to see what we got up to.


  1. Lots of luck, safe travels and I hope you have a wonderful time too.

  2. Good morning Julie! So excited here in Kansas and it looks like the weather is going to be kind to us. There has been a lot of enthusiastic chatter at the gallery about your workshop, but not half the excitement that is in my heart! I get to see Julie!!!

    I looked back at your post from last year...such a bitter-sweet time it was for me. The visit to Las Cruces helped so much...lucky me to have a friend like you.

    So I just learned that our new airport might be up and running while you are here. So there is a strong possibility you will fly into the old airport and fly out of the new. Wouldn't that be something?

    The tea is on my friend!!!!

  3. Well I'm one of the lucky ones who loves both paintings ... it doesn't have to be one or the other.

    Hope you have a wonderful time

  4. According to Einstein, idea and its execution simultaneously, are " genius".
    Reading this quote I thought maybe that's why I paint quickly something I had in mind is a short moment that makes me so happy !
    A project and its realization, in many stages, sometimes, not represent me anymore.
    There is a realism that seems to be foreign to my being, although for some it might be a better side of my painting ...
    Often my "realistic" plans fade and reality takes other forms( luckily for me).
    So I think to understand perfectly how you feel, when moving the color, fragmenting reality,you get your vision.
    Emotion, colors of lights and shadows and much more, take its spaces on canvas
    and they give life to something that goes beyond reality,that is your art, dear Julie!

    I wish you beautiful summer workshops between art friends.

  5. Hi Julie, I love all your work and particularly like your fractured versions. You've perfected your fracturing style and it is your signature so I hope you'll continue. Have a lovely workshop; how exciting for you.

    Thank you for your lovely comments. In answer to your question on my blog and according to the Kew Gardens website, you're right - the Pagoda was built in 1762. They say there have been many restorations but the dragons were never replaced although they discussed the possibility of replica dragons in 1979. I was very lucky to have been taken to Kew on more than one occasion with my school. Happy painting!

  6. The fractured work you do is so exciting to me, I would so love to do one of your workshops Julie :) I bought your technique video a couple of years ago and I have watched it so many times, amazing stuff :)

  7. I like both versions of this painting, two different sensations but both great !! Wish you a wonderful workshop !

  8. Dear Julie - I so love your fracturing technique. It is one of the first things I enjoyed when I discovered your art. Hope you have a wonderful time with your workshop and visit with Lisa. I am sure your students are going to love having you share your techniques. Hugs!

  9. I absolutely love your fracturing technique and your students are so lucky :). I hope to take one of your workshops in the future. Have a wonderful time in Wichita.

  10. Oh your students are so lucky to have this opportunity with you! I love both paintings! I could see benefits to learning the fracturing technique to help with edges...I could use that!

  11. Your fracturing technique is your signature and honestly I love it more than anything!
    I know you'll have a wonderful time at the workshop....stay safe!

  12. Fracturing is my preference for the motion it implies, (still lifes are so still). Have a lovely workshop, visit and enjoy Kansas. Just remember: click your heels together twice and come home safe.

  13. I love your signature style and that appeals to me than the real version. I am, sure you will have a wonderful time with the workshop and also with Lisa.Have a wonderful time!

  14. Lucky Lisa! Lucky Wichita!! Have a great trip, Julie! I love realism in paintings but I like your fractured versions even more!!

  15. Love the click your heels together twice Yes, have a great time, say hi to Lisa, and come home safely!

  16. Have a good time! It will be FUN!!!

  17. Have a great time doing your workshop! I made a quick visit to Wichita once and it rained the whole time I was there. Enjoy!

  18. I love the vase painting both ways but do prefer your fractured one more. Lucky students in Kansas, can't wait to hear about it!

  19. Julie, I love all of your work, but, the fracturing is my favorite. Enjoy your trip and workshop. Looking forward to reading all about it in your post.

  20. Beautiful both them both!


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