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Monday, May 29, 2017

Cherry Time and New Studio Pics

Cherry Time
6x6" oil on panel

Artist Note.
Getting back into painting after
a break is pretty humbling.
I did this one and liked it...
but was told it didn't I
reworked it and maybe ruined it?

Which one do you prefer?

Cherry Time#2
6x6' oil on panel 

Oh least I am painting
again and loving doing it.

Here are a few shots of
my new studio space.

You enter to this area.
I am very pleased to have
a place for some of my nests
and fav fountain.
Also, I enjoy having
a separate area to eat
lunch or relax with a drink.

The classroom
The room is 24' long  and
I have the whole end of it! YEA!

A convenient shelf runs along
the wall
for the artists to place their
iPad and source material on.
A mirror hangs by each station
so they can check their works
with fresh eyes.

The  corridor turned out to be
 the perfect place to
have the shelves to hold everything
from masking tape to rulers
Also, the above photo is great
because you can
see the difference in the
 light bulbs colors.
All walls are the same gray.
The corridor has LED lights
and they give a pinky cast
The classroom has daylight
5500 with CRL 90
a perfect balance!
and the entrance area
you see at the end is of
 a typical fluorescent
and gives a slight yellow cast.

Meet the Guild's oldest member
- he loves hanging around!!
Look at the great still-life storage!
I have a really large room
which holds everything -
including an area with individual
cube storage space for
the Guild members to  store their
large items they do not
want to tote all the time.

And.... best of all....
it gives me space for a permanent
photo area.

This will be a happy creative space
for me and the
members of the
 Artists Guild of Southern New Mexico.

We have a Guild member I have to thank.
A retired master carpenter from
Philly, he has generously given
many hours to 
painting walls and building shelves.
It must have driven him nuts
listening to my 
voice suggesting...
"maybe a little bit more to the right!"

Always patient and always good humored
we are grateful and 
thank you, Richard Haggerty!

Here is one of his paintings
Talented for sure!

Thanks for staying to see everything


  1. I really like the changes you made, Julie. You gave it a more interesting play of light, and I like the placement of the leaves in the lower left side cherries.It feels more natural than the one you had before. It is a beautiful painting, the cherries look delicious.

    The space is an artist's dream! Everything is so well thought out and organized. Really great idea for a permanent location to photograph your artwork and your still life prop area is amazing! So many neat things to paint!I can't wait to see all of your beautiful artwork coming from there. Lucky you have nice friends to help you speed up the process too!

    1. Thanks for the great comment, Celia. I also liked the leaves because the two cherries at the bottom were too much like headlights - catching attention. But there is a freshness about the technique I like better in the top one. Maybe I will start again...
      Happy you like the studio. It is still so new that some areas will most likely be tweaked but the bones are good! The photo area is something I have always wanted and the right lighting and being able to "square up" easily will make it perfect.
      Thanks for showing us all how beautiful the bumble bee can be with you new flowing watercolor. Gorgeous!

  2. Goodmorning Julie, your cherries paintings are very wonderful. I also enjoy your very nice pictures. Your place is beautiful, ideal for art and creation !!!

    1. Great to hear from you, Stelios, Happy you enjoyed the post. I always enjoy visiting yours and feel like I have a vacation in your beautiful country. Your use of blue is always a delight to see.

  3. So glad to see all the pics. Love the space. Ok I know this is crazy but I like the 2nd P&G better but only because of that little leaf bottom left. Told you it was crazy!

    1. Nothing crazy about you Sharon. I definitly agree about the leaf.
      I expect there will be different opinions because I too like different things about both versions. For the tonalist, I expect the first one will appeal more and for the romantic who loves a but more color, then number two.
      I am probably going to do another combining both the freshness and the color.
      Happy you like the studio. Thanks.I enjoyed seeing yours very much when you posted it. Some fabulous ideas.

  4. Julie,

    What a great looking space! And so well thought out and organized. I am sure everyone is going to be very happy to work there.

    By the by, I like the first pic just a little bit better. It's only a personal preference though because it feels more understated. They are both lovely for different reasons.

    Glad that you got all settled in to your new space. Good luck!

    1. It makes sense to me you would prefer the first one, Libby. Especially as your own work is so elegant in line.
      Nice to knpow you like the studio. It is well thought out for sure...spent many hours thinking and planning before the move.
      Thanks for the lovely outinting into the cool green of trees. Just the right time as it is getting warmer here each day.

  5. Hi Julie, What a fantastic studio!!! You are so lucky to have such a creative space to work in.

    I prefer a combination of the two paintings. I love the first one, but also think the leaves on the second one are very nice.

    I feel the yellow background on the second piece draws my eye away from the cherries.

    You know, you can never get an answer, when you ask an either or question....just more confusion.

    I would be happy if I painted either of the pieces.

    1. I appreciate your input on the two paintings, very much, Carol.
      Interesting point about the yellow. I emotionally responed to yellow with the red. I will re-evaluate because I respect your opinion and most likely tone it down on the next one. The yellow in real life does not pop quite as much as on the monitor. It is wonderful getting all this help.
      The purple in the shadow on your pink vase is another color which resonates in my heart. A feel good painting.

  6. Dearest Julie - I adore both of your paintings - it would be difficult to choose which I would prefer. Perhaps the compliments are more outstanding in the second but the first is so lovely and subtle. Your studio is great. I am so glad you shared it with us. Now I can picture you there teaching and inspiring others. Thanks for your prayers...will be emailing you soon. Hugs!

    1. Hello, my sweet friend. I have been thinking about you daily and it is so good of you to comment at this time. Bless you and thank you.
      Happy you can see my working environment and that you like both paintings.

  7. Happy to see your new space- what a dream come true for you! So great to have a "place for everything", only lots of planning can make that a reality. As for the paintings. I do like the first one better, more natural. You have a way with color though and can make that yellow work for you in the second one. Glowing light!

    1. Hello Anne - yes, a lot different from the gallery/classroom space you saw. I should have less interruptions here.
      I am enjoying seeing your new paintings and the new ocean plein air piece is just in the direction I hope you continue in. Abstract, strong design and great color.
      The cherry painting has already gone a tad more orange!

  8. Both paintings are winners, Julie, but my immediate preference was for the first. I like the cooler background against those hot red cherries, and even though I can see why you altered the foreground, I actually liked the subtlety of the original
    leaves. This is not to say the second version isn't beautiful. It truly is, but I personally find the original more striking. (Also, photos aren't always color-accurate, I realize, so that yellow might be less dominant in reality, as you noted.) Anyhow, just my two cents! Love 'em both.

    Your new space looks grand! I so enjoy to see other painters' places, and get insight into how they work. Looking forward to seeing what's next!

    1. Thanks for your input. I am so glad I asked for opinions. I have already glazed the yellow down to a more orange glow so the harmony is following the wheel. It was not where near as bright a contrast as it looked but could not knock it down for the post.
      Are you enjoying your time painting and not posting? When I was so busy and couldn't get to the blogging I found I missed my friends I feel I know... so extra thanks for taking to time to pass on your thoughts.

  9. I am SO happy for you! Your new space is wonderful. I generally like picture 2 for the leaves at the bottom and the value contrast, but the background yellow is too vivid for my taste.

    Karen Rodgers

    1. Ah...taste is a wonderful thing, Karen. I know what you mean.
      Hope you get down to see my new space sometime.
      Also hope you are painting and thanks again from me, and the Guild, for your generous heart.

  10. What a wonderful new space to work in. If this doesn't help to inspire, check your pulse, smiles. I have a hard time choosing between your two paintings Julie, one is sorta cool, the second warm with the extra leaves saying the cherries have just been picked. Both are winners.

    1. Hi Blanche - I like that... check my pulse!!
      Time will tell but I already know I will really feel motivated to push myself and be a more productive teacher.
      I really like your painting with all the different red shades. Did you use several tubes or one red and add other colors to it?
      I was quite shocked to read of your beautiful parrot's passing. And to find Bonnie was a laddie too. I feel for you Blanche. Our pets are very special. I still miss my dog.

  11. Great new space! I love both the paintings!

    1. Thanks Bruce.
      Happy your survived that pinched nerve but what a shame having to leave the Plein Air Convention.
      Your Cuba banana painting is fabulous!

  12. prefer the second one, I think the darker values really help :)

    very nice space and looks like you arranged things perfect for giving classes :)

    1. Good observation about the darker values. I am ruminating on the changes I will make.
      I enjoy seeing your left hand drawings are developing to the same level as your right handed ones.

  13. Like everyone else, I think both paintings are outstanding.

    I happen to prefer the first painting because I think the values are a little stronger. I also think the grayed down bits in the background make the cherries pop. It's more of a personal preference here, though, because both versions are so beautiful.

    Two thumbs up on your new studio space. It's really awesome, Julie! Wishing you many happy hours of painting!!

    1. Love your comment - thanks, Chris. So far both paintings are running pretty even. Shows there is hope for both sides.
      Has your block eased up? I admired the post you did on the creative showing of Eugene's artistic endeavors so was hoping it meant a stirring had starting .
      I am still trying to get back into the flow of painting after the time away doing the studio. I was thinking of you and your small painting space and understand how it could hinder your creativity. I now have this wonderful space and your wishes for me to have many hours of happy painting. Fingers crossed for both of us!

  14. How lovely Julie, and lots of wonderful things will come out of your new studio I am sure!
    Julie I like both paintings, really, I'm not just indecisive.....I am a Libra and that means I weigh everything. The first one would brighten up a dark area and the other one is just wonderful anywhere.

    1. LOL - I love your logic regarding the paintings. True and true!
      Happy to read about your trip and catch up on some of the other posts I missed. Always a pleasure visiting with you.

  15. I am so envious, what a great space to paint in, and room for everything ...a dream !!! I like both paintings, but the first one is my favorite because it is lighter and there is a freshness to it that I fancy.

    1. Thank you, Jane. It is a great space.
      Thanks for the comment on the painting also. Amazing how split the comments are.
      Love your Mothers Shoes painting. Universal theme and will be loved in every country.

  16. Both paintings are beautiful, although I am drawn to the golden tones in the background of the second one. However, the first is so light-filled. I'd have a hard time deciding between them.

    Your new studio is great! You really did a lot of thinking about the space and what you and the students would need. The photo that show the difference in the lighting is really amazing. I never would have thought that it would look so dramatically different. Wishing you and all those who enter lots of inspiration inside those walls, Julie!

    1. Thanks for the comment on which painting and whwy. neat to read all the opinions.
      I did do a LOT of thinking about the studio and so far it has payed off. I have not found an irritating error and thats a relief.
      I was admiring not only your paintings of the light house but also your commitment to plein air painting and all the lugging that trip involved. You are the real deal and my hats off to you, my friend!

  17. I'm a bit slow in commenting here, but what a great post. Your studio shots are so impressive! First of all, I love that gorgeous, cool gray for the walls. It's a neutral color and will enhance any painting hung on it! The lighting in the hallways and rooms seems well thought out in placement, and as the students work away on their paintings you, as teacher, can stand in the middle of the room and see what everyone is doing at a glance.

    Your paintings - both of them - are indeed lovely. Who wouldn't die for either one? If I had to choose I think the first one would be for me. I love the freshness and clean look and purity, if you will, of the lighter, softer background. Sometimes yellow kind of takes over and steals the show although I love the color very much. In the first one I feel the cherries are saying, "Here I am. Understated but very elegant. Take me as I am."

    1. Hi Carol, It is so very good to hear from you and thanks for the thoughtful analysis of the studio. The gray walls are perfect.
      The lighting in the hall were originally in the big room and no one could paint with the cast they put out. My most expensive outlay was for the electrician and parts. The ceiling lights all had to be changed so every station had light and I had switches installed and spots put along the middle in case of a having a guild show in there.
      My own painting space is MUCH wider than before - same items but more spread out - so I am very happy about that.
      I appreciate the clarity of your reasons for liking number one best. I have been intrigued by not having a clear winner.
      Are you still working on a portrait - or two? I hope so. Not everyone can do them and you definitely have the eye!
      Enjoy your weekend.

  18. It's not easy choosing one of these when I love the both for different reasons.. The first one I love because of the light hitting the cherries...and I like the two lone cherries... I love the golden glow in the second one and the dark bowl of cherries... Your art space is every Artists dream.. It looks wonderful !!!!

    1. Hi Hilda - thank you so much for the comments on both the paintings.
      I love it when the reasons are clearly given. I value your opinions.
      Hope you are healing well and feeling almost back to normal. It is hard when we cannot do our art isn't it?

  19. Julie, I finally posted. I love my painting but finding I have a very full life. Hard to find the time for painting that I used to. Age? Probably.
    I go with #2 because of the yellow background. Great contrast and such warmth! Love it.

  20. Julie, what a luxurious space to work, it looks very inspiring! I love the second one because the glowing yellow just makes it pop out!


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