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Monday, May 22, 2017

Sunflowers and Workshop Info

Sunflowers and Pomegranates
8x6" oil on canvas panel SOLD

Artist Note.
The move to a new studio is finished!
I will be putting up some photos of it, 
but first, I need to get the word out
  that I have had a cancellation for
my June 20th workshop 
so a slot is available.

3 Days + 3 HOURS
oil or acrylic

Only 6 artists in the class.
I keep it small so everyone gets
the attention they need

June 20th - 22nd 
with the morning
of 23rd for wrap up
 and individual 
review and direction 
as needed.


All supports will be provided 
for the first day of
 technique exercises along
with a gift of my handy tool.

The workshop covers the best way
to use the fracturing technique
to suit the individual artist's  
own strengths and vision.

My personal color preferences
will be explained  with a lot of 
demos to make it easy to follow.

I love teaching and would be delighted
help you with your journey
into expanding your
painting skills.

I always get glowing testimonials 
after class and can forward
any if desired.

If interested...
Please get in touch with me
(cut and paste)


  1. Very wondeful flower painting with so nice colours and light !!!

    1. Thank you, Stelios. We are both painting flowers I see. it is such a lovely time of year. I really loved seeing the blue shutters you did.

  2. Another eye opener from you ,and as always I marvel at how many things you manage to put into such a small space and still keep everything harmonious, wonderful !

    1. Wow - thanks, Jane. Lovely to get such a glowing complement from you. It means a lot.
      I enjyed your painting,
      In her Mothers Shoes - a universal theme you painted so well and it brought back happy memeories. Congratulations, thats what art is create an emtotional response.

  3. Would love to take a class from you but am hosting an art camp and a reunion that week. Do you ever teach acrylics?

    1. Yes - I teach both and using Slow Dry makes the fracturing technique very workable.
      It was a good reminder for us all when you posted about keep practicing
      what you want to get better at. Drawing is the perfect example.

  4. Those lucky painters! Wish I could be there to soak up your art wisdom! This painting is beautiful!

    1. And HOW I wish I could soak up yours, Kaethe.
      Pleased you like this one. Thank you.

  5. I am amazed at what you can do in these small format paintings, and sorry I don't live closer to take advantage of your workshop!

    1. And I am amazed at the Meerkat you painted. His eyes are spectacular and he looks so real.
      It would be neat if we could paint together - for sure.

  6. Congratulations on your new digs! Will be by to visit soon. You are the best!!!!!

    1. I hope you come soon. I am settling in very well. This is the last week of classes so text me when you want to come. Thanks for the warm fuzzy!

  7. Blessings and good energy in your new studio Julie. Looking forward to those awesome paintings in your new atmosphere.

    1. Thanks so much dear Blanche. I was so sad to read that Bonnie, your parrot, had passed earlier this month. What a loss.
      It was good to see you are painting again though - lovely mixtures of reds.

  8. You were missed, Julie, but all for the good reason of a new studio! How exciting, and I cannot wait to see your setup in photos! I know wonderful things will happen for you there! You're off and running, Julie! Yayyyyy!!

    1. Thanks for the kind and encouraging words, Carol.
      I enjoyed seeing you are still involved with painting portraits.
      Great job on your new one.

  9. It boggles my mind how you paint on such a small canvas with SO many beautiful details Julie!!!! This is outstanding and I can see why it was sold! Love this!

    1. Small canvas - smaller brush and knife! Otherwise everything the same.
      Love the horse you have posted.
      Amazing the way you painted his mane. It is perfect!

  10. Glad you are all moved in finally! Can't wait to see photos of your new studio. Wishing you all the best there!

    1. Thanaks for the good wishes, Joan.
      I am still smiling from seeing your great sketch of the pregnant lady on the beach. Fab!

  11. Love the colors and congrats on your new studio. I look forward to seeing the photos. All the best to you.

    1. I appreciate your good wishes. Thanks, Joan.
      Those are beautiful creamy whiltes you captured in your flowers.
      Your signature luscious brush work too!

  12. As many other commenters have said, I also am astonished by the complex compositions you manage within a small format. This is such a rich tapestry of delights, Julie, and a perfect choice for your re-emergence. You, your inspiring and instructivee narrative, as well as your beautiful paintings, have indeed been missed. But getting your new space up and running will be worthwhile and very exciting; can't wait to see the photos. (I'm taking a brief hiatus from DPW myself to catch up on gallery commitments, but I'm still following my special chums.) Welcome back, my dear!

    1. You always write the best comments, helene. Thanak you for making me feel welcome.
      I understand the need to take a hiatus for growing and experimenting. Also -especially for gallery work. I will be looking forward to seeing what you present for our viewing pleasure...just dont make me wait too long!

  13. wish i could go :D glad the studio move is done, always stressful moving

  14. Stressful ,yes, and exhausting for sure. Not as young as I was five years ago when I moved in and I had sure collected a lot more stuff to move out!!
    I am going to like the new place and am looking forward to productive years ahead. I am lucky with my landlords. The last one was a prince and my new one is fabulous too.
    Loving your drawings of birds. A subject close to my heart.

  15. Welcome back Julie! Your painting has the most beautiful rich colors and details, really gorgeous work! I love the way the stripes pulls the painting together. I wish you a lot of happy creative years in your new space.

  16. I am dreaming that you will conduct a workshop in the Bay Area one day and I will be one of those 6 lucky students :-)


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