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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Workshop Review

Sunflower Demo  sold

Artist Note.
I always really enjoy my
workshops but this one
was extra special due
to the fun and talented artists
who all got on so well.
A true blessing.

On the first day 
I provide all the surfaces to
 do the fracturing exercises
and a black panel is one of them.

I sketched out the placement
with white chalk.
 Then I started adding
 the orange/yellow transition color
alongside the dark center.
Next, I added the
yellow and green shapes only.
Looking at the light and dark pattern
I then fractured 
with the handy tool.
Added background colors
remembering to use opposing
strokes and then I fractured
lightly again.
I follow the fracturing marks
using brush and knife...
Defining certain areas. 

Artists are encouraged to
bring it back according to
personal preference for
the amount of detail.

Here are a few of the paintings
the artists did in the workshop.
Wish I could show them all.



The next three paintings
show how 
 different artists used 
the fracturing technique
to have their own voice with paint.
Three dogs - all different!




Thank you, everyone, for
allowing me to show your work.

If you are interested in the
Fracturing Technique,
here is a link
Fracturing Tutorial


  1. I'll bet it was a WONDERFUL workshop. You inspire such great things as evidenced by the results of your students! The area I need to focus on for me is..."I follow the fracturing marks using brush and knife..." I need to watch your video again and practice, practice, practice! Loved the step-by-step! Thank you for sharing that!

    1. Hello, Carol. Thanks for such a warm fuzzy of a comment.
      I wish I could take credit but all the artists were good already and
      three had taken it before. I do recognize that it is a complement when they travel so far to join me in beating up their paintings! Takes a true desire to learn, for sure and that is what our path is all about.
      I know you must be exploring some absorbing thing with paint today.
      You are correct, Carol - it is by repetition that we improve our skills.

  2. Wow, Julie! What a great post!
    Those gorgeous paintings done by your students demonstrate the skill, patience, and the ability of their teacher to communicate and to encourage! Who wouldn't want to take a workshop from such a gifted artist?!
    Beautiful, beautiful paintings!! Thanks for sharing them!!

    1. Thanks Chris - You have me blushing with such nice words.
      I also agree about the terrific work everyone did .
      I really enjoyed seeing all the Art Deco inspired work you have been doing. I also loved the gelli plate work on the feathers and it made me want to have a go at it. I have a lot of feathers.
      Hope you find your perfect house soon.

  3. Just reading Carol's comments about fracturing. I also have the video and try adding a little of your technique in my word. Sometimes it works. Thank you dear Julie for sharing words of encouragement and your work.

    1. Yes, I understand the "sometimes it works" I find it is most successful in backgrounds when first trying it.
      Congratulations on your award winning painting. I certainly agree it is a fabulous piece.

  4. Beautiful flower and Wonderful photos of the progression of this painting. Your work is so good and no surprise that it was sold! And it's such a treat to see the work of your students....they all did beautifully....I love Veronica!!!!

    1. Thank you, Hilda, I agree, they did do beautifully.
      And talking about beautiful...your new portrait is beyond a beauty!
      The way you did her hair amazed me.

  5. What a great post! Love how you share your process and then your students' work! It is true that we can be influenced but our voices are all different. I love how you can see that hear....such lucky students!

    1. Thank you, Kaethe.
      It IS important that everyone keeps their own voice and I am happy you see that here.
      I ADORE your crow. Powerful and so well done.

  6. Ah, Julie, once again you make it appear so straightforward and logical. What an accomplished instructor you are! Glorious sunflowers, painted with your characteristic vitality and verve -- nothing more appealing, I'd say.

    Your workshop participants' paintings were a delight to see. For those of us who envy their access to you, it's a wee glimpse into their experience and to the inspiration you provide. Lucky them -- and wonderful results. (Like Carol and Blanche, I also revisit your video from time to time to get a "bit of Julie.")

    1. Hi Helene, once again you write a wonderful comment leaving me beaming! Bless you, my friend.
      Hope the paintings for the gallery are coming along well. I am really looking forward to seeing them.

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed the progression shots of your painting as well as seeing the other artist's workshop work. It must have been a marvelous time for all.

    1. It was a really good group and they worked very hard. I loved seeing what they all painted.
      Beautiful looking spinach spinach and feta cheese recipe you posted, Carol. Looking forward to trying it.

  8. nice bright sunflowers and the students produced some really nice work :)

    1. Thanks, Jennifer.
      I like the great start to your dragon. Your sketches are always so alive.

  9. Beautiful work from your students! Loved it all. So wish I could come sometime. I'll have to get the technique and work on it cause I love the results.

    1. Congratulations on the very well prepared post you made on the workshop you did on drawing on the right side of the brain. The videos you made added a lot and I could see how involved the young men were. Good for you!

  10. Wow , some awesome works here. What a pleasure it must be for you to see the wonderful results of your teaching !

    1. Thanks, Jane. It certainly is a pleasure.
      I really enjoyed seeing your neat interpretation of the gull. I love it!

  11. Dear Julie - your students did a fabulous job. Truly a testimony to your wonderful teaching. The sunflowers are delightful and so much a part of summer's joy. So glad you shared. Have a great week friend. Hugs!

    1. Hello, dear Debbie, Thank you for the sweet words and I agree about the sunflower being part of summers joy. So are hollyhocks and I really love the color of the ones you have on your blog.
      Sending a warm hug.

  12. I loved seeing your steps in the technique to make this beauty emerge. Wonderful!!! Looks like a very successful workshop seeing the results your students had.

    1. Thank you, Joan. I really think your latest painting are wonderful. The two seated figures you drew from behind, really are special.

  13. Beautiful work by all! So inspiring! One day I hope to attend one of your workshops Julie! Maybe you could offer an on line course or downloadable videos! Imagine how many artists you could share your talent with :)

  14. Thanks, Mona. I see so many artists doing the doing the online courses and admire them for it. I get tremendous satisfaction from the person to person contact and hate to give that up just yet.
    I miss your regular blogging.

  15. Different versions evolving from the same workshop is something intriguing and beautiful, i like that!, Yes, I too wondered about an online workshop from you, but you are right.


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