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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wanna Be World Famous

I was invited to enter a show featuring paintings of women only. On my pondering of the place of women in art, I thought of the Mona Lisa, the most recognized portrait of a woman worldwide. Then thought of all the famous artists' who have painted portraits of women, in the hopes to reach the same status. So far none have achieved Leonardo's stature. This piece has been sold to a museum in Denmark.

Picasso-Portrait of Dora Maar Seated
Van Gogh-Madame Ginoux
Cezanne-Young Italian Girl
Egon Schiele-Seated Woman with Bent Knee


  1. I am blog stalking tonight and looking at some of my favorite people/artists beginning or just older posts. This is a fantastic piece!

  2. Please let me know the name of this piece? I have written a poem for it. Debbie


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