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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Pink Sunflower and Techniques

The Pink Sunflower

6x6in oil on canvas panel  $100. SOLD

This was done mostly with a palette knife.
The pink sunflower was a real surprise and when I first
saw it I had to check to make sure it was genuine.
For the record... it was genuine. Has anyone ever seen one?
Artist Note.

More Techniques - continues from my last post.

Using a Round Brush - see below.

I love a round brush. Not one with a sharp point, but a gradual point.
On this one I used a synthetic, short handle. I found that when I
started to do my small daily paintings, I was better off with a short
handle, but that is not the case for everyone.
A round brush makes a mark similar to a filbert - but not quite.
I used a #8 and often used it on its side with a zigzag motion.
It spreads in and out with pressure so a nice fat, flowing mark
can easily change and a lovely, thinner, flowing mark can easily
be made.
Great for a more realistic painting without the squared off
brush marks. I often use a script brush in tandem with
the round. The round is also what I use with the palette knife.
See the different values working to create form and the only
sharp edge is the focal point.

Palette Knife- see below

This is an area where I feel I have gained some expertise.
I enjoy using the painting knife very much.
The colors go on clean and you can blend with a
gentle side scrape or mushing using the bottom of the blade.
The edge is great for line work
It truly needs the artist to experiment to find out what marks
they like and don't like. The amount of paint used is a
personal choice
The knife itself is very important and I use Holbeins "s" series.
CHE SON knives appear to be very good at a lot less money.
I am sure there are other good ones. They need to be flexible.
I use a trowel shape.
Not even a hint of "cookie cutter" surround on this one
This is my personal favorite so far.

Tomorrow I have two more techniques to share.

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  1. Gorgeous Sunflowers..I like them best when created with a knife! Truly said, experimenting is most important and unique to one self now a days I am using my fingers a lot more than my brushes :-)

  2. I am pleased you agree about experimenting. I think fingers are great for painting too. I use a barrier cream for safety. I love your amazing Venice painting.
    Thanks for the great comment

  3. Brilliant! I love the painting and the descriptions of palette knife and the round are not only a fabulous painter...but a great communicator too. Bravo!

    1. That is very nice coming from such a fine artist as yourself. I encourage everyone to look at your great landscape today. great example of edges and technique.

  4. Something really spectacular on new communication network is to come into contact with painters likes of you and see how the professionals work on technique. This would be impossible without a net and without blog! Thank you for sharing with clarity and precision,dear Julie,  your process in your wonderful paint!

    1. Again - I thank another wonderful artist for such generous comments of praise. What you do with watercolor is perfection!

  5. Have to admit I've not seen a pink sunflower before. Love what you've done with the background in this piece too, Julie.

    I also like this last demonstrated apple piece. It is beautifully without those harder edges.

    1. Thanks so much. You picked my favorite too. I went round the class asking what everyone liked and that is what is great about art. So many different tastes. Our fav was last.

  6. It fun to watch you present these techniques Julie and the pink sunflower is a beautiful surprise! I've never seen one.

    1. Hi Bruce, thanks for letting me know you are enjoying them. Your post is pretty amazing today. I do not cook much anymore but still remember all the dishes I had to wash afterwards.

  7. These sunflowers are so beautiful, Julie! It's amazing how using different tools brings a different look! I love how you can see that 3-D effect by using the knife...wonderful texture that only you can get.!

    1. Good to hear from you Hilda and thanks for the wonderful comment. I do love the texture but some have more than others.
      I was thinking of Esperanza (your portrait) and wondering if she will have Thanksgiving with you?

    2. Unfortunately, Esperanza will be home with her daughter and family and they live in Philadelphia and I will be on Long Island with my girls and their families. I hope to see her for her 103rd Birthday!...God willing...

  8. I love palette knife painting and your sunflowers are wonderful. I've never seen a pink one before either.

    1. Thank you Nancy. I like the texture of your waterfall. Added a dimension to the painting.

  9. I am thankful for your willingness to share your knowledge. I have not experimented with the palette knife much and I think I am going to purchase one of the sets you suggested. Love the sunflowers! Please delete my previous post, my iPad sometimes has a mind of its own.

    1. Thanks carol for the encouraging comments.
      I tried to go on to your blog but my security would not let me. Do you have FineArtAmerica on there somewhere?

  10. You have reminded me of how much I miss using my round brush, Julie! It used to be my first choice for many occasions. All my blog surfing somehow led me away.
    Great knife work.

    1. yes - round brushes are what most of the impressionists used.
      perfect for so many areas.
      Glad you like the painting. I ADORE your beautiful deer. thanks, dean.

  11. Wonderful! I am really enjoying this sharing of your techniques!!! Still waiting on that fracturing demo with bated breath! thank you so much for sharing!!!

  12. I have finished the video and now I have to find time to get it all together.
    Glad you are enjoying the information.

    1. That is so exciting to read! hooray!
      Love the pink sunflower, too. I am so tickled to be trying out your fractured technique soon. You know I will be buying that art byte!

  13. Beautiful paintings for sure. The message for me is to try round brushes. I love using a palette knife. Your demos here are so informative and inspiring.......thank you again.

  14. Hi Helen - you will love incorporating a round brush into your artist tool kit. I like the way you are will to try new things, too.
    We have fun don't we?
    Thanks always for your support.

  15. I have never seen a pink sunflower ... until now! Lovely warm image.

    I love the notion of 'mushing' with the knife - the edge & lines feels comfortable to this old scribbler.

    1. Thanks for the comment, you old scribbler you! Or I could call you the "edgy" scribbler somewhere down the line.
      You are always fun, John.

  16. Beautiful as always Julie. I'm like Dean, I used to paint with round brushes all the time and loved it but switched when I switched to painting on boards because mine were bristle and didn't work. I will have to get some synthetic ones and become reaquainted. You do such a wonderful job of explaining for us. Thank you.

  17. I always paint on either canvas taped to foam core board or Raymar boards so I understand what you mean about the bristle ones.
    Hope you try one.
    Thanks for the comment, and I love the beautiful bird you did. Oh my - that eye!

  18. Hello Julie:) I love your beautiful sunflowers. No, I didn't know they come in pink. I love your lessons about your painting style. Thank you for sharing. Maybe I'm going to use them in the future. Right now, at this very moment, I'm working on my first acryl painting. Excitement all over:):)

  19. Just saw this today- love your teachings:) Always fun to hear what other artists favor and why. Love working with different brushes too and also the knife. Variety of brushwork within the painting is so important.
    Always enjoy your work- big fan here! Thanks for sharing!


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