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Monday, June 3, 2013

Last of the Oleanders in Murano

Murano with Flowers

8x6in oil on canvas  $125.

This is a beautiful Murano glass vase. I tried to
capture the colors of the iridescence quality.
Could not manage to show the really lovely color changes
but I loved doing it anyway.

Artists Note.
This one is all about technique, texture and trying to get the
slightly frosted iridescence of the glass. I went for a analogous
tonal harmony to make it easier. After painting all the bird
nests I am having trouble getting back into my regular
fracturing technique. I really enjoyed doing it even though it was
frustrating fun - does that make sense?

A little while back I won this gorgeous painting on Rita Vaselli's
blog. I was thrilled even before seeing it because I never win
anything. Imagine my pleasure when I received it. 7"x7"

The clarity and freshness of her beautiful washes show me
how talented Rita is. If you have not visited her blog then I
encourage you to take a trip to Italy via this link.
Mine automatically translates into English. RITA VASELLI

The painting I did for the DPW OklahomaTornadoFundraiser
went to a very generous soul called Judith. I will leave her last name
off for privacy. I gave her the choice of an animal shelter or
the Salvation Army. She picked the Animal Shelter and today
$129. was happily donated with my grateful appreciation
for her generosity. (I started at $50.)

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  1. You absolutely captured the iridescence of the vase! A beautiful color!! Perfect texture and reflections...LOVE your work, Julie.
    and I love Rita's work..its always a pleasure visiting her blog!!! lucky you to win this beautiful painting..!

  2. Dear Julie your still life is soft and the vase looks so vibrant ...
    I'm so happy you won my giveaway!
    Right now I'm in Warsaw (Poland) with my dear ones so I dont have time for blogging but I wanted to thank you for posting such nice words about my painting send you my warmest greetings.

    1. Have a wonderful time there. Thanks for making the lovely comment while you are so far from home. I am delighted to have everyone see the beautiful tulip you did.
      I enjoyed seeing your beautiful display.

  3. I think you think to much, like me. I like it a lot, especially the temperature change on the lover part of the background. I am sure you will be back to your old fracturing self in no time.

    Happy fracturing... and painting.

    1. Your portrait is dynamite, Roger. Love the colors too.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Myra. So is your latest painting. Love the red chair.

  5. I knew immediately that the vase was irridescent. You caught it perfectly. As for fracturing,it's like riding a bike for you. For me, I haven't a clue.

  6. Pleased to hear you could tell it was iridescent.
    The changes you made to your painting are perfect. You really have a solid foundation in art which shines though in your art.

  7. 'Frustrating fun' is a great expression and something that really makes sense to me :-) You caught the irridescence of the vase beautifully, something I would think almost impossible .

    1. It wasn't easy to do it. It was a scrape and paint, scrape and paint until I finally got it. Thanks for the visit, jane.

  8. Oh how beautiful, Julie! I love how this complementary scheme isn't in your face too. Love the bit of iridescence in the shine on the vase too.

  9. Hi Julie, Love the composition of the colors. Looks like you did a bit of fracturing quite well to me. and of course blue and yellow is so classically lovely.

  10. Julie, one of these days, I am going to surprise you with a painting, send your adress to me at Dee

  11. Julie it might have been frustrating but you would never know it- such a beautiful painting with so much soul. Also such a great thing to help raise funds for those in such dire circumstances. Bless you.

  12. So familiar with frustrating. You got the iridescence and I am loving the bit of complimentary colors. The painting flows nicely.And the texture I always love.........

  13. Great to catch up on your blog after too long away! Love the breakdown demo of the birds nest ( I have a lovely one that sits on a shelf intimidating me) and the comments following Avian Architecture, things I need to always remember!Thank you Julie!

  14. Beautiful painting and a lovely vase, Julie, I think you capture its qualities wonderfully.

    All art has this ambivalent quality I think. But getting over the 'problems' enhances the buzz, don't you think?

    Yes, Rita is such a fantastic person as well as a brilliant artist

  15. Hi Julie, I love this color palette! Beautiful piece!

  16. I love how you handled the edges on the blue vase, too! - softened/lost just enough to really strengthen the focal point of those flowers...and those in turn lead your eye to that really brilliant one! Super lovely way to direct the viewer's eye around that canvas!!

  17. haha---frustrating fun.....yes, that is a term I understand. Lovely painting--!

  18. Really exquisite rich colors in the vase:)

  19. Your blog is a delight. Gorgeous painting!


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