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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mums, Cherries and great App.

Mums and Cherries

6x8in oil on canvas  $125. SOLD

This is the second painting I have done of these spider mums.
The first one was a demo for last weeks workshop.
I did not get a good image of it before it went.
I loved the color combination and decided to paint it again
while the flowers were still perky.

Artist Note.

The App - Paper Camera - a steal at .99cents
I have known about this app for a while now but am only just
finding out how it can help artists like me who do not use photoshop.

All the programs can be used to help explore your own painting imagery.
Here are some before and after pics to give you an idea.
the one below is a regular shot with my phone

Below are some of the different programs from the app
using the same image. Click to enlarge.

The program above is very handy for seeing warm and cools
in the same color family. It is called Andy Pop

this one breaks the
down into
black and white.
(Not values)

This one above is perfect for checking the negative shapes
It is in Comic Boom and I use it the most.

Comic Boom outlines
and so emphasizes the
negative shapes - which is
invaluable for me.
Warm and cool areas
stand out. Look at the top
of the window  and the wall
behind and see how
blue the shadow is.
A great reminder of
warms light -
cool shadows!

This one is taken in one called Neon.
(this is the first demo of the mums) You can take pics of your
paintings and try them in different programs to see if you like
your art better in any of them.
It all helps to seeing your art a different way.
The artists who use Photoshop have this ability at their fingertips but
I do not have it. Very expensive and the learning curve is huge.
This one is perfect for the computer challenged, like myself.

It also includes ones called Pastel Perfect, Acquarello, and Granny Paper.
I cannot show them all but for the price I have no hesitation
passing on the recommendation to try it. After taking the shot
it downloads right into your camera roll.
If you are into exploring your
own direction in art this can be a lot of fun as well as
maybe useful. I found it very useful for helping me see
the negative areas more clearly. If you paint portraits it will turn so
you can take a shot of yourself and when in Comic Boom
makes it so easy to see the planes with color changes.

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  1. Hello Julie:) I love all of the combinations of the app but your painting is best. Very beautiful flowers and lovely colors!

  2. I adore your painting of the Mums! And thank you ever so much for sharing the App-- I'm running to my phone right now to start playing! Seeing your art and reading your thoughts on art has opened my eyes in so many ways Julie. I can't thank you enough for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

  3. wow! this is a beautiful painting and thank you for the 411 on the app!

  4. Lovely painting.You make flowers delicate in oils. Thanks for the app Are you going to turn into David Hockney now. And paint from your doctored photos. Nice to see you playing with technology as well as paint

  5. Dear Julie - I love those mums. I just may have to add these to my list to grow next year. Your painting is so gorgeous as always. Thanks too about the app - I am certainly interested because I don't have photoshop and I am computer challenged as well. Thanks too for stopping to visit me. Have a great day.

  6. Lovely mum painting, Julie. Love the color combination and the colors used particularly on the vase. Just beautiful. The app certainly looks interesting. It has a lot to offer for artists on all levels. It certainly offers an objective way to check the composition of a scene. Thank you!

  7. Once again you succeed to impress me with your lovely painting, inform and teach me (thanks for the tip on the app!) and finally being a great source of inspiration.

  8. I love this painting of the spider mums;you have managed both their airiness and their substance, thanks too for all the ways the app can inform. you are, as usual, generous with all your knowledge!

  9. You are a wealth of inspiration and information! Downloading the app right now and Oh those mums...difficult to paint and this is so successful in keeping all those shapes 'whole'. beautiful!

  10. wow ...great illustration for how technology lends itself to fine art painitng. Beautiful mums! ...and thanks for the explanation on the apps!

  11. I love these luscious mums and the casually displayed cherries that pick up some of the colors in the background , what a gorgeous painting !

  12. Dear Julie there are so many applications inexpensive or even completely free on the web ... but they are generous people like you who make them share! Thanks for this clever update!
    You are Art Artist (so gorgeous your flowers!) as Artist in the way of life!

  13. Such a beautiful painting (and I'm now craving cherries). Loved reading your thoughts on the app, especially when you mentioned the color changes in a face for portrait work.

  14. Thanks so much for the examples and helpful info. It looks like fun!

  15. The app sounds wonderful so thank you. I may see if I can get that onto my Kindle Fire. I use Picasa on my PC. It is a Google based product and it does many of the same things that you are talking about. I use it to crop and to see contrast but the other uses you suggested certainly would be very useful. (And why didn't I think of this???LOL!) Any way that helps you to look at your artwork with a fresh eye is valuable so thank you:)

  16. Thank you for you app suggestion, Julie... can't wait to try it. Your yellow mums painting with cherry is delightful!

  17. Beautiful mums and those cherries just make it pop. Thanks for the app info. We live in an amazing world of technology.......

  18. The mums are delightfully done, Julie!! Amazing!
    I don't do Photoshop and I don't own one of those newfangled phones. All mt playing with photos is from my PC. I use and it does some of the things you mentioned.

  19. Not sure my first comment made it through.
    Love your mums, Julie!
    I don't have Photoshop or one of the new fangled phones. I use Paint.Net on my PC to play with my photos.

  20. Love the beautiful job you did on the mums. I still get a little overwhelmed when looking at all the shapes in flowers. Gorgeous color combination. Thanks for sharing the app info. Sounds like a great tool.

  21. Thank you for sharing the Paper Camera application information, it will be handy on the phone. These mums are so lively and the cherry just stands and witnesses it.

  22. Julie, Thank you. I was stuck in the car (not driving) in NYC traffic. Ordered the app on my phone and proceeded to play with it for the next 4 hours waiting for a doctor's appointment. You made my day, week, month by sharing this app. I use the Value Viewer, but Paper Camera rocks.

  23. Love your beautiful mums Julie. It's fun to magically alter your paintings. I have Photoshop but use Picasa a lot too.

  24. These Mums have depth as well as looking light and airy...truly lovely! Thanks for sharing the info on the app...looks great!

  25. I am curious so last night I asked Danilo (my husband has the ipad) to buy the app to see how it works. I really like the pastel application that summarizes the masses and values ​​in a very practical way to evaluate the composition! Thanks Julie!

  26. Technology is amazing , loved ebery bit of it, but your hand made creation beats them all :-)

  27. LOVE these beautiful mums, Julie!!! Excellent piece!

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