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Monday, November 18, 2013

Watercolor Weekends - Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove

7x5in watercolor on Strathmore Bristol.

Yes - we have aspens here in
Southern New Mexico and they are
only a couple of hours away in Ruidoso...
the same area we have skiing.
The colors were not
as brilliant this year so I focused
on the bush at the back for a bit of color.

Artist Note.
I am trying a smooth Bristol paper and
finding it buckles a bit with the washes.
I want to try the Yupo paper. I am intrigued.
I see some lovely paintings showing a wide
range of the usual or interesting techniques
out there in our blogging world.
Here are two recent ones.
Colorful Coonections
Please let me know if you have any
other artists to recommend or
helpful pointers to start me off.

Our winter is off to a slow start.
Look what I found behind a friends pot.
He should be hibernating.
No manners -  sticking his tongue out at me
like that!

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  1. Thanks Julie! Give Yupo a try, no buckling! Randall

  2. Bristol looks good, at least in your painting, but it doesn't feel as good as the usual watercolor papers.

  3. Hi Julie,
    I love your aspens. I have quite a few works on yupo on my site. Hop on over and pay me a visit. It takes some getting used to, but I think you would enjoy it!

  4. Love the aspen painting....not as happy about the snake! yikes!

  5. Changing subjects for me is a lottery. All depend if all things work together and either it works or I have to put it of for the time being. You can jump from subject to subject with ease. This is a lovely autumn aspen painting, lovely colors.

  6. Beautiful aspen painting! Sandrine Pelissier often works with yupo. Here is her link, she paints a lot of trees and portraits. I am interested in hearing about your experience with it, I have never used yupo.
    Scary snake!

  7. Julie, this is a more specific link

  8. Eeeeeehhhhhh rattlesnake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No manners indeed! I thought Ruidoso was the prettiest area of New Mexico that I'd seen. We drove through from the south on I-10 from Texas on our way to Tucson and came at it from the north through Albuquerque on our way home from a leave in Illinois many, many years ago. I thought the rich and verdant green valley, horses in the grass fields was breathtaking scenery and a place I've always wanted to go back to someday. Thank you for painting a beautiful piece of it, Julie!

  9. Your lovely painting on Bristol surprises me. It would never occur to me to use it for any kind of paint needing a wetting agent. Bristol was on my supply list for a Graphics art course years ago and has been slotted in my mind ever since as the paper for markers. You blew up that. --Your photo of that creature behind a flower pot also blew up any thoughts I had of relocating to New Mexico. I hate surprises that hiss :-))

  10. I love that you are back painting and experimenting. Your work is gorgeous per the Julie Ford Oliver style!. I know nothing about WC though I have done some pen and inch drawings with a sepia gouache wash that someday I may frame…almost all interior scenes. I look forward to ALL of your posts.

  11. Is that a rattler by chance?

    Beautiful trees. Aspens are lovely anyway and you did well with them:)

    I tried the Yupo once and see some potential. You can certainly lift off the paint. I also have some hot press wc paper that I haven't tried. I'll let you know:)

  12. What a lovely watercolor!! Nice soft colors all sort of melted together-wonderful!! I find it must take courage to do watercolors after painting oils. Crazy close-up of the snake. How did you manage that? Thanks Julie for your recent comments. I always appreciate those.

  13. Love your brushwork in the aspens Juile and thanks so much sharing my Colorful Connections link. I hope everyone has as much fun on YUPO as I do. At Jerrys' you'll find free video lessons. If you type in "YUPO" in the search you'll find short demos from Carol Sherman. Happy Painting All!

  14. Ok, that is a serious snake. And I get mad at the gophers in my yard! Beautiful painting with a wonderful fall feeling. Love the value changes. Next week in the mountains I will be playing with, fun.

  15. beautiful painting! I definitely would NOT want to see this friend!

  16. Look at the pretty snake I found! Must be a baby....It's playing with a rattle! LOL!

    Love the contrast and color in the aspen painting, Julie!

  17. Guess I was a little too close to the screen when I scrolled down to the rattlesnake. I've lost the thoughts I had on the painting as I am now picking up brushes, a few pencils, turp jar and a few other items that were on the desk. I'll wait for tomorrow's painting. Meanwhile, I will look around for my heart that jump out of my mouth!

  18. The Aspen Grove is painted beautifully, Julie....and the snake is unbelievable!

  19. Yikes!! Rattlesnakes! ACKKKK! Haven't seen one in a long time...and they still give me the creeps! I can't wait to see what you do with YUPO paper. It's been a long time since I've played with that. Bristol board/paper wasn't one of my favorites to work with, but you sure do make it look great!


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