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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Birthday Flowers #2 and Set-up.

(Yellow colors appear brighter than the original)

Birthday Flowers #2

6x8in oil on canvas panel   $125. SOLD

More flowers from my b-day stash.
My friends know I love to paint flowers and have told
me it makes an easy choice for them on my birthday.

Artist Note
I set up small still life arrangements on a shelf in my studio.
The shelf is only 7 inches deep and I use about 16 inches of it.
It is just below eye level as I stand, and right in front and just
to the side of my easel. The small area gives an intimate
feeling to a still life.
First, I have the all important light source.
I use an Ott-Light. (Hobby Lobby sells them )
and for a small space they are perfect.

It fits nicely on the shelf.
It can be turned on its side
for up-lighting
I use colored papers for the
backgrounds. The scrap
book papers are perfect.
I lift up the arm and
I love the color of the
light on the set-up.
I place my centerpiece
on a mirror for
reflections. This is
smaller than my usual
mirror ... it broke!

I start with the
placement of the
I have the color
harmony I want
in mind.

I need the back
rose lifted up so
I place my bottle of
WhiteOut under it
...just the right
height. I use
anything that will
do the job.

I added more flowers.
As I am painting, it
usually takes on a
life of its own and I move
things around with
paint... remembering
some of the Golden Rules.

I do not have room in this studio for a large box set-up - like the ones
I have seen on other blogs, but this has given me some absorbing
painting times.

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  1. This post is perfection!! The vase and lovely blue brushwork is such a good counterpoint to your beautiful flowers. I love seeing your setup- it's inspired!

  2. Great informative post Julie...thanks for sharing your setup. Now I want to paint a still life, but I am sure it will take me months to get to it.

    I especially loved the white out tube use...clever!

    You would have laughed at me this evening...I was using my Ott light (it IS a great light) trying to figure out how sunlight might look coming through a window...on the wall and then hitting a figure standing off to the side of it. I ripped holes in a paper towel and held it this way and that trying to see where the shadows were falling. I took out my books on Wyatt, Hopper, and Schmid. And even after all that my shadows are still lot right.

    I quit...just kidding. :)

    I love how you did your fracturing in this one. Did you use a larger brush than you normally do?

  3. You've also inspired me to want to do more still lifes. Thank you for sharing your set up. It works beautifully because look at this beautiful painting!

  4. One thing that I work on, that I got from your work is the ability to blend things, to have multiple objects without having them all in focus. Just hinting can be more interesting than showing it all. This is a lovely example of that.

  5. I love seeing your flower paintings, just love all the gorgeous color! Thank you for sharing the process your go through in setting up a still life. The light makes all the difference, wonderful invention.. I will look for it!

  6. Wonderful tutorial, Julie. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. A beautiful set up, Julie and the painting is SO gorgeous!! I love the blue and white vase!!!

  8. Hi Julie. Lovely simple informatibe blog. I've shared a link to my FB group GET YOUR ART OUT THERE. Thanks

  9. Julie, nice info. It's always so interesting to see how other artists work. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Thanks for sharing your set up Julie. I had noticed before that your still lifes were often lit from above with a cool light. I had always assumed it was a skylight! It's fabulous to see you doing so much in such a small space. Thank you again!

  11. I love when you share like this and I love how much paint is on your Ott-Light!

  12. A beautiful flow of colors and the set up and seeing the steps.

  13. Beautiful painting! Love your informative post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  14. Lovely painting.

    And ingenious set-up.

  15. Thank you for the wonderful process photos, Julie. I'm such a visual learner, and these are of tremendous help! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  16. Dear Julie, you've painted beautiful flowers with touches of blue and gold that I love very much!

    Nice what you show us on your organization, "simple" and also very effective!
    I'm grateful for meet you on blogger! I like to think that I have a friend on the other side of the world ... feeling together so much love for painting and communication!
    Happy Thanksgiving !!!

  17. This certainly cancel's the whining of what you don't have, it's what you do with what you have. Perfect example here Julie. Thanks, and happy Thanksgiving to you and family.

  18. Very beautiful still life painting !!!

  19. what a great suggestion...I have a couple of ott lights--I will try this! (I don't know why I didn't think of it...maybe I thought the light would be too "all over" or something...your photo proves that not to be true)! Your painting is brilliant...could not be better!

  20. That is a very artful setup. I can see where part of your results come from-it(the setup) looks effortless and not forced. Very nice:)

  21. Your set up is similar to mine for small still lifes. This painting is gorgeous and shimmers with life. Happy belated birthday!

  22. The light source is terrific! I'm so tired of moving around my spot light. The painting is beautiful, as are the last florals. And Happy Birthday.

  23. It's beautiful Julie as always!!! Thanks for sharing about the light..I will be off to buy one, it's perfect for my set up! Happy belated birthday! I am still trying to catch up with everyone after a busy couple of months.


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