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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Birthday Flowers - Roses

Birthday Roses

6x6in oil on canvas panel $100. SOLD

I received these gorgeous roses from my
special friend Joan Shepack.
They were in a beautiful purple vase.

Artist Note.

White is a pleasure to paint because there are
so many variations of values and colors.
John Singer Sargent was a master at using white.
Here is a painting he did of roses.

Notice I did not copy his painting but used
it for color inspiration...adding
my own roses which were creamy white with
pink tips. I used the greens shown in the lower
part of his painting for the color harmony
which had first attracted me.
I learned more about using white by
studying Sargent's paintings than any
other way.
Here are some examples showing how
WHITE IN SHADOW goes towards
a middle value. I used to use white
waaaay too light in the shadows.
I chose a variety of subject, oil and watercolor
show Sargent's brilliant versatility.
I love his website John Singer Sargent

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  1. I love the creaminess of your paint! Your white roses are beautiful and thank you for taking the time to share your inspiration behind white.

  2. I find your roses way more beautiful than Sargent's, Julie. I do, however, like the setting of his, those climbing the columns outside. I really like the piece with the two ladies seating each side of the doorway. I also like the piece with the subjects lying down outside resting. That piece particularly reminds me of Renoir's work.

  3. Julie - the roses are so beautiful - Happy birthday a little late - mine was last week as well. Sargent's paintings are fabulous...he really knew how to capture light and in looking at the paintings he used an incredible amount of white - very inspiring. Take care and have a great week.

  4. Your roses are stunning and thanks so much for refreshing our memories with the wonderful John Singer Sargent paintings.

  5. That guy really knew what he was doing! Your roses are beautiful-old fashioned and contemporary at the same time. Your handling of those flowers is so delicate-almost wistful if I could give them some human attributes:)

  6. Julie, that's so interesting to hear you talk about how this artist has influenced you and what you've learned from his work. Thanks for sharing that! Your roses are more pleasing to me than his, by the way. You really brought out the personality of the flower, and I love the two contrasting tones of the background.

  7. These roses are absolutely fabulous, Julie!! The color combination is so beautiful
    and another favorite!! Move over Sargent!!!!!

  8. Love that romantic feel of those roses.

  9. Julie, the roses are luscious. I love the colors, so rich, romantic, and inviting.

  10. Great painting and fabulous post. I got a huge JSS book for my birthday and I've yet to have the time to get into the pages and paint. White is my nemesis so I had better get to it over the holidays. Hope you can make it to my online Art Party :)

  11. Your roses are beyond beautiful , you really made them come alive on the canvas !

  12. oh julie, these roses...

    always reading/looking, but seldom commenting....



  13. Julie, your whites are just beautiful the texture is amazing.. Love the size of the roses also and then my eye goes down to that lower part of the painting with those rich, rich pinks against the very dark. Perfect compliment to the birthday roses.
    One can get simply lost in Sargent's work. So much to learn from it......

  14. I feel like I know these roses exactly from your painting! The creamy white and tiny edges of pink are just the best!

  15. Hi Julie, Sargent is a wonderful artist to be inspired by. I really enjoy his work. As always I enjoy your work too. These roses are so full of light and movement.

  16. Such a beautiful effect Julie--am going right now to re-watch your fracturing video! :)

  17. I can't keep away from your roses , they pull me like a magnet! I can keep looking at it for the whole day, it is so so magical!

  18. Beautifully captured image, Julie! Love the range of "white" colors. I particularly admire your great edge control!!

  19. Julie, your range of colors is dramatic and broad. This painting is incredibly beautiful! One of my very favorites. I always think of "elegance" when I hear John Singer Sargent. He uses creamy whites and many other colors to create such a richness, grace and sophistication in his works. You have done this, too.


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