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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Workshop Demo - Chili

Green Chii

8x12"  oil on canvas  SOLD

The workshop finished today. Lots of exciting paintings
were accomplished. Old and safe habits had to be discarded
at the door so an open mind could walk through it.
All the artists were accomplished with established styles,
but looking to "loosen up". Oh boy - did they ever do that!
My goal was to not only teach them how to fracture, but
to change their usual color habits along with a different
paint quality. What they will keep from what they learned
is what interests me. Usually it is an awareness
of the important vibration created by using warm and
cool colors -  plus a new appreciation of edges.
I encourage retaining individuality. You will see that below.
I forgot to take photos of everything before they took some
home but here are some of the many paintings completed.

I only teach six artists at a time because I feel
the need to be able to help them with what their
personal goals are.
I have tried teaching larger workshop classes
and it does not work for me. I once had 12 and it
darn near killed me not to give each one individual
attention. The six artists in this workshop
all worked amazingly well and it was a great
experience. They were still painting
right up to the last minute. A very good sign!

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  1. I would love to be able to travel to Las Cruces to take one of your workshops! I'm retiring at the end of January, and will finally have some time to call my own - perhaps it's not an impossibility!

    1. Thanks so much Sue - someone of your ability would enjoy the workshop The next one is at the beginning of June. I do not advertise them so let me know if you will be interested.

  2. Wow, Julie! Looks like this class took a lot from your teaching. They did an awesome job! Love every piece and yes, it looks like they retained their own style while using your fracturing technique. Awesome!!!

  3. Those all came out nicely. So glad to see you helping to motivate and direct six different people. That's a job to be sure but it's nice that you do it and encourage them to try new things while still retaining their individuality:)

  4. How exciting, helping artists achieve their goals.

    You sound like a terrific teacher.

  5. Fantastic Julie! It's amazing how you taught them all and yet they all come out with their own style... I clicked on each one individually... all beautiful and different.. You're an amazing teacher and I wish I lived closer to join a class...

  6. Wow, the students work is wonderful. I am sure the workshop was successful for everyone. I am reminded to loosen up….tough to do on complex paintings sometimes…as we've talked.

  7. Dear Julie - you must be an outstanding teacher by the looks of the art your students produced. I wish I could take a workshop from you. I know you certainly would be of much help to me. Take care and have a beautiful week-end.

  8. Your students did some really great work and your pepper is so perfectly painterly.

    Loved the post on painting whites...great post! Saw some amazing Sargent works in NY. Sigh. I want to go back.

    Such a devoted teacher you are to keep your class numbers down to six even though you could probably easily get 50.

  9. Love all of the paintings, how fun! And how fun for your lucky students!
    I am getting a new computer and won't be blogging for a few days, but love seeing the paintings!

  10. Julia,
    Let me know about your next workshop! I would love to drive down to Cruses in June!

    These chilis are amazing! I really would like to learn your technique from you!

  11. These are fabulous and love your demo! A real tribute to your teaching and creativity.

  12. Every one of the paintings has certainly met your objective. They resonate with color and movement. Everyone should be very proud of their works as should their highly skilled teacher.

  13. Your green sire sizzles against the glowing background, Julie!!
    Your lucky students put out some great pieces. I'm sure they have plenty hot technique to mull over during this long. cold, winter.

  14. Ooops...Change "sire" to "sure". Lol.

  15. Dear Julie is a pleasure to watch these beautiful colors with their vibration and think about the way in which this is achieved! Your chili,I might be able to eat it!
    A different world than my world of water! Fascinating and mysterious to me! But I'm sure that with a teacher like you, I could even to face these mysterious changes! Lucky your students!
    Have nice weekend!

  16. I see some amazing paintings , your great skill as a teacher is clearly showing !

  17. What wonderful work they produced. It looks as if that class size really works for all of you. And you demo is wonderful. Color and texture..........

  18. With all that energy are the doors still on the hinges? Love what took place in this class and a bit jealous. Looked like too much fun.

  19. Your chili is wonderful—colors, energy and movement! (as are your flowers in previous posts). Your students' paintings are also vibrant and full of life—so valuable to leave old ideas/styles outside for a few days and see how the new ones weave themselves in on future work.

  20. You should be given some sort of prize....for helping other painters understand about getting things to look lively...! You do a wonderful job of imparting new ideas to others...all of these paintings prove it! Beautiful work!

  21. Very beautiful art works !!!
    Have a nice new week !!!

  22. Beautiful works, you are inspiring many! Have a great day!

  23. Wow!!! Fabulous use of colour! Just glorious! Loving them all :)


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