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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tea for the Holidays /Workshop Wrap-up

Tea for the Holidays

6x8in oil on canvas panel  $125. SOLD

I love my red teapot, and for this holiday season
it seems appropriate to paint it with the 
pine cones and berries.

Artist Note.
I didn't manage to finish this demo until the workshop
was over, but they did get to see the main steps involved.

It was an exciting workshop with accomplished artists.
I think the main change I saw in their work from before
to after - was a stronger use of color and not over-stroking
the paint. That came about as they learned the different 
ways to use the knife and brush. 
Over-stroking the paint can lead to 
a frown from Julie!
As well as regular canvas I also provided sheets of the 
Fredrick black primed canvas sheets to try. 
They really seemed to enjoy working on that particular surface.
The landscapes were worked out first with value thumbnails
They did fracture more than you can tell, but
"tidied up" to their own personal interpretation. It was the
second fracturing workshop for three of them.

Here are some of their workshop paintings. Unfortunately
some of the photos I took had showed too much glare and 
I apologize to the artists for missing some out.
(Click to enlarge)

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  1. love seeing all of these wonderful, wonderful paintings!

  2. I love this teapot, Julie...and was especially interested to see how you handled the pinecone. The paintings your students are doing are so impressive - within the fracturing technique I see a distinct style for all of them. Also interested to read your comments about color - as I study your paintings, I notice that you are liberal with your use of color - more than I realized - and I believe that's what makes your paintings sing.

  3. Lovely complimentary colors and a teapot that is bold and gorgeous. This is a painting with a lot of power, well done.

  4. Wonderful to see all taking the same workshop but each individual style shows through. Signs of a very good instructor!

  5. Beautiful holiday painting Julie. Not bet.Another great reminder. Love the ones you posted. They are lucky students.

  6. Intense, saturated color in a beautiful painting. I love how you keep your colors so pure.

  7. that red tea pot is a great subject! and.....your students "got it"!

  8. I have a red tea pot exactly like this one , love the set up , beautiful and full.

  9. We DO NOT want a frown from Miss Julie! LOL:) Your red teapot is beautiful. Glad that everyone had a good time and expanded their horizons a bit. Always a good thing:)

  10. This is one stunning teapot, Julie! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Your students are quite accomplished, a tribute no doubt, to their instructor,

  11. Oh I do so love this piece! It captures the homey holiday spirit that I revel in! And your students' work is amazing, Julie!!

  12. Glad to see the Red Teapot back. I also adore your blue vase. It's always a good sign when you don't get the demo finished in class: It means there's a lot of learning going on. I can see from the results that this was the case here.

  13. I love when you paint the red tea pot, it's exciting! Enjoy all the workshop samples too!

  14. Your teapot is perfect for the season! Beautiful artwork from your students!

  15. I absolutely love your teapot painting! I enjoy seeing the other paintings as well.

  16. Your painting is beautiful Julie. I just love that red teapot you use, but think it's more about how you paint it that makes me like it. Your students did some beautiful work! That would be such a treat to be your student someday. Have a nice weekend:)

  17. Thanks for sharing your workshop pic Julie--That looks so much fun. I hope I can attend one some day! I just watched your fracturing video again and it's really exciting to see these great results. Can't wait to try over the holidays! Cheers!

  18. That teapot painting is stunning. Your students did wonderful work as well.

  19. Julie I love your red teapot painting...very lovely for the season. Looks to me like your students learned so much in your workshop. Made me smile when I read about too many brushstrokes brings a frown from you!
    Also so sorry about your heart goes out to was just about this time last year we had to make the same decision about our Frankie who had bone cancer. In the end though Julie even though it hurts the love and joy they bring you far out weighs the sorrow when they are gone. Take care friend. I was looking up for you this morning. Hugs

  20. All are very beautiful paintings !!!
    I love the red teapot painting is perfect for the season !!!
    Merry Christmas Julie and Happy New Year !!!


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